Chapter One – The Greenhouse

Emmett whispered, "I'm so thankful you're in my life, Rose."

I turned quickly and there he stood - so tall, and truly my shelter in life. What would I do without him? We were in our spot in the woods. It was our own special place behind our greenhouse.

"How'd you know where I was?" I asked.

"Your scent lingers for miles wherever I am."

"Don't get too poetic, my dear, someone may find out our secret."

"That we're not utter dolts?"

"That and we've been growing pot for medicinal purposes – but that is neither here nor there."

He laughed, kissing my lips gently. "We're off to another hunt – Edward's joining this time - FINALLY. I don't think we'll be back for three days. You think you could try and get along with Bella this time? Teach her the ropes of hunting again. I know it's been difficult when Edward leaves with us. She's so dependant on him bringing home carcasses for her, since after five years she still hasn't got the hang of it."

Emmetts' thick brow lowered, exasperated. We were all exasperated at trying to help Bella acclimate to vampire life. She just wasn't very bright.

"I can always try. It's not as if we don't get along – we have an understanding. I understand her completely, and she understands that I'm not a trifle and stays away from me."

I grinned – possibly smirked.

Emmett laughed full and loudly. "That's my Rose. Never give an inch. But… please get along."

"I've nearly bitten my tongue off trying to get along. You know what we've had to live with for five years of Edward's marriage. She is even beginning to wear thin with poor Alice. Or… our wonderful peacemaking mother, Esme. Poor Jasper… what he has to put up with being with Alice and so close to you and me. Thankfully, Carlisle has been very busy at the hospital. Even he has nearly bitten off not only his tongue but a good part of his jaw holding back. Edward is blinded by Bella's so-called beauty that he can't see the shortcomings. It's rather hard to watch what Edward has become with his new wife – a simpering lap-dog. He may as well be part of that wolf tribe."


Emmett's choice of one word shut me up. He had a way of being concise when needed.

After a pause of almost a minute, watching his knowing stare, "…understood, yes my love."

He lifted me in a bear hug and then kissed along my neck and ears to my mouth. "Ahh," he sighed, "I am going to miss you. Don't have too much fun without me."


Emmett leapt off into the woods and back to the house to join the others. They would leave from there.

Weather held at the constant barometric reading of 29.5 and falling. We could expect storms. I was at our greenhouse checking on the plants before the bad weather arrived. I had a system so they would have the perfect amount of water during storms and not be inundated with the harsh elements. Emmett and I built it together.

Emmett was on his hunting trip with Jasper, Edward, and Carlisle. My sweet Emmett had a good appetite. I sometimes thought over what it would be like if I could cook him hearty meals and then wrap him large lunches for a human hunting trip. I knew he would enjoy my cooking if for another life, but vis-à-vis we were vampires forever. That was our lot in life and I accepted it. I had to accept many things as a vampire – most importantly never having a child. However, I also appreciated it because without this second chance I would not have my sweet Emmett. I understood these things, despite Bella thinking I was simply a blonde nimrod – as she put it – that had no idea about love. She was such a simpleton of a girl.

The storms, as I'd predicted, came and the canopy of large trees held back the heaviest of the torrent.

I stepped out from the greenhouse and instantly smelled a scant fragrance of something. No – it was not fragrance – it was an odor - a horribly smelly odor of wet fur.

"Grrrrr, those no good werewolves are about."

I tepidly moved forward and then heard a small whimpering.

Wonderful, now I had to listen to an emotional werewolf? We were at a truce and this was our section of the woods, so I asked, "Hello, is anyone there?" I knew full well they were trespassing.

A low, rumbling growl came.

"Look, you're trespassing on my property. You'd better leave. I'd hate to break our truce over greenhouse maintenance."

I stood and then saw her come out from the fauna and flora of low, broad green leaves. Her hair was long, black, and she was tall. It was one of the Quileute Tribe girls. Ah, it was the only female werewolf – I forgot her name, "Leena-Lee-Leah-something like that." They all looked the same to me.

"This is your property? Are you sure?" The girl tested.

"Yes – very sure." I added, "Is it… Leah?"


She wore only a small cotton dress that she obviously threw over her changed body. She was barefoot, dripping wet, and I was at the same point of being drenched, as we stood across from one another. The rain was coming down in droves now. Lightening brightened the sky in 45 second intervals and then loud, very loud, thunder. I'm sure Bella was rallying the remainder of our family about baseball time. She was so dense – much like the forest in this area.

"I'm sorry, but I'd never seen this greenhouse before and wondered what it was." The tribe girl spoke, while wandering about my greenhouse, as if inspecting it.

"It's a private dwelling." I crossed my arms in front, waiting for her to leave.

She sniffed, as if smelling the area. "What do you grow in your greenhouse? Vegetables? …since you're a…" she smirked, "vegetarian?"

She was a sarcastic one, wasn't she?

"Various plants and flowers," I finally answered. "I might have a dogwood seedling I can sell you if you'd like."

She stopped wandering and stared me down. "HAH – yes, very funny. Aren't you the blonde one Bella told Jacob she can't stand - Rosalie? The one that's jealous of her beauty?"

"I wouldn't know what dribbles around that brain of hers, so all I can adhere to is --- that I'm blonde."

I wondered if she actually would have said that. Everyone said Bella was the most beautiful woman on earth. I hadn't noticed, since I felt beauty ran deeper than the outer dermis. If Bella had told that Jacob boy this about me – she was not only petty, but also feckless.

"I think its horrible how Jacob still fawns over her. She's married for goodness sake – five years now – and I'm…" the girl suddenly stopped speaking and looked away. "Yes, well, thanks for sharing about your greenhouse. I only thought it was an admirable building and thought… maybe the owner was interesting so I was checking it out. I'm sorry for trespassing."

Before I could say a word to the young woman she sprinted off into the woods and I heard a howl. She must have changed back. Who could understand those werewolves?

That was an odd encounter.