Title: Since Before (1/8)

Author: Solarbaby

Rating: G (for now)

Disclaimer: Merlin is not mine.

Words: 300

Summary: Pre-slash. Merlin has been Arthur's since day one.

Spoilers/Warnings: AU!

Notes: This is my answer to number six of the au bunnies that callisa_mythol posted. While this is not my first fic, this is my first Merlin fic.


It was only a few days after Arthur's third birthday that he first met Merlin. He glanced at the baby sitting beside his new nanny and frowned. From inside the bundle of blankets, Arthur could make out blue eyes and large ears and arms that were swinging around a rattle. A thoughtful look crossed his face (as thoughtful as a three year old could look) and grinned and nodded. Then he promptly went back to playing with Valiant, keeping an eye on the bundle.

When the prince heard the door close with a 'snap, click' he glanced up in time to see the nanny standing just out the door, talking to someone he couldn't see. He looked over to see Merlin still laying there, watching the two of them with something that resembled amusement.

The rattle was still being swung around in the air and then with a 'Bah!' Merlin let go of the toy, causing it to fly half-way across the room and smack Valiant in the head.

Arthur laughed as Valiant's face turned red and for a moment he thought the other kid was going to cry. But then he just grabbed the rattle off the floor and scrambled to his feet, causing Arthur to realize that he was going to throw it back at the baby.

"No!" Arthur yelled, grabbing the back of Valiant's shirt and giving it a yank, causing the young noble to crash to the ground and the rattle to roll away. "Mine!" He picked up the toy and glared at him, ambling over to Merlin.

At the yelling, the nanny came running back in the room, relaxing as she checked Valiant over.

With a pleased grin, Arthur plopped down beside Merlin (in a very princely fashion, of course) and proclaimed 'Mine!' once again.