November 17th 2006

"Come on Mrs Weasley, your almost there!" The midwife said as she coached Hermione.

"Ron," Hermione whimpered, clutching tightly to his hand, "I cant. I cant"

"Yes, yes you can Hermione, you know that you can do it. You have to. Please." He placed a desperate kiss to her forehead and brushed back tendrils of her curly hair and placed them behind her ears. "You can." He whispered, wiping the tears away from under her eyes with his thumb on his free hand.

"Okay, I can. If Ginny can do it, I most certainly can."

Ron couldn't help but smile at his wife's competitive attitude and grinned at the prospect of finally having a child. He was the last of his siblings to have a child but here it finally is! (Hermione would have hit him if she heard him refer to their child as 'it')

Ron was pulled out of his thoughts and his hands lost all feeling in them and he went temporarily deaf as his wife screamed out in pain and clamped down on his hand with amazing strength from a woman so small.

Her screams did little to quell the fear in the pit of his stomach (will I be a good father? What if it doesn't like me? What if I drop it?) as his memories flashed back to almost ten years ago at Malfoy Manor. Before his memories -which often caused nightmare- pulled him down, he heard the shrillest, most high-pitched noise he'd ever heard and Hermione went completely lax in the bed next to him. His Child!

"Congratulations, Mr Weasley, you have a beautiful daughter."

A nurse was holding his daughter -His Dughter!- in a pink blanket and he let go of Hermione's hand to hold his child. He was overwhelmed and he seemed to be on auto-pilot. As soon as the tiny bundle was placed in his arms he fell in love. Just like that. As soon as he looked into her baby blue eyes he just knew that she was gonna have him wrapped around her little finger.

He lifted a hand, carefully shifting her so that she could rest in the crook of one arm, and touched the tip of her cute button nose. Hermione's nose. Just a little smaller. His finger trailed across her cheek and he felt the softness of her flawless skin. Like Hermione's skin. Then he noticed her hair. The little mop of firery red hair that sat on top of her cute little head. His hair.

"Wow." He breathed out, so softly he was not entirely sure that he had said it.

"Let me see."

Hermione! He had completely forgotten about her. He whirled around to see Hermione, she had that afterglow. You know the one, the 'I-just-tgave-birth-to-our-child-so-you'd-better-hand-her-over-NOW!' The one that Ginny had with James which his darling wife was now sporting. Not wanting to get hit with a table (Bill) or pinned to the wall (George) he settled their child in Hermione's arms and was amazed by how easy she fit into her arms as well. Perfectly. She was perfect. His daughter.

"Welcome to the world, Rose Weasley,"

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