A.N. I know this is kind of a parody from the beginning of SM, when Usagi met Luna and everything, but I thought I'd kinda change things and make it a Chibi-usa meeting Diana sort of thing, only it happens after Galaxia, in Chibi-usa's time, not Usagi's time. Confused yet? Read the story and you'll understand (hopefully!). Oh, by the way, Chibi-usa is 16, and Trunks is 17. Goten is also 16, and the Amazon Quartet are all 16 except JunJun, she's 17. So, I should've just said everyone's 16 except Trunks and JunJun! ^_^

Chapter 1

"Rebirth of a Legend"

          "Noooo!" Princess Serenity cries, tears spilling down her face.

          Her beloved lies on the ground, no longer breathing. She sobs uncontrollably, her vision being blurred by her tears. Soon, she falls to the ground next to him, dead.

          "Princess!" Queen Serenity cries.

          The ginzuishou glows brightly in her hands. The enemy is quickly sealed away. Queen Serenity falls to her knees, sobbing.

          "Small...Lady..." Queen Serenity breathes. Suddenly, determination sets in her deep blue eyes as she stands up.

          "Serenity-sama?" Diana asks, confused.

          The ginzuishou glows, causing all the fallen victims of the kingdom to disappear, including Diana. Then, the ginzuishou stops glowing, and Queen Serenity falls to the ground. She stares up at the sky, smiling.

          "It looks like...I've repeated history" Queen Serenity says, locks of blonde hair covering her crystal eyes. "I can see you...Queen Serenity...I can see you..." Her blue eyes fall shut, sighing her last breath.


          ~17 years later~

          "You're late again, Chibi-usa-chan!"

          "I know, I know!" She pushes her pink hair out of her face, wiping sweat off her forehead. "I'll have to stay after school again."

          "Lucky for you, you don't have any parents to yell at you!" her friend next to her says. Her long brown hair is brushed back behind her and her sparkling green eyes stare at her friend, looking jealous.

          "I'm not lucky" Chibi-usa says. "I actually wish I had parents to yell at me." She sighs sadly.

          Her friend looks at her in concern. "Oh...I'm sorry, Chibi-usa. I didn't...I was just..."

          "It's ok, Tasha" Chibi-usa says, smiling. "I understand."


          "Wait! You forgot your lunch!"

          The lavender haired 17-year-old groans, turning around to rush back. "I'm already late, kaasan, you're going to make me an hour late!"

          "No you won't, cause you can fly there really fast" the blue haired woman says. "Now hurry up! Next time you need to wake up earlier!"

          "I know!" the lavender haired cries, running out the door and flying off in the sky in a flash of light.


          "Who's that?" Tasha asks.

          "Dunno" Chibi-usa says. "I guess he's new."

          "Please sit down" the teacher says.

          The young lavender haired man sits down in a seat, next to Chibi-usa. Chibi-usa looks at him.

          "Are you new?" Chibi-usa asks.

          He looks at her. "Yeah. I'm Trunks."

          Chibi-usa smiles. "I'm Chibi-usa. This is Tasha." Tasha smiles.

          "Hey" Trunks says.

          "So...why were you late?" Chibi-usa asks.

          Trunks puts a hand behind his head. "Well...I woke up late..."

          Chibi-usa smiles. "Me too. I have that problem every day."

          "Class! Pay attention!" the teacher scolds.

          The 3 stare ahead, pretending to pay attention. Chibi-usa looks at Trunks.

          "There's something about him" Chibi-usa thought. "I just can't pin it down. I feel like I've met him before."

          Chibi-usa looks ahead of her again. Trunks then looks at her.

          "Why does she look so familiar?" Trunks thought. "That pink hair...and odango...I feel like I know her!"



          Chibi-usa watches as Trunks walks over and stands next to a young man with spiky black hair. The two talk.

          "I don't get it" Chibi-usa says. "Who is he? Why do I feel like I know him?"

          "Where were you?" Trunks asks.

          The spiky haired grins. "I was at school 10 minutes early!"

          Trunks grits his teeth. "Shut up! You were supposed to come to my house so we could fly to school together!"

          "Gomen, I forgot!" the spiky haired says, grinning sheepishly.

          Trunks sighs. "You're such a baka, Goten."

          "No I'm not!" Goten says.


          Chibi-usa walks along, feeling sad. She stops, hearing a noise. She looks to her left, seeing an alleyway. She spots a small cat, meowing. She smiles, then walks down the alleyway to the cat and picks it up.

          "Hi there, kitty!" Chibi-usa says. "Are you lonely?" She gasps, as she sees a yellow crescent moon on it's forehead. "Wow...what is that? A crescent moon? How'd you get that on there?"

          The cat meows, then jumps out of Chibi-usa's arms. The cat walks around Chibi-usa cautiously. Chibi-usa stares, confused.

          "What're you doing, huh?" Chibi-usa asks.

           The cat sits down. "I've finally found you."

          Chibi-usa jumps, looking at the cat. "How...did you...just talk..."

          The cat smiles. "Yes, I just talked to you. My name's Diana. And it's time for your destiny. It's time for you once more to take on the power of Sailor Moon."

          "What? Sailor...Moon?" Chibi-usa asks, confused.

          "Here...I'll show you" Diana says. She jumps in the air, and a brooch appears on the ground. It's heart shaped, with angel wings connected to it.

          "What is that?" Chibi-usa asks.

          "Your transformation brooch" Diana says. "Pick it up."

          Confused, Chibi-usa does as instructed. "Now what?"

          "Say Moon Eternal Makeup" Diana says.

          "Um...ok" Chibi-usa says, confused. "Moon Eternal, Makeup!"

          Chibi-usa transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon. She stares, blankly, then looks at herself, shocked. "Holy Shit! How the hell...what..."

          "Your destiny is to be Sailor Moon" Diana says. "You need to fight against those who destroyed our kingdom. Those who turned this earth into destruction...so many years ago."

          "But...I don't know anything about fighting!" Chibi-usa says. "I...I can't do this!"

          "You have to!" Diana says. "It's your destiny!"

          "Why me though?" Chibi-usa says.


          "Now is the time" Diana says. "Go! Go help them!"

          Chibi-usa swallows hard, then runs out of the alley, Diana following. She stops short as she sees a youma holding a woman, who screams in pain.

          "Hey! Stop it!" Chibi-usa cries.

          The youma looks at her, then drops the woman. "Who the hell are you?"

          "I'm Sailor Moon!" Chibi-usa says, triumphantly. "And...um...I won't let you get away with this!"

          The youma smirks. "Oh really? We'll see about that!" The youma lunges out at Chibi-usa, hitting her in the stomach with its head, sending them both flying into a building. Chibi-usa cries out in pain.

          "Sailor Moon!" Diana cries. "Use your tier!"

          Chibi-usa dodges ki blasts from the youma. "I really wish I could!" Just then, a ki blast hits her, sending her flying to the ground.

          The youma laughs. "Now...I'll kill you!"

          Just then, a ki blast hits the youma, sending it flying to the ground in pain. Chibi-usa looks in the air to see a golden haired figure, with deep turquoise eyes.

          "Who...who are you?" Chibi-usa asks.

          "Sailor Moon!" Diana yells. "Use your tier now!"

          Chibi-usa quickly stands up, holding her tier out. She twirls it around, feathers flying everywhere. "Silver Moon! Crystal Power Kiss!"

          The attack hits the youma, causing it to turn back into a normal human. Chibi-usa sighs.

          "Thank God that's over!" Chibi-usa says. She gasps, remembering the man who helped her. She looks in the air to find he's gone. She sighs sadly. "I didn't get a chance to ask his name...or thank him."

          "Sailor Moon" Diana says, looking at her. "Are you willing to commit to this? Are you sure you can pull this off?"

          Chibi-usa looks at her, surprised, then smiles. "You told me this was my destiny. You bet I'll be able to pull it off. It's gonna be tough...but I think I can manage."

          Diana smiles. "Good."


          "Where'd you go?" Goten asks.

          "Nowhere" Trunks says. "So, you coming over to my house?"

          "Yeah, sure" Goten says.

          "What the hell was that?" Trunks thought. "I had this terrible feeling someone was in danger...that SHE was in trouble...who is she? Is it Sailor Moon? Who IS Sailor Moon?? Why the hell did I have to save her?"


          "This is where you live?" Diana asks.

          "I know, it's not very great" Chibi-usa says. "My parents died in a car accident when I was about 14...and I have no other family around...well, they're too far away...and I don't want to move away. And I didn't want to go to a foster home, so I decided to get a job and live on my own. I'm doing pretty good. For some reason, something tells me to be independent. So that's what I'm doing."

          "I see" Diana says. She sighs.

          "What's wrong?" Chibi-usa asks.

          "Well...we still have a long way to go" Diana says. "There's still gonna be many youmas, and we have more sailor senshi to find."

          "More...sailor senshi?" Chibi-usa asks.

          Diana nods her head. "This will take a while."


          She smirks, pushing gold locks of hair out of her face. "Foolish Serenity...did you think I was gonna die? I never die!" She laughs.



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