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It was time; Bella was to become a vampire, today. I looked over to where she was sleeping, and I decided I had to pick one of two options; one was to steal her away from everyone and force her not to become a vampire, and the other was to give her what she wanted, what I wanted. Bella had already said her goodbyes to everyone. Today was the last day of her human life; it was the end of an era. I watched as her chest would rise and fall with every breath she took while sleeping, knowing I wouldn't see that again.

In some ways I was sad, there was things I would most definitely miss about her; the way she blushes when she falls, the heat I felt cursing through her when I was inside of her and the way she slept in my arms, like now. But, in reality they were all very minor things that would be gone. Bella becoming a vampire met I could be with her forever, which was all I wanted. It meant everything to me, and I would give anything up for her. Anything.

I started to think over our time together so far, the many many crazy things that had happened between us, only made us stronger, together. I believed with my entire heart that we could overcome anything, even Emmett and his ridiculous big mouth. Though, I am not going to lie, the box of toys that him and Rosalie sent us on our honeymoon was most definitely the best thing he has done yet. However, the constant questions he keeps asking me is getting rather creepy. He calls Bella and I sex pests, when really he is the one with the problem, that guy has one fucked up mind. I laughed as I thought back to Bella and I on our honeymoon, there was no experience like it and I wish we could have just stayed there together, away from all the big decisions we were going to now be making.

I was suddenly taken out of my thoughts of the honeymoon when Bella started to squirm on my arms, she slowly opened her eyes and smiled.

"My last sleep ever," Bella laughed, the lights shining out of her beautiful eyes.

"Something you are happy about, love?" I asked, wondering her answer.

Bella moved up so her mouth was next to my ear and her left arm came across to the other side of my face as she spoke quietly in my ear, clearly wanting no one else to hear.

"I couldn't be happier, the time we waste sleeping, is the time we could be doing something much more productive," she whispered sexily, kissing my ear as she did so.

Her hot breath, blowing on my ear was only turning me on, and she knew this. She knew that most things she did turned me on. I turned my head so now our lips were almost touching, and her hot breath was now directly on my face, her sweet smell filling my nostrils. Her had was now caressing the back of my head as she tugged slightly at my hair, making me automatically groan.

"Well, Bella, whatever do you mean by something more productive?" I asked her, teasingly. My lips were now grazing hers, but I was still not going to give in. I loved getting her like this, making her want me just as much as I wanted her. Her neck was turning a red colour, and I knew that she was becoming turned on.

Her hand had now moved from my head and was slowly trailing down my bare chest, her feather soft fingers were electric and her hand stopped at the waistband of my boxer shorts. Bella's eyes never left mine as she did so, and I sighed heavily when she stopped, wishing she would keep her hand moving south. Bella laughed again, her laugh was something I was looking forward to hearing most for the rest of eternity, it made me feel lighter, as though a huge weight had been lifted from me. In all honesty it just made me want to laugh along with her.

"Hmmmmm, I don't know really… something active I guess." Her eyebrows raised sexily as she pushed the top of her finger into the waistband of my shorts, getting a little closer to the bulge beneath them, but not close enough for my liking.

"You, Bella are awful," I laughed, deciding to take things into my own hands as I quickly flipped over so I was now pinning her down to the bed. The realisation then hit me that this would be the last time I would sleep with her when she was a human, and quickly decided to make this as special as possible.

Bella moaned loudly as I pressed my erection against her shorts, she began to rub my cock with her crotch, only a small bit of fabric keeping us apart. I groaned at the friction and began hungrily kissing her neck, I knew her most sensitive spot and I paid extra attention in making sure she was enjoying this. I kept both of her arms pinned above her head as I continued to ravish her neck, her moaning was becoming increasingly louder, and by this point I didn't care who would hear. Many times I had heard the members of this house doing things I really would never want to even think about in a million years, it's even worse for me, as half of the time I hear their thoughts as well.

Thinking about who was listening quickly left my head as Bella continued rubbing against me. I focused everything on what Bella was doing and my erection became instantly harder, throbbing to be inside of her. I let her arms go so I could quickly pull off her top to expose her gorgeous breasts. She kept her arms above her head, giving me permission to do whatever I like to her. I leant down and took one of her hard nipples in my mouth, slowly swirling my tongue around it, taking in her sweet scent. Bella's moans were coursing through my body and I didn't know how much longer I could take without being inside her. My hands moved to her shorts and pulled her underwear along with them so that now she lay completely naked beneath me. Her hands came down from above her head as she dug her nails into my back.

"Has it ever been possible to want someone so much?" she breathed heavily, her eyes full of lust.

"No, Bella. It never has," I answered, knowing that no words could ever be truer.

I moved down her body, kissing her soft stomach as I did, my hands caressing her legs as I did. Bella knew exactly where my destination was, and in response she pushed her so they were closer to my face, wanting me to move further down. I stopped her at her belly button, making her groan in exasperation.

"Edward, please. I need you to touch me so bad, feel how wet I am for you."

Her words always had an effect on me and without her having to ask twice, I moved my way further down until my mouth was now blowing on clit. One of my hands held onto her inner thigh, as he other came up to her heat, I slowly pushed two of my fingers inside of her. She felt amazing, as always and he moaned loudly at the feeling. I started pushing my fingers in and out of her at fast pace, wanting her to come before I made her orgasm again. I took my thumb and started rubbing it in a circular motion against her clit. Her moaning was becoming significantly louder and I was becoming more turned on by the second. Bella began bucking her hips into my hand, and I decided to replace my hand with my tongue. I started circling her clit with my tongue, tasting her already and wanting more. Both my hands were now holding onto her waist as she squirm underneath me.

"Fuck, Edward. It feels so good, so fucking good," she moaned loudly, only making me want to please her more. I looked up to see her face; her eyes were closed as her mouth lay open. The sweat was forming on her neck and she never had looked more beautiful. Bella's hands were holding my hair, pushing my head into her, wanting more. Without a second thought, I stuck my fingers back inside her again, while my tongue continued to play with her clit. I could feel her body tart to shudder beneath me, and I knew that her orgasm was going to come soon. Her moans were still increasing as she pushed my head a little harder. Knowing how turned on she was right now made me feel amazing and I was enjoying tasting her sweet sex. She suddenly screamed my name and I could feel her pulse around my fingers as she rode out her orgasm. Getting Bella off was something that I could never find boring; I enjoyed myself way too much.

"Oh Edward, that was so good," she moaned silently, wiping away the beads of sweat from her head.

She looked at me straight in the eyes, and I knew exactly what she wanted now which I wanted too. I quickly pulled my boxer shorts off, throwing them on the floor and letting my erection hang free. Bella's heavy eyes fell to my cock, as she licked her lips seductively, only making me want to be inside her even more. I moved up the bed, my face now inches from hers and I kissed her with everything I had inside me. Her lips parted as my tongue caressed hers, her hot mouth bringing me pleasure. She continued to lie back on the bed and parted her legs, the tip of my cock pushed against her wetness as I groaned at the contact. Her eyes gazed into mine, and I knew at this moment, that I would never forget her being a human. We had so many memories, so many amazing moments together that even if she was going to be different, it didn't matter. I could tell she was thinking the same thing as me as we stared at each other. Both silently acknowledging this would be the last time we would be together as vampire and human, the last time that there could be some sort of danger.

She smiled softly, and I kissed her lips as I then pushed myself inside of her. I groaned loudly, not believing just how amazing her pussy felt. I couldn't get over just how hot and wet it always was, how my cock just fit inside her perfectly, like we were made for each other.

"C'mon Edward, please," Bella moaned, her nails digging into my back. I started to move inside her, deeper and deeper with each stroke.

"Fucking hell Bella, you are so tight, so fucking tight." This only seemed to turn her on more and her legs came up as she wrapped them around my shoulders, giving me even more access into her. The angle she was currently at felt amazing, and I knew if I didn't watch I was going to come before I had even started. Bella's nails were now scratching up and down my back as she moved her hips in rhythm with mine.

"I love your cock Edward, it always feels so good. Fuck me harder!" Bella shouted making me grab her legs and place them over my shoulders. I was now looking down at Bella as I slammed inside of her.

My pace was increasing as I could feel my orgasm coming, I didn't want to come until she did. So I kept going, hitting her at just the right angle so her clit was also receiving some attention. Bella began moaning loudly, the bed smacking the wall as we kept on going; it felt amazing.

"Fuck, Edward…Oh my god…" she screamed, as I felt her pulse around me, I gave one last slam into her and my orgasm hit me. I emptied myself inside her, enjoying every moment of being there.

Once we both came back down we cuddled together, the sweat from Bella's boy disappearing.

"That was amaz-" Bella was quickly interrupted as Alice stormed in. We both quickly pulled the covers over us.

"You two are unbelievable!" Alice roared. "You knew, Edward that I was going to take Bella out today for her last human shopping day! But nooooooo, you end of having sex that the whole house can hear! I mean c'mon Bella, can't you bite a pillow or something?"

I turned to look at Bella who had gone that shade of red that I loved.

"No need to get embarrassed Bella, I mean you still have to face Emmett," Alice laughed, not letting any of us get a word in edge ways.

"That should be funny, but yes. Bella, we were supposed to go shopping today. So, get up and shower, because well… you smell of sex." I laughed along with Bella as Alice stood with her hands on her hips.

"Ten minutes, Bella." Alice then bounced out my room.

"I love how she doesn't give us a chance to say anything," Bella laughed, pulling the covers back down.

"I know, she is a right one isn't she? Look, if you don't want to go shopping today you don't have to," I replied.

"No, I do. I do. I promised I would… I better go get ready." Bella shot out the bed as I watched her walk into the shower room, her bum wiggling as she did so. I never knew if she did this purposely, but something inside me told me that she did. I groaned loudly as she shut the door, laughing.

As I lay back in the bed, I took in the smell of Bella on my pillow. I was so lucky to have her, and I was even luckier that she wanted to be with me forever. What guy could possibly ask for more? No one. I laughed, thinking about Bella's face when Alice waltzed in. I found it really hot, the way she could be so easily embarrassed, then two minutes later change in to a confident, sexy vixen. She was just amazing.

As I waved Bella and Alice off, I turned round to find Emmett standing right behind me, a grin spread across his smug face; I knew what was coming. However, I decided to play along.

"What's up, Emmett?" I asked, knowing fully well why he was laughing.

"Oh, not a lot with me, not a lot with me. Good morning?" He asked, winking as he did so.

"I did, thanks. What about you? Get up to much?" I was finding it hard to play along, though the confused look on his face was well worth it.

"No, no. I heard you got up something though, if you get what I mean." He continued to laugh, slapping his hang on my shoulder. I did want to laugh along, but I couldn't.

"Nope, Emmett. I don't have a clue what you are talking about? I don't think you have eaten in a while…" This was becoming more and more amusing as Emmett scrunched his eyebrows, thinking of what else he could say.

"I have so eaten in a while. I heard you eating something this morning… and it certainly wasn't blood." Emmett fell to the floor, laughing at his own joke.

I couldn't help it any longer and I started laughing along with him. While he was on the floor I gave him a soft kick to the side.

"You are the biggest perv ever, Emmett. How about you and Rose do something so you don't need to worry so much about my sex life."

"Brother, I do not worry at all. You and Bella are nymphos, man. I thought Rose and I were bad. I can't wait till you get your own place. Bella is definitely a loud one, I don't wanna know what you do to that chick!" Emmett got up from the floor and laughed again.

"Can't complain, bro. We enjoy a good bit of sex, who doesn't?" I asked, wondering how he can say all this. The amount of times I have heard him and Rosalie is unbelievable. Did I go on about it? No. Was I disgusted. Yes. But, still Bella and I may have been caught in some rather compromising positions, but that was just bad luck. Wasn't it?

I then began to wonder if Emmett was right, were we nymphos? The more I thought about it the more I agreed with him. We were always horny, always touching each other. But, that is the only way I want it. I wouldn't change it for the world.

"You know what? I think you are jealous that me and Bella have sex all the time." It was time to get my own back. Emmett, turned round quickly, a death glare being given towards me.

"Sorry, fancy repeating that one?" He said, he was not happy. I loved to get him like this, he was the easiest guy to wind up. I always tell him if he can give it, he needs to be able to take it.

"I mean, as I said you seem so interested in my sex life, not able to spice up your own?" I winked at him, copying what he did to me earlier.

"I'll have you know Eddie, I had sex three times yesterday! Me? Not spicing up my sex life… the other day I tied Ros-" I stopped him right there. Not even wanting to think about that.

"Okay, okay. I believe you. You are funny to wind up though."

Emmett began to laugh and we both walked over to sit on the couch. My mind kept going back to changing Bella tonight. I was becoming more and more nervous. Was this what she really wanted? What if something happened and it didn't work? There were so many questions swimming round in my brain and I wasn't thinking straight. I was happy at that moment that no one would be able to read my thoughts, especially Bella. It wasn't that I doubted anything between us. I just worried, like I always did. Worried that I am taking her soul and life away from her, worried that this isn't really what she wants. I thought back to the conversations Bella and I had about changing her. She did want this. She married me didn't she?

I looked at the clock, sitting on the mantel piece, laughing at me. Only 7 hours to go…

7 hours until Bella was a vampire…

I need to play the piano…

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