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Bella's mother died when Bella was five and Bella discovered that things can talk to her-as years progressed, Bella got used to it. This story just goes through her life as things talk to her, become her friends and she figures out how talking things is possible and how/why her mother died. Enjoy, I hope it goes great :P

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"What's going on dad?!" I was at my mom's death ceremony, but I didn't know that. And neither was I told. My dad told me that she was playing. Doing an act. She was acting as snow white, and that he was the prince and I was one of the dwarfs. He said all that while he dressed me up in a white dress. It was so pretty. And white high heels. I loved them and I couldn't wait to tell my mom about them. She would love them as usual.

I struggled as my dad tied the white belt around my waist and on my dress.

"hold still please Bella" he shouted. I moved a little just to annoy him and then froze.

My father drove me to the cemetery. There, I saw my mom lying on this bed like thing. She was paler than usual. She also had a white dress on and her hands on her chest holding flowers. She was so beautiful.

I saw bunch of my friends there, holding frail flowers and looking down. They looked sad. Was that the part of the play too? I asked my self.

I went to my best friend, Edwards's side. "Hey Edward, What's up?" I asked him.

He looked up at me, curious. "Bella? Are you okay?"

"yeah," I was also confused "why?" I asked in a high pitched voice.

He looked at me for a very long time and I studied what he was wearing. A black and white suit that was a great contrast to his pale skin. He looked away and shook his head. I looked at his disgusted face. I wonder what was wrong with him. I moved away.

I went to my other friend, Diana. She's really supportive.

"hi Diana" I greeted her but stopped a few paces away form her because, just like Edward and few other people here, she had a sad face on too. "Diana, are you okay?" I asked her.

She turned to me with sad eyes and grabbed me in a tight hug. "it's okay. It's alright. We're all here for you." I think she was trying to comfort me. I don't know why. I'm not sure about this play anymore.

I was going to ask Diana why she was crying but my dad interrupted me.

"Bella." He called from across the room and when I looked up he singled me with his hand to come by him. I came and got a big surprise.

"Grandma!" my dad's mom was here. I missed her so much. She always bought me great stuff when ever she visited. she was in her wheel chair so I climbed up and sat in her lap. I was happy. But she was also confused. What is up with all these people today?

Grandma looked up at my dad with narrow eyes. "Jason, did you tell Bella what in going on?" she acted like a real mother for a second rather than joking around.

I answered. "I do! We are doing a snow white play. Shh!" I put my index finger to my lips "mom is the princess Snow white and dad is the prince." then I looked up to my father"Dad, when are you going to save her? I'm getting hungry." Dad made face at me and then grandma gave him a look.

He kneeled down besides me and sighed. He put his hand on my shoulder and looked into my eyes.

"Bella, honey," he looked away but I still stared at him with dazed eyes. "darling, your mom…well she's not, uh, she's not playing..." he stopped and looked back at me.

I still stared at him, confused. "Bella, your mom… she's not doing an act. She's…she's dead." He came out clean.

I didn't move, I couldn't move. What did he say? How could he say that? Just thinking that I leaped out off my grandma's lap and backed away from my dad.

"no" I mouthed.

He tried to calm me down, to explain me but I ran away. To where my mother laid. I didn't stop until I stumbled on her casket.

I memorized her. Her pastel, soft face. Her narrow nose. Her eyes closed and her lips, in a straight line. I closed my eyes. Every thing that we did together came back to me. even though I was five, there were a lot of things that my mother and I used to do.

I opened my eyes thinking that I would awake from this horrid nightmare. But it was real.

"NO!!! No!" my dad came and, again, put his hand around my shoulder and now trying to take me away.

I shoved away from his shoulder. "why isn't mom waking up dad? This isn't funny anymore!" I shouted and turned back to my lifeless mother. "Mom," I tried waking her, shaking her shoulders. "mom, wake up. Please. I don't like this play anymore. I'm hungry. Come on lets go!" I grabbed her hand and tried to pull her up.

The whole time I imagined that she now would wake up and smiled and laugh. A small joke on me. then she'd grab me in a hug and scoop me up and head to the kitchen to make me some of her delicious pancakes. But that was never gonna happen.

"Bella!" my dad shouted when he had enough. "there are people hear, behave!"

I was so stunned. How could he say that? I wish I could give him a good comeback but I was still amazed from what just happened.

"Dad," I whispered "why isn't mom waking up?" I knew the answer and I didn't want to know, but I still had to ask.

My dad sighed and walked away. My grandma came to me. She held out her hands open to me but I couldn't move as before. I shook my head and ran.

I wanted to run away from this place. I wanted to keep running and running until I find my mom.

I ran outside, to the lawn. It was quiet there and very peaceful. I cried and cried while I heard some saying something inside. I didn't want to hear it.

I lay there, looking up in the sky. Trying to find my mom in the bright, shining stars. My mom used to tell me these stories about how people become stars when they die. I tried to find my star mom. Then I heard a noise.

I turned but I saw nothing. I heard the noise again. It came from the bushes. I got up to check who it was. As I looked in the bushes, I heard giggling. I turned around but there was nothing. I tried to walk but I tripped by big tree roots. I held the tree for support and I think it shook. I think it chuckled! I circled it, looking everywhere to see its face or something to prove me that I wasn't wrong. But I didn't see anything.

I turned back to the bushes and saw nothing. Was I hearing things? I tripped again but in flash I was up. I know I was about to fall but then I felt something on my stomach. Woody and strong, something that swung me away from the tree. I was a foot away from the tree I was tripping on before.

Seriously, I think that tree saved me! It moved me from itself! I slowly walked back to the tree and tripped again but this time I was sure I was swayed away by a branch. I could feel it, the toughness and the spikes. I walked back but I tripped. This time I did fall. The tree's branch didn't save me because it couldn't. I wasn't by the tree at all, I was still far away but I was so shocked that I couldn't feel my feet and when I took a step I fell.

I started crying, my knee bleeding. I held my knee and let the tear fall. Then I felt something around my shoulders. It was hard and cold and sharp. I turned around and spotted the branch again. It was supporting…me. I looked at the tree trunk it came from. I saw the woody eyes and a woody mouth. It smiled warmly at me.

I stared in shock as it spoke to me. "Don't cry child. Don't be sad, Bella. I'm here"

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