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Things are… different. Ever since that day. I know… nothing will ever make right what I have done wrong. I can't take back the shit fired. I can't keep lying to myself that I can bring her back. I can't. I know that. They knew it. And most importantly HE knows it. HE made me do it. But I still blame myself. Why wouldn't I? I fired the shot. I took her life. Nothing can go back to normal; the way things were before. I ruined all chances of normal life for myself even if I can ever escape. I doubt that time will ever come. I've been here too long. I blame and hate myself for killing the one and only woman I will ever love. But I blame and hate HIM for everything that HE has ever done to me. Almost broken. That's what I AM. And HE knows it. It won't be long now.

It has all started two years ago. It was a trap. Well, two traps. One for me and one for them. I'm not sure who got it worse. They got blasted with microscopic detonators. I was an apprentice to the most powerful evil mastermind in, well, forever.

I still am.

They, the Titans, didn't know what had happened. To themselves or me. For a whole year I was kept in a secret lair. I was forced to train. Train or be beaten for insubordination to my "Master". For a whole year the Titans searched for me. Especially her.

She searched the hardest. That's what got her killed. She searched a little too well. She found me. And HE found us.

HE ordered me to HIM. I had no choice but to go. HE slapped me for being as HE said, "A stupid, sniveling brat." "Finish her." HE tells me as HE hands me the gun. It's hard and cold in my hands. Every second I hold it, it gets heavier. "Do it." HE says.

My hands shake as I point the gun at the red-headed beauty. She looks at me with her gorgeous green eyes. She puts one hand to her chest and extends the other towards me. "Robin…" she whispered.

"I can't." My voice comes out as a whine. I hear HIM sigh in irritation behind me. I bite my lip and close my eyes. For some reason I feel the need to please HIM. Letting HIM down would be worse than anything I've done. But wasn't killing her worse?

I squeeze my eyes shut tight. A bang sounds out loudly in the silence. A soft gasp follows it. Then a thud. I open my eyes slowly. She lay on her back, her hair spread around her head. Her left hand, the one she held out to me covered the bleeding wound in her chest. "Oh Star. I'm so sorry." I whisper, and swear I can see her smile.

HE places a hand on my right shoulder. With HIS other hand HE snatches the gun back. Apparently, I'm still not trusted. "Good. Very good, my Apprentice." He releases me and I run away.

I'm not sure if… HE thought I was asleep or not. But I will always wonder why HE felt the need to give me the gun. I still can't ask HIM. Its still too soon. That was a year ago. Now HE has me out "running errands" as I like to call it. HE always tells me to be quick. To get what I'm told. To leave before the other Titans show up. When I come back, HE always tells me the exact time it took to run my errand and the time he had allotted to me. Thankfully, I'm always quick.

Six months ago he tells me to stay and wait. Wait for my former teammates. A year ago, he had told them what I had done. I know they stopped missing me then. Stopped missing me and started mourning for her.

The first time they see me, lounging in a doorway of the Jump City museum, they stood in shock. He had ordered me not to say a word. Or else. Ah, the famous threat. I'm not sure how well it works anymore.

Beastboy was the first to recover. "I must say that surprised me Robin!" he yells. He looks to Cyborg for support. Cyborg doesn't move. Beastboy then turns to Raven. She nodded.

Without word or warning, she stretched out her hand and I'm cast into darkness. The only things I can see are her and I. She flips her hood back and stares at me coldly. "Why did you kill her, Robin?"

I'm torn between answering my former best friend and listening to orders from my master. I feel the need to run. But I can't. I'm not sure if orders even matter here. I think I'm safe to tell her. I can't help but ask.

"Is it safe?"

"Safe?" she repeats. "Of course it's safe. I don't know why, but I trust you to tell me the truth. So do it."

I sigh and close my eyes. She can't see my eyes behind the mask, so she can't see the rears welling up. "Slade." I answer. "HE made me kill her when she found me. Raven, I'm so sorry."

Her eyes are hard. She shakes her head at me. "No, Robin. Not yet." She releases me from the darkness and a blue ray is shot at me. I easily avoid the sonic ray. A green blur rushes at me from the front, blue from the side, and black from the other side. "What are you going to do Robin?" a voice crackles through my communicator. "Will you fight or will you run? Choose quickly."

Rather than fight my friends. Former friends, I ran. I didn't want to hurt them. But in trying to save them, I harmed them instead. When I had returned to the lair. Slade forced me to watch. Watch as he fried my team mates.

I begged. I pleaded. I promised. I would do anything. Anything at all. No matter what. Just as long as he would leave them alone. I never begged anyone before. Not even Batman. Slade relented. On two conditions. A continued 'do whatever asked of me with no complaints, and something new.

He told me I would have to fight them one day. And the day I face them and bring them down, he would tell me the second condition. The only hint he ever gave me about it was that he wasn't sure if I would like it. "But then I guess you will. You'll be ready."

Of course this confused me and made me curious. As the next six months went by marking the two years of my being an apprentice to the greatest criminal mastermind, I found I obeyed orders without complaint or second thought. I even threw in a couple gestures of my own. I never ran away from the Titans. I didn't consider myself one of them. My old love for Starfire had died as if it had never existed. I found it had been replaced with a love for my new life. I guess you might even venture to say I didn't hate Slade anymore. I hardly regretted killing Star. I was completely changed.

I didn't hesitate to break both of Beastboys arms. I didn't hesitate to shut down Cyborg almost completely. And I didn't hesitate to shut Raven up. Permanently.

I had finally brought the Titans down. They were finished. I walked away from them ready to face the second condition. Let's say I was eager for my surprise.

Remember how I said I hated and blamed Slade for everything he had done to me? Almost completely turning me against the Titans, killing Starfire, almost turning me from the good side… that was nothing compared to what Slade had in store for me. And I can't say I didn't like it either.

After I returned to the lair, Slade summoned me to hi immediately. Finally. He would reveal the second condition. "Do you want it?" he asked.

"Yes." I answered.

"If you accept you will not try to back out. Robin." He said slowly. "Do you accept?"

"Yes." Without hesitation, without thought, I surrendered myself to my Master. I could not back out. I could not leave. I will be forever tainted. I will be good for nothing. I will be useless. No one will want me. No one but him.

He gently grabbed my hand and pulled me into the next room. A room I had never been in before. The room I will spend every night in from this to the time I am saved.

If I am saved.



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