2nd Condition Chapter 3

My eyes fluttered open in the half darkness. I yawned and stretched as I sat up in bed. My view of the rest of the room was obscured by the dark purple of the canopy curtains. Other than that, I was alone. A pile of folded clothes, the standard black and orange uniform, sat on the far corner of the bed.

I picked up the clothes and dressed quickly. I noticed that my mask was no where to be seen. Of course not. Why would it? I sighed and exited the room to look for him. He was here somewhere, most likely the control room. That's where I headed first.

And that's where I found him. He sat atop his throne surrounded by multiple TV screens; all of which were muted. Every screen showed the remaining Titans. It seemed that Raven had healed Beast Boy's arms. Perhaps together they had helped Cyborg repair himself? I'm not sure if Raven regained her voice as of yet.


His voice echoed in the silent room. I walked obediently to the "throne" and kneeled before my master as taught. I waited for him to speak and saw that he had his mask back in place as if he had never taken it off. His silence seemed to last forever. Then finally he spoke.

"What do you plan on doing about the Titans? They have repaired themselves in record time. And I do believe they have recruited some new members." Slade never once looked at me as he spoke.

Another silence lingered throughout the room as I thought. "Who have they recruited?" I asked quietly.

Slade pressed three buttons on the remote control. Some TV screens changed to show a red haired teen shooting off arrows in rapid succession, a black girl in a yellow and black costume, a black haired boy swimming in the bay, and two short boys in white full body costumes. Speedy, Bee, Aqualad, and Mas y Menos. The Titans East. More friends. Great.

I sighed. "Why not just blow up the Titans? And while you're at it, infect the Titans East and blow them up too!" My shout echoed around the room and ricocheted back to me. I bit my lip to silence myself and stared at the floor. I could fell Slade staring holes through my skull. I started to shake as he descended the five steps that led up to his throne. My body knew that a beating was not long off.

An intense pain registered itself in my right side and I found myself lying on my back Slade stood over me, casting a black shadow across my body. "I hate it. . .when my apprentices disrespect me."

He raised a booted foot and watched as I flinched, cover my face with my hands. "At least, you seem to have learned when to quit" The foot planted itself back on the floor.

Silence seemed to blanket its soothing nature around us as I waited for the punishment. If it was taking Slade this long to come up with something, it was bound to be terrible. I sat on my knees, once again kneeling before my master, as I waited.

"I know."

I looked up and he handed me the detonator to the microscopic bombs inside the Titans. I took it and looked at him in confusion.

"I won't just make you watch, Robin. No. I'm going to make you watch while you blow up your old friends." Behind the mask Slade grinned and laughed. "Go on. Do it."

I swallowed and looked behind me at the TV screens. There were the Titans and the Titans East. They were in the main room of the Tower conversing. If I pressed the button now, I wouldn't only be killing the Titans but maybe even the Titans East. And that's what he wanted. No one would be in our way then. No one would be stupid enough to try to stop us.


The grin started to fade from existence.


Now a scowl formed behind the mask.

"Just do it." he snapped at me.

I looked from the screens to Slade to the detonator and back to the screens. If I didn't do it, he would. I waited a bit longer, committing both Titan teams to memory as they used to be. When I was sure I would never forget them, I pressed the button.

"Good, apprentice."