"Please! Have mercy!"

The demon hissed its answer, revealing its sharp huge fangs.

"Please…please…" He sobbed, covering on a corner, trembling violently, stained in his own vomit and dried blood.

The demon snarled and the last thing he felt was pain, a blinding agonizing pain. The numbness and then it all stopped.

Demona removed her claws off the quarrymen's chest and wiped her hand to one side, the blood driplling all over the persian carpet of the pig's apartment, and walked towards the window.

"What are we going to do when we catch her?" Matt whispered angrily to Elisa, staring at the pictures of the last killed Quarrymen. "This thing is seriously fucked up."

"This thing is a gargoyle, Matt. Just like the others. We will lock her up, Ive talked with Xanatos, he will have a place ready."

"Xanatos? You are trusting Xanatos with this?"

"No. The Clan is. And there is no other choice right now. Its the safest way."

Matt grumbled something under his breath, but let it passed.

When the gargoyles awoke, each of them were all bussiness. Elisa filled them in.

"Demona is systematically killing the most influential and powerfull members of the Quarrymen." Elisa informed them. "We finally managed to get enough information about her victims and we suspect those four are the ones she will go after. Mary Rosebelt, James Hatler, Robyn Swittere and the big apple: Castaway."

"We know where they live?" Brooklyn asked, taking the pictures of the four quarrymen as Matt passed them over.

"Yes and thats another weird thing. They have to know whats happpening to their partners, but still they dont leave town, not even their home. And the nights Demona goes to them, they are always alone."

Goliath rose his eyes from the fields. Elisa sighed.

"Either that, or they are too arrogant to be afraid. But I dont think so." Her face went absolutly pale.

"What? Elisa?"

"There was a video, we…we had to see it." Matt said, pale and shaken himself. "She is one brutal lady."

"We have to guard their homes, make sure to attack if she…"

"We tried that already, Goliath. We placed guards on every home of every known Quarrymen. But…she still manages to go inside and kill unperturbed."


They all fell silent, angrily looking down at the papers. Till Lexington rose his claw.

"I have an idea."


Xanatos finally said, his handsome face deadly serious.

"Why not?" Elisa barked angrily.

"I think Alexander is a bit young to get involved in such a…dirty bussiness."

"He wont be involved at all. The only thing he needs to do is make whatever spell Demona used gone."

Xanatos stared at her a moment and then turned to Owen, standing firmly to his right, as always.

"What do you say?"

"I would advice against trying to lift the spell. Altough adding a counterspell on the gargoyle's eyes could be a safe and just as effective solution."

"Alright then. Get down on it."

The gargoyles gathered in a circle and stared doubiously at Puck as he hovered around them like some hyper bee. Alexander remained seated, his chubby face set in a serious attentive stare.


Hudson started and took a hand to his ear at the shrill howl shouted right next to his head. Puck hoovered away and stopped next to the child.

"Repeat after me." He said, his finger up in an authorative way. "My eyes doth see…"

"My eyes doth see…" Alexander repeated, waving his small hands and fingers around like Puck.

"…all there is."

"All there is…"

A glow raised from the small hands of the child and it flew towards the gargoyles as a colorfull wind. Many flinched.

"…mine ears may hear, all there is to be heard…"

"…mine ears may hear, all there is to be heard…"

The glow intensified and grew, envolving the nervous clan.

"No spell shall cloud mine ears nor eyes."

"No spell shall cloud mine ears nor eyes."

It flashed, forcing them all to close their eyes. And as soon as it did, the glow died away, allowing darkness to fill the world once more. When the gargoyles opened their eyes to look, Owen was standing next to a sleeping Alexander.

"He will sleep tight tonight."

Fox took the child from the fay's arms.

"God Bless magic."

"Amen." Xanatos added, smilling wickedly at his wife.

"If we see her, we alert the rest of the clan." Goliath ordered tersely over the comunicator to the disbanding gargoyles. "Noone engage her."

He glanced at Brooklyn, who he had choosen wisely to take with him while Angela and Broadway guarded another of the Quarrymen, with Hudson and Brox in another team and Elisa, Matt and Lexington taking care of Castway. They were sure Demona would want to go after him last.

Demona climb up to the top of the tree and sniffed the air, her tail lashing from one side to the other in deadly anticipation. She was having so much fun. It had being a long time since she had felt this bloodthirsty. She almost forgot how it felt like to just be like this. To allow all her rage and most sadistic instincts to take hold of her mind. Then again, it was some time since someone had angered her this bad. Any pleasure she was feeling banished, remembering...Her eyes glowed and she gritted her teeth in supressed rage. They would pay. Each of them. She jumped to the air, flapped her wings and glided to the only room with its lights on.

Mary Rosbelt, a known scientific, jumped startled at the most insignificant sound. She knew it was crazy to remain there, a voice in the back of her head kept screaming she should fleed and never return to Manhattan...to America...to the freaking continent. But...she remained put. She stayed home...like a cow in a slaughterhouse, waiting...

Another noise, she screeched and pointed her gun at the window, but only the wind howled back at her. She took another drink of her scottish vodka, and waited, eyes wide in horror, her back to the wall, gun firmly on her hands.

Steps underground. One...two...three. The clicking sound, that unmistakable sound of claws clicking against marmble floor. Her blood went absolutly cold. She rose from her chair, and backed away towards the window, pointing her gun at the entrance door. Something crashed and broke, a female voice grumbled something, she prepared to shoot, her hands strembling violently, threating to shoot before time. And then, something grabbed her from behind and a searing pain exploded on the side of her face.

Angela and Broadway stared at the broken expensive looking vase and as Broadway was opening his mouth to apologize, a deafining shrill made them both jump.

"We found her!" Broadway alerted the others over his communicator, even as they run to the source of the noise. They opened the door and what they saw frooze their blood.

The woman convulsed in sheer agony on the embrace of two strong azure arms. Demona's talons were tightly clasped on the window's wooden frame, and her broad wings spread fully to her sides. Mary's unfocused terrified eyes turned to the newcomers and Demona released her hold on her, tearing her mouth away from the woman's face to look up at them and hissed venomously, blood dripping down her chin.