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CRASH! BASH! BANG! "BEAST BOY IF YOU FALL ON ME ONE MORE TIME I SWEAR I WILL THROW YOU OUT OF EVERY WINDOW IN THIS TOWER! YOU'LL FEEL LIKE SUPERMAN WHEN I'M DONE WITH YOU!" The telekinetic girl screamed at the little green changeling and the scream was loud enough to scare off the birds that had been perched on a tree outside of titan's tower.

"Raven I'm sor-"


"I swear it won't happen again!"

"SU-PER-MAN!" Raven shouted, pronouncing it so that he would get the point. Beast Boy nodded his head vigorously and quickly jumped up. It was all true. That day Beast Boy had accidental fallen directly on top of Raven three times. The first was during breakfast. He had been trying to reach for the maple syrup and well...he had tripped over the table. He had to spend an hour begging Cyborg to stop laughing before Cyborg finally would stop. The second time he had been racing Starefire through the tower and Raven had walked out of her room and...well he tripped and fell right into her. She had screamed pretty loud that time too but Beast Boy hadn't been thrown out the window at least. The third time had been just then. He couldn't help it! Raven had been sitting on the couch and Beast Boy was playing video games with Cyborg. He had just beaten Cyborg at Super Mega Monkey Man 3 and HAD to do a victory dance and he couldn't help it that Silky had gotten in his way.

"I'm really sorry! I'm just clumsy..." Beast Boy pleaded with her and Raven glared at him in a menicing way.

"Don't let it happen again." She replied and slammed her book shut, levitating out of the room with it. Beast Boy sat there, wide-eyed and then turned to Cyborg.

"Man, you're gonna get your butt kicked." Cyborg commented, still holding the game controller. Beast Boy nodded but he couldn't reply. His mouth had gone dry.

Later that day Beast Boy was in the kitchen cutting some carrots up when Raven came back into the room. She seemed to be in a better mood, or at least the dark cloud wasn't over her head anymore. They didn't say anything to each other mainly because Beast Boy wasn't willing to risk pissing her off again. He wasn't that stupid. Raven sat back down on the couch and pulled out her book, beginning to read. Beast Boy felt slightly awkward and stared at the back of her head for a moment before shrugging and cutting up more carrots. He was fixing dinner tonight and was making vegetarian vegetable soup. Cyborg would be mad there was no meat but...Beast Boy didn't care. He was pretty sure Cyborg and put Silky there the first time he had tripped so it was his own personal way of pay back. After a while the silence became odd and Beast Boy sighed, walking over to Raven.

"Whatcha readin?" He asked happily, taking a drink from the can of cola he had.

Raven raised her eyebrows and looked up at him. "A book..." She replied and Beast Boy laughed. Raven shook her head and went back to reading. Beast Boy stopped laughing and leaned forward, trying to read the title upside down.

"Oh come on I just want to know the title!" He exclaimed, leaning further.

"Go away Beast Boy." Was all she said.

"Aww c'mon! I just wa-" Beast Boy suddenly leaned to far and cola went everywhere. All over the couch, the book, and...Raven. Fury passed through Raven's eyes and she jumped up, cursing Beast Boy.

"I'M SORRY RAVEN! I'M REALLY SORRY!!! PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME SUPERMAN!!! BATMAN'S SO MUCH COOLER AND I HATE TRYING TO GET SEAWEED OUT OF MY EARS! PLEASE DON'T THROW ME OUT A WINDOW!" Beast Boy immediately started shouting and Raven gave him a bored stare, standing up and walking towards the kitchen, trying to control her anger. Beast Boy followed after her quickly.

"I'm soooooo sorry..." He said quickly and Raven shook her head, reaching for a towel.

"Just stay out of my way." She said quickly and Beast Boy grinned. "Here let me help you"
He exclaimed and grabbed at the towel to try and help. Raven turned quickly, about to yell at him some more and the two collided. Beast Boy fell to the floor and then with a FWUMP Raven landed right on top of him. Raven's eyes got even angrier as she glared at Beast Boy.

"I thought I told you not to fall on me again Beast BOy!" She shouted and Beast Boy couldn't help but grin even more.

"Actually, you fell on me." He replied and Raven looked even more upset. Their faces were barely an inch apart and he could see the anger flash in her eyes.

"I couldn't help it! You got in my way!" She exclaimed and Beast Boy actually laughed. Raven glared and braced her hand on both sides of his head, lifting herself into a sitting position.

"I could send you out of a window right now." She threatened and Beast BOy nodded.

"And I could do this...." He replied and suddenly his lips were on hers. Raven gasped and pushed at him but he wrapped his arms around her and the impact sent them right back onto the floor, on top of each other.

Right at that moment Cyborg walked in to see the scene.

"HEY NOW!" He shouted, eyes wide and Beast Boy looked up in surprise then only grinned. Raven turned beat red and closed her eyes. Beast Boy only shrugged.

"Sorry, were a bit clumsy."