Thank you for reading my stories. I have always appreciated every review and every placement on a fave story list. I truly just want to say THANK YOU!

I am actually going to start publishing some revised fanfictions since the stories were never in the Twilight universe and very OOC. I've also written some new stuff. If you like my writing, please go to my fiction press account at the front of my profile. I'm writing some horror for Halloween and then some other little stuff. I used to have a fanfiction here called "Girls in the Band," and I've revamped it and changed the title to "A Death in the First Act." It's a romantic crime dramady, and very soapy I guess. I will soon publish on KDP a three book series (It was called A Pet in the Basement, but it's very different now, and much more fleshed out). It's a three part erotic psychological drama. I will update news of its release on my fiction press site. I'm also revamping "Vamp Town" which is now "Vampire's Paradigm." It's different with the rewriting, and I've conjured my own mythology within the multi-book series.

I just thought I'd let any readers if they are still around know that I have started up writing again. This time, hopefully my computer won't die and lose everything, and also, I hope I don't lose heart.

You all greatly encouraged me before. And so, I do thank you for having read whatever I wrote in the past.

Much thanks and appreciation!

Val Rubi