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"What the fuck kind of a question is that?!" I felt him smirk as his hands traveled along my back, finally resting on my waist.

He wasted no time in plunging back in to me, continuing with the speed in which we left off with. His hands snaked around the front of my waist, wrapping one hand around me and bringing me closer to him, and the other slowly started to stroke my length.

The pleasure had increased ten fold in this new position, so much so that I let out moan after moan in agreement. Kakuzu held me closer as his thrusts increased, and started kissing my neck and shoulder with it.

"Ka…kuzu…" I growled, pawing at the wall above me. Kakuzu withdrew his hand from my waist and laced his fingers through mine, holding it tightly there on the wall.

"Kuzu…faster…please…" The words were barely out of my mouth before he picked up the speed. I grabbed his hand tighter and spread my legs wider, giving him a better angle to work with.

"Kuzu…you're a god…this feels so…fucking wonderful…nnngh" I smiled as a tear escaped my eye, nuzzling the wall happily.

"I can say the same about you…you're body keeps healing itself, and you feel like a virgin each time I thrust; it's driving me wild" His voice was raw and hot with passion, coming out in an almost animalistic kind of way.

"Thank Jashin-sama…right?" I smiled again, turning my head as far as I could to see him.

"For once, yeah I think I will" He leaned in and kissed the side of my mouth, continuing to make love to me. He was giving my body everything it wanted and needed when it asked for it; it's almost like we've done this before.

Everything was happening so perfectly…better then any time that I had ever dreamed or thought of. It's like Jashin-sama was rewarding me for good behavior or something…after this I'm going to kill an entire village in his name in gratitude.

"Hidan…I can feel it…I'm almost there" I shifted my body so that he could get a better angle, and he immediately plunged in as far as he could reach, making him hit my sweet spot and sending shivers of pleasure throughout my entire body.

"Kuzu…yeah…right there…don't stop til you make it…I wanna feel you cum in me" Dear sweet Jashin-sama, it sounds like I'm in a porno…not that I'm complaining, but…fuck this is hot!

He took his other hand and began to pump me with as much speed as he could muster while still fucking me, sending me closer to the top.

"Hidaannnn, ungh!" As he screamed, I felt him release his seed in to me, holding my body as close as I could possibly be to him.

"Kuzu…!" A half second later, I shot off on the wall and his hand, panting with pleasure.

We caught our breath and he pulled out as slowly as he could, kissing my neck and shoulders as lightly and sweetly as he could. Once he was out all of the way, I turned putting my back against the wall, as he leaned down to meet me in a soft tender kiss.

He pulled back smiling and took my hand, leading me back to the bed. I didn't realize how exhausted my body was until I laid down, barely noticing Kakuzu putting his arm around my waist and bringing me closer to him.


"Hn?" I shifted to hold his hand, closing my eyes.

"I love you" He whispered in my ear, kissing my neck.

"I love you to Kuzu"