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Right before classes started, my college has a long orientation, that's full of parties, placement exams, and general lightheartedness before school finally starts. It culminates with a big, free concert on the quad, which is where my story begins.

Tenten went to my high school, and we'd been friends, though we'd never really been close. We'd hang out occasionally in the same group, and we thought it was kind of neat when we ended up going to the same college but never really thought much about it. When I arrived at the concert on the quad, though, I saw her and immediately went over to her, for lack of any other familiar faces.

She's absolutely gorgeous, by the way. She's incredibly voluptuous. She's one of those girls with ridiculous curves, her tits are very nice, but it's her ass that's perfect. It's big, firm, and always looks beautifully inviting through her pants. To top it off, she's always happy and smiling. She's got a cute face, and she's always cuter when smiling.

That evening, she was wearing a tight pink tank top and a short, matching skirt. She was barefoot, and I immediately noticed her long, pale legs in the warm summer twilight. When she saw me, she ran over, excited.

"Hey!" she yelled a little too loud and hugged me. She'd obviously been drinking a bit, but so had I. When she hugged me, she crushed her lovely tits into my chest. "Did you just get here?"

I told her I had, and we chatted about our summers, what classes we would be taking, and other, trivial matters when the music started.

Now, Tenten loves to dance. She's a fantastic dancer, and won all sorts of awards and what not in high school for it, and even did some professional dancing. As a result, she's in incredible shape, she can do the splits without warming up at all, just to give you an idea.

Naturally, she started dancing once the band started and since I was closest to her, she elected me to be her partner. I was totally cool with that; a sexy girl, gyrating against me on a hot summer evening? How could I refuse? She wrapped her arms around my, moving her hips to the music, getting closer to me, and then drawing away, only to get closer again. I did my best to keep up since my dance experiences leans more towards swing and lindy hop because I'm old fashioned like that, but I think I must've done a good job. I honestly can't tell you if I busted out any special moves or if it were just the atmosphere of hundreds of other hot teenage bodies around us, but pretty soon, she was pressed up against me, our hips grinding together. I remember at the time imagining how we'd have been reprimanded in high school for doing that, and out of habit, I looked around to make sure no chaperones were about to descend on us. Of course as you are reading this there were none, just tons of other kids, doing the same thing.

Tenten turned around and wiggled her luscious ass against my crotch. I held her by the hips as she ground against me, making exaggerated moans, and trying to sing along to the music through her laughter. A few guys tried to dance with her too, but I held onto her out of instinct, not letting any other guy come close. She grinned at me.

"You're so cute," she said in a loud whisper right in my ear. She nipped at my ear lobe and went back to dancing. I was hard now, and I was sure she could feel my cock through my pants. We were facing one another again, and she straddled my leg, rubbing down on it in rhythm to the music. I gripped her ass pressed her down hard on my leg, and she moaned for real. I groped her ass, trying to squeeze as much of her firm, perfect butt as I could. She loved this and alternated between pressing down on my leg, and pushing her ass into my hands.

I reached under her skirt, and found myself holding her bare ass cheeks. All she wore underneath was a thong, so I rubbed and groped her flesh, massaging her. A few people noticed, and watched but neither of us cared. I heard some girls exclaiming how hot it was, and since it was night by now, and it had cooled down dramatically, they must have been referring to us.

I worked my hands under her thong, and ran my finger down her ass crack, over her tight asshole, to feel her pussy. And my god, she was wet. She was soaking beyond belief; juice had actually run down her legs, mingling with the sweat already clinging to her. There was even a growing wet spot on my pants where she had been rubbing herself.

Now I began to rub her pussy. It was totally shaved, and slicked from so much juice. Tenten through her head back and moaned when I found her clit, still dancing. Now, she was grinding her hips onto my hand. I was drunk with lust and my cock was begging to get free. It was dark now, and the quad was just bathed in the light of the street lamps, so I undid my pants, pulling out my cock, and pressing it against her. She gasped, but pressed back.

I wanted more, though, and I had already decided what I was going to do. I pulled her thong aside, held her close, lifting her up by the hips a bit, and pressed my cock inside of her in one, swift move. I went in all the way immediately; her wet, greased cunt offered no resistance. She gasped, and her faced showed surprise, but then she moaned, and began moving her hips against my, all in time with the music. Only the people nearest us could see what was happening and a small ring of people formed around us, watching us fuck. It was dark enough where we were that they probably couldn't see our faces, but they could definitely figure out what was going on. None of them dared to try and stop us.

"They must be so drunk," one girl said.

"Fuck, this is getting me hot," commented another. In a second, she was making out with a guy next to her.

I was thrusting into Tenten as hard and fast as I could, afraid someone would try to stop our fun. She did what she could to grind down on me but gave up and, throwing her arms around my neck, she wrapped her legs around my waist, so that I was supporting both of us. I held her by her ass, and kept fucking her. She was so wet, it was easy to pulse my dick in and out of her tight cunt as hard and fast as I could. Plus, her body weight always drove her down onto my cock harder and deeper than before. She latched her lips onto my neck, sucking hard, and then biting hard, trying to hold in her moans. I gripped her tight, and massaging her ass while holding her. She loved this too, and she moaned loud and long when I pressed a finger into her asshole while I fucked her. Her cunt tightened around me, and I couldn't take it--I started to cum. I slammed her down against me, so that her clit was smashed against my crotch, and this drove her over the edge. I felt her pussy walls tightening and loosening around me, making my orgasm even better.

When we finished cumming, she put her legs down and just leaned against me, panting. I ran my hand up and down her back, suddenly feeling great affection for her. I tilted her head up and kissed her for the first time, no tongue, sweet. The people around us began to disperse when they saw the show was over. Tenten and I were kissing harder and faster, though, exploring each other's mouths almost frantically, trying to make up for lost time. I reached under her tank top, running my hands over her smooth, firm belly, slicked with sweat, and up to her tits. I rubbed them through her bra, and she bit my lower lip, and purred.

Finally, I took her by the hand and led her away from the crowds. We went to a far corner of the quad that looked deserted, and tumbled to the ground. I covered her face with kisses, and she nipped back at me. At some point, I can't remember when, our shirts came off and so did her bra. I balanced my hands on her bare tits, her large, hard pink nipples poking into my palms, while I rained down sloppy wet kisses onto her face. I kissed down her to her neck, and gave her a long, slow lick across her throat, culminating in a playful little bite. I bit her hot flesh over and over, moving down to her breast, and took her nipple into my mouth. They were large, easily the biggest I've seen, and stood proudly on her firm mounds. I chewed on it, taking care not to bit too hard, and then just sucked. I suckled her for several minutes while she ran her hand through my hair. Compared to the passion and intensity of our first fuck, this was very relaxing. I abandoned suckling to lick and nip at the rest of her breast before repeating all of that on her other hard, swollen nipple.

While I worked on her other tit, I stroked her belly gently, letting my fingers play over her sweat slicked skin. It must have tickled a bit, because she squirmed a bit, but she purred like a pleased little kitten anyway. I slid my hand down to her crotch, pulled her thong down and tossed it away, and cupped her pussy, rubbing my palm gently against her hot box. This made her purr even louder. I kissed my way down her stomach, leaving a trail of marks from hard, suckle kisses, until I got to her pussy. Her scent found my nose before I saw her wet twat, which radiated heat everywhere. In the dim light, I could see my semen dribbling out so I spread her lips and pressed my tongue inside, giving her a long, firm lick from the inside and out, up to her clit. I licked back down, pushing my tongue inside, and started all over. M grabbed my head, and pressed my face into her pussy, and then, to top it all over, she wrapped her legs around my head. I figured I'd be there till she came, so I picked up the pace, swirling my tongue up and down, over her pussy. I made a low, humming noise to make my tongue and lips vibrate, and this elicited more loud moans from my sexy girl. After several minutes, I abandoned licking to focus on sucking. I got her whole pussy in my mouth--lips, clit, and all--and began to suck hard, while diddling her with my tongue. I found what she really liked. She started shaking and kept on trembling for several minutes before she started to thrash and cum. Hot juice dribbled into my mouth, and her legs tightened around my head, crushing my face into her pussy. I could barely breath but fortunately, after a few seconds, she went limp and released me.

"S-sorry..." she said, staring up at the starry sky. "That was really good."

I decided after that, I deserved something in return so I spread her legs again, pressed my cock against her and in I was. She gave a weak moan, but was content to let me do the work. I pound my cock in and out of her drenched pussy faster than before, since she was so wet. It felt like I wasn't even touching her cunt walls--that's how wet she was. I was pounding her so hard, that the rubbing started to build up this delicious heat in our genitals, that spread throughout out bodies. She felt it finally, moaned, and wrapped her arms and legs around me. It didn't take me long to cum again, and I sprayed even more of my seed into her cunt.

"Oh, God, yes!" she moaned, squeezing me tight, her pussy milking my cock. I kissed her hard for a minute before pulling out. I straddled her chest, and she, grinning, took my limp, sloppy cock into her mouth. She slurped with great enthusiasm at my dick, and I felt her tongue swirl around my cock head, and slide up and down my shaft. I thrust a bit into her mouth, and she liked this, so I picked up the speed, fucking her face. We must have gotten too into it, though, because I was going pretty hard soon and she started to gag. She pulled off my cock and stuck it between her tits. She didn't even miss a beat--she crushed them around my cock and, lubricated my both of our cum and her spit, I started to fuck her generous tits. I flicked her swollen nipples back and forth while I did it and soon, we were both moaning.

I wanted more, though.

"Get on your hands and knees," I ordered. She obeyed and I spread her gorgeous ass cheeks, fondling her well used pussy. I penetrated her again, and she moaned. I thrust a few times, and I'm sure she figured she was about to get fucked doggy style. Instead, I began to tease her asshole. "Can I fuck you here?" I asked. I expected her to say no, but I figured it was worth a shot.

"Yeah, just don't go too hard," she replied. I was surprised but I didn't need anything else. I pulled out and began to press my cock in between her gorgeous ass cheeks. I felt her tight little hole open up and begin to consume me. She let out a long, loud noise, halfway between a moan and a groan as her ass swallowed up my cock. I pressed in as deep as I could, and she was moaning one long, continuous moan. Her ass felt so fantastic around my cock. It was infinitely tighter than her cunt and I began to move inside of her.

"God, yes!" Tenten moaned. "Oh my God, I never thought this would feel so good!" She pressed her ass against me, trying to take more of my length in her tight hole. I was thrusting at a steady pace but that wasn't enough for her.

"Fuck, pound me!" she demanded. I picked up speed, slamming my cock in and out of her ass. She loved this and practically screamed. It was then that I noticed other people standing not too far away from us, watching. I listened carefully and I heard them talking:

"Oh my God, are they the same ones who were fucking before?"

"They're really into it."

"Hey, is he fucking her in the ass?"

Tenten must have heard. "Yes!" she screamed. "He's fucking my ass!" I had thought she'd sobered up by now, but apparently not. Her scream brought some laughs and even cheers from the people watching. They got a little closer and a few of them dispersed, probably off to do the same thing themselves.

I was getting close so I decided to experiment. I pulled out all the way and Tenten whimpered in disappoint. She gave a loud scream, though, when I slammed back into her in one stroke burying my cock in her asshole. I did this again and again and she was squirming and almost spazing in pleasure and pain. Then, I pulled out, dug my cock into her pussy, gave a few thrusts, and then jammed it back into her ass. I did this over and over, alternately between fucking her pussy and her ass. She was going wild and started to cum; she had been rubbing her clit but my cock sent her over the edge. I decided I wanted to cum too, so I embedded my cock as deep in her ass as I could and let loose, filling up her tight butt with cum. As we both came, I gripped her hot tits. They were hanging down and had been swinging back and forth as we fucked, like tempting pendulums.

Afterwards, we lay there, making out and snuggling. We fell asleep in the warm summer air and woke up an hour later. We found out clothes, dressed, and I pressed her up against a tree. I dug my cock into her pussy again and we fucked once more. It was hard, fast, dirty sex, she wasn't wet, so it hurt both of us, but we didn't care. We wanted all the fucking we could get. I came hard into her almost dry pussy and she almost collapsed on top of me.

She got a boyfriend right away, some guy...Hyuga I think, so we haven't had sex since then, but I think the first time was enough. We're closer friends than we were before and she gets excited every time she sees me on campus, runs over to me, even dragging her boy along in tow. I sort of wonder how I measure up to him, but I haven't had the balls to ask her. I do hope I get to have her again sometime in the future, but I'm not about to try and break them up or anything mean like that. Still, she's always giving me these wicked little grins, especially when she's with her boyfriend...


Admit it, you thought I'd give you guys Kyuubi, right? Did you learn nothing from Chapter Four? I'm a pathological Liar!