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Barium smiled as he watched his wife sleep, her body curled around the babies she had given birth to half an hour before. He had just seen the doctor out, thanking him profusely for the successful birth of his children. Twins, to his and Miri's surprise. All initial examinations had shown only one baby, a girl, but ten minutes after the squalling and naked girl was born her brother showed up, much to the doctor's chagrin. The curse of Miri's family (a female's first birth was twins 99 percent of the time) was fulfilled, and there had been no other problems.

Miri was exhausted and had fallen asleep as soon as she saw the babies were fine. Barium had quietly led the doctor out, thanked him for the thousandth time, and then went back to the room to take in this lovely scene before him. Miri was still the most beautiful female on the planet, even after almost twelve hours of labor. The only signs of her ordeal were the tear lines streaking the tan fur of her face and her lack of a pregnant belly. However, the two resting newborns cuddled up against her seemed so right and natural to him he didn't miss the baby belly. Though he had loved the way she looked pregnant, all glowing and beautiful.

One of the babies stirred, giving a plaintive murmur. Barium reached in and scooped his child up before it could wake up its mother and sibling. A quick check revealed he held the girl who calmed as soon as she was held cuddled against her father's body. The baby was furless, as all Mice were when they were first born, but now that she was dry he could see a red down on her body and some wisps of red on top of her head. "Looks like you'll have your mama's hair, little girl," he rumbled, rocking her gently. This pleased him; one of his favorite things about his mate was her long burgundy-and-gold hair that fell down her back to her hips. He had hoped his daughter would have the same feature.

Now curious about his son, Barium scooped him up with his other arm and took a look at him. Like his sister, he had red down on his skin but there was no hair on his head to give clues as to what color it would be. "Guess we'll find out when we find out," Barium murmured. The boy didn't even stir, just continued to sleep peacefully. His sister had opened her eyes at their father's voice and was now staring up at him with large brown orbs. "Looks like you got my eyes, though. Sorry about that, little girl." Their mother's eyes were the same deep burgundy as her hair. Maybe the boy would have those eyes.

"What do you want to call them?" Barium turned toward his wife, a wide smile breaking out across his red-furred face.

"Hey gorgeous. You did so good," he said, sitting carefully down on the bed next to Miri. He leaned forward to give her a soft kiss, jostling the boy baby enough that he started to cry.

"Give him to me," Miri said. "I think he's hungry." Barium handed her the infant and watched with awe as Miri moved aside her shirt and put their son to her breast, quieting him instantly.

"Do you want her, too?"

"I think she's ok," Miri replied. "She's been very quiet."

"Oh, she'll be my serious little girl," Barium said. "Just like me."

"Well then I hope for my sake this little guy has some artistic flair," Miri chuckled. "Elsewise I'll have no one to talk to."

Barium gave a rare chuckle and kissed his wife again. "Have I told you you're amazing?"

"About a million times during delivery but not once since," Miri grinned and leaned against her mate, nuzzling his collarbone. "So what do you want to name them?"

"We could name her after your mother and him after my father."

"I like naming him after your dad but I don't want my parents involved. They want nothing to do with us anymore, I don't see why we should honor them by naming our children after them."

Barium sighed and rocked their daughter again. "I forgive them, Miri. Why don't you?"

Miri shook her head, her long tresses shaking fervently. "After what Father did to you? Never."

Barium sighed again and put his free arm around his wife, gently nuzzling her antenna. "Don't get too upset. You'll curdle the milk or something."

Miri glared half-heartedly at him before turning her attention back to their son. "So we'll name him Alloy?"

"Yeah. Pop will be pleased, at least," Barium said before turning his attention back to their daughter. "What about her?"

Miri regarded them silently for a second and then smiled. "She looks like she'll have your fur."

"They both do," Barium grumbled. "Don't know about his hair, though. She'll have your hair, thank the Goddess."

"Nothing wrong with black," Miri teased. "I like how it looks on you."

Barium sighed dramatically. "You were saying?"

"I was just thinking that I always thought your fur looked like molten copper in the sun." The artist in her seemed to come alive when she thought of molten metal that could be formed into sculptures, jewelry or anything else she could form it into. "It's beautiful."

"They're beautiful, just like their mama," Barium said. "But I like how that sounds. Copper and Alloy."

"They'll be a pair to be reckoned with, I just know it," Miri chuckled as Alloy started to scream, wanting more where there was none. Copper seemed to glare at her brother for a moment before looking back up at her father and cooing, her arms waving to get his attention. Barium chuckled as well and placed a gentle kiss on his daughter's forehead.

"Copper and Alloy. May the Goddess bless and smile on you and give you love and freedom all your days."

Hope you guys enjoyed this little look into the lives of Copper and Alloy's parents. Until next time, ride free =D