Just a heads up so I don't have people trying to get all bitchy on me. Haku's a girl in this fiction. So if you aren't down with that I got two words for ya!



It was hot. My god, it was hot. This was last summer and Konoha went for days and weeks without rain. It was absolutely miserable and the city kept imposing restrictions on water usage that everyone ignored. The slightest spark could set unquenched vegetation on fire.

To truly understand the misery of that time, however, you must put yourself in my shoes. I was not, as many teenagers were, lazing about and doing nothing. No, I was taking Biology at school. Going to a Ninja Academy, you need a level of information on such things in case you ran short on food and were forced to eat wildlife. Not only that but it was difficult to get all the credits you wanted or needed in a regular year so taking summer school was just a given for most people.

So imagine spending four hours a day, five days a week in a stifling lab, disecting frogs, rats, worms and all manner of disgusting creatures and you begin to understand the misery of that time. The stench was impossible to comprehened and the heat only made it worse. The worst part of the entire experience that because of the location of my classroom, ours was the only room in the school not to be properly air-conditioned. Our windows were right next to the central AC units so all the heat generated by the air conditioning seeped into our room. It was truly miserable.

There were only a handful of rays of sweet, cool (though often hot) sunshine during that miserable time and they just happened to all be women. One in particular, though, stands out in my mind: My lab partner, Haku.

She was one of the only people in the class I actually knew. She was a year older than me and the only rising senior in the class. She was pretty quiet, which was understandable, being in a class full of younger students but we knew each other from theater and that was the basis for our becoming lab partners. Even the slightest sense of familiarity is often welcomed in an unfamiliar classroom.

Haku was several inches shorter than me and, how shall I put this... absolutely gorgeous. I'm the kind of guy that can kind something beautiful about damn near any girl but everything was beautiful about Haku. She was a transfer student out of Mist and rather exotic looking...Chocolate eyes, mid-back length brown hair, a sexy cream skin tone... But that wasn't nearly the best part. She exuded sex appeal just in her very being. Her ass sashayed incredibly as she walked and she had an amazing ass. Her shorts or her jeans would cling to it, revealing its firm, plump glory to the world and sometimes, if you were lucky, she'd be revealing just enough in back to catch a glimpse of a thong or even those sexy little cheeks. Her tits were fantastic too, big and perky, sitting high up on her chest like perfect little mounds and she was nipping constantly which only added to the appeal. It was very comforting, during a particularly hard test, to glance over at Haku and see her concentration manifest itself in her hard little nubs.

The first day of class was fantastically hot so our teacher, a very progressive and likeable guy, basically said that as long we remained decent, we could wear whatever we wanted in the heat. This didn't affect the guys much, who would wear shorts and t-shirts till judgement day but the girls took this as an okay for them to wear whatever skimpy outfits they wanted. Soon, short-shorts and tiny tight shirts that revealed the belly were the order of the day.

Haku, despite seeming very quiet and shy and mild-mannered, wore perhaps the skimpiest outfit of them all. I'll never forget what she wore on that second day of class. The image of that quiet little sex goddess, sweating next to me as we took turns peering into the microscope is seared into my mind. Her belly was revealed by her shirt and it was about the sexiest thing in the world to me right then and there: it was sleek and slender but with just enough plumpness to it and there was a small, barely visible line of hair leading down from her belly button to what I knew lay hidden in those shorts.

I spent a good portion of the summer in that classroom, performing lab experiments with Haku. We started chatting but we never developed much further than casual banter. I would tease her occasionally and she'd pretend to get mad but it was never anything serious. During breaks, we rarely hung out together, since I would retreat to my friends and she to hers but she was always my lab partner and I was about the only person she talked to for several weeks.

It was at the end of perhaps that second week that our story really gets going. We were looking at bacteria under microscopes and she and I hadn't finished sketching them yet so we stayed in the class during the break to finish up.

"Which one is this?" she asked as she peered into the microscope.

"It is..." I said, looking over the sheet. I gave her the vague, nigh-incomprehensible name and she gave a slight nod of understanding. As I watched her, I noticed something: she wasn't wearing a bra. Her tanktop was pulled tight over her chest and her nipples were hard. Not an uncommon occurence in and of itself but they were really hard and her shirt was really tight and I could make out no indent of a bra...

Deciding that in the name of science and my wang, I must investigate, I pulled up my chair, pretending that I was trying to look at the sample from outside of the microscope. She shifted and I had to stifle a gasp. I had a perfect view down her shirt. She was definitely bra-less--I saw her right breast, sweat sticking to it and--she shifted once more-yes! That dark brown nipple, sticking out.

I stared down her shirt for sveral moments before I became aware of a pair of brown eyes watching me.

"Like what you see Naruto?" she asked softly, her eyes searching mine. I almost fell off my chair in shock. I started to murmur an apology when everyone else started trooping back into class; break was over.

"We'll finish the lab during the next break," Haku said, returning to her seat.

"I can just take it home and finish it," I said quickly.

"No, I don't want you to do all the work," she said coolly. "It won't take too long."

I spent the next forty-five minutes of class shooting glances at Haku. She seemed totally unfazed that I had gotten a look at one of her tits! Maybe she was paralyzed by rage? But, I reasoned, wasn't it her fault, for wearing those skimpy, nay, slutty clothes? I was prepared to defend my dignity and honor to her when we convened again during the next break.

"Let's go ahead and finish this," she said. I sat in dumb silence as we sketched the bacteria. She was right, it only took maybe three minutes and we had another five or so to ourselves.

"So..." I said, finishing up the last sketch. "What now?"

Haku was looking into the microscope but I resisted the temptation to try and look down her top again. "You never answered my question," she said, still peering through the scope. "Did you like what you saw?"

I was struck silent. I was prepared for anger and insults but not the simple question again. "Um..."

After several moments of silence, Haku gave a frustrated sigh, the kind she always gave when she was annoyed. "Listen," she said, looking up at me. "Haven't you ever wondered why I dress like this?"

"Because it's hot?"

She rolled her eyes. "For the past week, I've been trying to get you to look down my shirt or the back of my pants or whatever. You're the only one I talk you; haven't you noticed that?"

"Well, yeah, but..."

"Did you ever think why that might be?"

I would have been smoother had it not been so hot, I'm sure.

"Umm... You're shy?"

The frustrated sigh. "No, you idiot! I like you a lot, okay You're the only guy here I know and you're nice and funny and you're smart and you're not an asshole! When I started theatre, you were one of the only people who talked to me."

There was a reason for that: I, being a lowly sophomore, didn't realize that she was just starting theatre as well and didn't realize at all that she was just a rookie like me. I naturally assumed that since she was older, she had more experience. "Oh," was all I managed.

"So, what do you think?"

"About what?"

Now it was more like a frustrated groan. Fortunately, I recovered some of my senses right then.

"I mean, I like you a lot too and I think you're amazingly hot but I figured you were totally out of my league and everything," I said, all the words coming out in a flood. That seemed to satisfy her and her face softened.

"That's good," she said, scooting her chair next to me. "We've got about five minutes."

I leaned in and kissed her there. God, those plump lips... I slid my tongue into her mouth and she graciously accepted it and our tongues dueled sloppily while my hands cupped her tits through her shirt before diving under her top to feel the bare, sweaty tits. She moaned softly into the kiss as my fingers teased her nipples and she pressed herself against me. I could smell her deordorant and her perfume and her shampoo all at once and it combined into her scent and it was much preferable to the smell of disected worms or chemicals that would assault our noses that summer.

We made out and felt each other up as long as possible, only breaking apart when our classmates started to come in. "I'll walk you home today, okay?" she whispered softly as we took our seats. I nodded and we sat down while the lesson started.

The next 45 minutes were almost unbearable but, like all things, they came to an end. Haku grabbed my hand and we almost dashed out of the classroom. I felt particularly cool, walking through the halls of my school, this Mist sex goddess clutching my sweaty little hand. My friends sensed that I was into something good and didn't even approach me about doing anything after we got out of there.

"God, I thought that class would never end," she said, leaning heavily against me.

"You weren't actually planning on taking me home, right?" I said, double checking.

"Of course not," she said with a grin. "How about we head up top your old man's head?"

I didn't need any more encouragement. We both practically flew there. I tackled Haku as soon as we were on the grass, knocking her to the ground.

"Hey!" she said, giggling and trying to get up. I held her down and we play wrestled. I was bigger and stronger than her but I gave her enough of a chance that it became more and more serious. We rolled around in the grass, trying to pin the other. Somehow, my shirt came off in the process and my pants got unzipped. Haku's shorts and panties came down her legs, effectively binding them together and giving me a chance to pin her. She kept struggling, her tits and belly wiggling before finally giving up.

She was panting a bit and her chest was rising up and down slowly. We just watched each other, taking in one another's hot, teenaged bodies, ripe for sex. She had a few scratches on her from our battle and some dirt and sand stuck to her tits. Her hair was messed up, with bits of grass in it and we were both glistening with sweat. Her body positively glowed--she was a veritable sex goddess, and positively fuckable.

My cock was already out and hard so it wasn't much just to stick it in her. She was gushing wet so I slid in easy. She moaned, wrapped her arms around me tight and let me into her slippery cunt. She wasn't a virgin, like so many of the girls I write about, but that didn't matter. She was tight but so wet that I didn't didn't to push her. Her pussy actually seemed to suck me inside of her. It pulled me in and she rocked against me as I began to fuck her, pumping my hard cock into her. We fucked for what seemed like hours, rolling around in the grass like two flower children, exploring one another's bodies. I came inside of her but she wouldn't let me pull out until she had cum too. She held me against her, her legs wrapped around my waist.

"I want you to fuck me hard and slow," she whispered into my ear. "Pound my little pussy. I'm so wet. I haven't gotten fucked since before school ended. I need it so bad." The dirty talk was getting me hard again and she gave a loud moan as I grew inside of her. "That's it. Rip my poor little pussy apart with your big bad cock."

With a moan, I started up again, pounding away at her. After a bit, I did get her to let me pull out so she could get on her hands and knees. I took her hard from behind and she was screaming pretty soon, begging for it harder and harder, rocking her ass against mine. Since I had this big, gorgeous ass in front of me, I decided to take advantage of it and pumped two fingers into her tight backhole. She screeched and rocked against my fingers too. Her ass squeezed tight around my fingers, clenching and unclenching with my pounds. Finally, she came and her cunt gripped my dick hard, and she shrieked and screamed and moaned and squirmed and shuddered as her juices gushed over me.

She slumped in the grass, panting. My cock popped out of her pussy, and our juices dribbled out of her.

"That was the best fuck I've ever had..." she moaned, squirming and turning around, cat like, to smile at me with her eyes.

"It's not over yet," I whispered, spreading her asscheeks. I spit into her ass and she looked a little alarmed.

"What're you doing?"

"Just relax, it'll feel good, I promise," I cooed, sliding my gooey cock against her ass. She seemed reluctant but she did the best she could to relax her ass as I slid inside. She gave a loud moan pain and pleasure as the head of my cock passed her tight ring of muscle.

"Damn, this feels weird..." she murmured.

"Just relax," I advised, leaning into her. She moaned again, letting me push deeper into her. "It hurts a bit but I like it," she moaned, pushing back against me. "I can't believe I never tried this before."

Then, she did something entirely amazing. She swung her legs to both sides and actually turned a full 180 degrees, still on my cock, mind you, so that she was laying on her back, her legs up in the air. She smiled at me, pleased with my amazement. The friction alone had driven me crazy and it seemed to have taken its toll on her; there were tears shining in her eyes but she still grinned.

"You know I dance. We dancers, we learn to work through the pain and we're flexible and everything..." she said seductively. I gave her a minute to get used to the new position and the feeling of my cock inside her, and once she had relaxed a bit more, I really began to give it to her.

Haku gave a startled yelp when I began to pound away, stretching her ass even more than before. She put her legs over my shoulders and each thrust drove her hips into her air. I began to pump my fingers in and out of her cunt and I even bent down, pushing her legs against her tits, to kiss her. She kissed me back wildly, her tongue sliding in and out of my mouth. She moaned and cried into my kiss, my cock invading her ass even deeper and my fingers working over her clit. We fucked hard and fast and she pushed back against my cock and with her eyes and her ass and her mouth, she begged for more, squeezing me hard.

We must have gone for nearly half an hour; I wasn't ready to give up this hot little sex goddess right away. But all good things come to an end (haha) and before long, I came too. I sprayed my seed deep into her ass and she gave a shout and came on my hand, drenching my pubic hair and the grass underneath us.

We lay there in the grass for maybe another half hour, just chatting and cuddling. We made out till our lips were sore and almost bleeding but we had no strength left for another fuck. We wrestled a bit more and she roled on top of me and I cuddled her hot little naked body close, massaging her tits and her ass and her belly.

Finally, as it was getting late in the afternoon, we got dressed and left our little love grove reluctantly. She dropped me off at my house and we made out on my porch for several minutes before I went inside. All that summer, Haku and I actually had a (mostly) monogamous relationship and although we drifted apart once her senior year began, I did take her to prom on three hours' notice when her date blew her off. Unfortuately, she's returning to Mist soon and, plus, this summer, we don't have class together. Still, I'm expecting to see her more than a bit before she leaves...



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