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'Get up sleepy heads!' Serena yelled, leaning over Chuck and Blair who were the last two asleep.

Chuck murmured something unintelligible and Blair literally ignored her by turning over to lie on her other side.

Serene tapped her foot on the ground impatiently and after a few second yelled: 'WAKEY WAKEY! RISE AND SHINE, LOVEBIRDS.'

She just couldn't resist to add that last word to her sentence, especially after what she had seen that night. More tension.

'What the…' Chuck murmured rising up, still in a sort of trance. Blair on the other hand had gotten to her feet and began ransacking her bag instantly.

'Towel, toothbrush…' She said to herself.

'B, what are you doing?' Serena said.

'What do you think I'm doing? I'm getting my things to shower.' She said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

'Funny Blair. First of all, Dan and Nate have rented a car and as we have to be in Miami in a few hours, we're leaving in…' she looked at her watch '10 minutes. Secondly, there are no showers here.'

'Www-what? No… no shower?' Blair said surprised and annoyed at the same time.

'Honey, I would like to remind you again that … we're at a camping.' Chuck scoffed.

Serena exited the tent and went to Nate and Dan who were packing their stuff.

Blair shook her head and began packing her bags. Chuck did the same and they were both silent for a while.

'Did you sleep okay?' Blair asked suddenly.

'Ok. You?'

'Mhmm.' She nodded. 'Thanks again. About last night…'

'No problem. It was worth it.' He smirked.

Blair flushed. What would he mean by 'worth it'? Blair wondered.

They sat opposite each other, next to their bags. Blair felt him staring at her. She didn't want to look back but she just had too. Her mind was wanting and her heart was doing. And it was always the same with Chuck Bass.

He turned his head to the side and bit his lip, still staring at Blair. She looked up and met his gaze.

'Blair…' he breathed. He wanted to say more but was interrupted by Serena.

'We're leaving right now! Hurry up please!'

'Who's going to drive?' Blair said. 'Because I can't and Serena can't and, for some reason I doubt Bass has ever learnt to drive.'

'I'll drive.' Dan said walking to the other side of the car.

Blair raised a finger and said: 'See, that's going to be a problem, because I don't think I will let you risk my life.'

Everyone laughed and Blair looked surprised. 'What? So, you guys will?'

When they had carried Blair to the car and pushed her in, they could finally drive more south. On to Miami.

2 hours later…

'I'm hungry.' Blair complained.

'That's because you refused to eat the loaf of bread we gave you.' Nate answered.

'No.. It's because no one was there to fry me an egg!'

'We're going to have to stop anyways in a few minutes to fill up. We might as well grab some lunch.' Dan said from behind the wheel.

'I have never seen so many diners in my life.' Serena said as they entered yet another one.

'They don't just place 3-star restaurants near a filling station.' Chuck said.

They sat down and ordered a few burgers, French fries and a salad for Blair. Some cokes to go with it and they had a nice meal. Blair and Chuck hadn't said a word to each other personally since that morning.

'What exactly are we going to do in Miami? Anyone?' Serena said.

'I suppose the idea of all this was to get to know the city and to 'learn' something from this trip. Well, that last one has certainly been fulfilled.' Nate laughed. 'Never ever travel with a limo.'

They all laughed and Blair got up from her seat and excused herself to the ladies'. When she walked through a hallway on her way to the ladies' room, a hand grabbed her wrist firmly. The hand pulled her to the person the hand belonged to. Chuck Bass.

'What the heck are you…' Blair said, but he wouldn't even let her. His lips crashed down on

hers. His lips were soft and tasted sweet. They were demanding too. There was no time to think. Blair didn't want to get caught snogging Chuck Bass and her mind knew better than this. But her body didn't. She couldn't stop, it was too good. Chuck was like a drug to her, she always wanted more.

His tongue parted her lips and his hands went through her hair, all the way down to cup her ass. She couldn't think straight anymore so she just kept her hands around his neck and in his hair.

While kissing he pushed her against the nearest wall. He lifted her up with his arms and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

She gasped when he removed his mouth from hers and began attacking her neck and ears with his mouth. She hadn't breathed for a while and let the cold air fill her lungs.

'Chuck…' she breathed.

When she had enough air she began plundering his neck as well, while grabbing him even tighter.

'Oh Blair..' he managed to whisper, 'you don't know what you do to me.'

He kissed her once more and slid her skirt up to her waist. That's when they heard footsteps coming closer and closer. They let go and without a word they both entered the toilets. Ladies' for Blair and Gentlemen's for Chuck. Just when they were both about to open the door, their eyes met and they gave each other one loving smooch on the lips and entered the bathrooms.

The footsteps appeared to be a woman so Blair disappeared in one of the toilets. She tried fixing her hair there but she couldn't do it without a mirror. When the woman was gone she saw that her lipstick was all over her face and her hair was one big mess.

At the same time Chuck left again and went back to the table. He had tried to fix his hair and rub off the lipstick, but he had no foundation to cover the bite marks on his neck.

When Blair started rubbing off her lipstick, Serena came in.

'What takes you so long? Eh, what happened to you?' Serena chuckled.

'Uh.. Uhm.. Stomach aches. Yes. Dreadful at this time, I know.'

'I meant your face.. your hair. What did you do? Is this your new Amy Winehouse-look?' Serena said.

'Oh that. Yes, well it uhm… it really hurt. The stomach aches I mean. So, I cried. Lipstick wasn't waterproof after all. And then I… I sort of uhm' she tried to lie. Not her best quality. 'Uhm.. put my hands on my head. Yes. I read that somewhere. And it worked. Oh and '

'Worked for what?' Serena chuckled, already knowing that she was lying of course.

'You know, my stomach aches.' Blair said it as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

'Right. And did Chuck have stomach aches to or wasn't there enough time to ask?'

'Wait, how did-' Blair began.

'I know? Honey, you're not such a great liar. No offence.'

'None taken…' she nodded.

'Besides, it's written all over you face. Look at yourself! Your eyes! They are glistening. And you're smiling. Blair, I saw Chuck walking down the hallway just a few seconds ago. I might be blonde, but this is no rocked science. You two are in love. And you're just afraid to admit it.'

Blair ignored her while she put on some new lipstick and made a last attempt at covering her red neck.

'So what are you going to do now?' Serena said, crossing her arms.

'What do you mean?'

'Well, are you finally going to express your feelings to him.'

'Me? To Chuck? Never. Besides, what feelings?' Blair said and raised her eyebrows.

Serena sighed. 'You two are terrible. We have to get back now. But this conversation isn't over yet.'

'Serena wait. I know. I know what you mean and I might do it at some point. But only when I'm sure he feels the same way. I am not going to put myself out there and risk, yet again, to get hurt by, yet again, Chuck Bass.'

And that was it. They left and went back to their seats. Blair got some weird looks from both Dan and Nate. Chuck on the other hand sat across her and smirked her most hated and loved smirk.