Title: Since Before (8/8)

Author: Solarbaby

Rating: T

Disclaimer: Merlin is not mine.

Words: 474

Summary: Slash. Merlin has been Arthur's since day one.

Spoilers/Warnings: None

Notes: It's over now. I'm sad. Remember, feedback = love.


It was mere months after Arthur's twenty-third birthday that he was named king. Even as the crown was placed on his head, his eyes were scanning the crown, finding Merlin watching from the other side of the room. Merlin returned the look with a reassuring smile and the now king found himself unconsciously relaxing.

During the whole coronation party he found himself surrounded by noble after noble, giving allegiance and regrets for his father's sudden death. Arthur only caught sight of Merlin a few times during the night. He smiled politely as another one of the court women flirted with him. Then she stopped mid-sentence and got a faraway look in her eyes before blinking and walking off.

A frown crossed his face and he glanced around, realizing that there was no longer the large crowd around him. They had all trailed off, seemingly absorbed in their own conversations. He had an inkling as to what was going on, as he stepped through the party, but it wasn't until an arm wrapped around his waist and a hand was clamped over his mouth, hauling him into a darkened corner, did his suspicions get confirmed. The hold was let go and he spun around.

Merlin just grinned at him, his golden eyes fading back to blue.

"I wish you wouldn't put spells on my court," Arthur replied, rolling his eyes when Merlin pouted.

But that pout morphed into another grin. "Then how would we get any time alone?" There was a smirk and the next thing Merlin knew, he was against the wall with very large blond pressing against him.

"Mine," he hissed as he pinned the sorcerer to the wall. "All mine." One hand came up and slid around Merlin's neck, caressing the skin, before he leaned down and placing a firm bite below the ear.

Merlin nodded, tilting his head back to give Arthur more room to play. "Always." There was a firm lick up the neck.

His arms tightened around his lover as Merlin began to squirm. "No. Mine." Arthur nuzzled into the dark hair.

"Arthur… Arthur!" Merlin pulled back, breathing heavily and trying to right his clothes. "The spell is already beginning to wear off. You have to get back out there."

Arthur turned around to see the rest of the party starting to look around, almost confused. He sighed and shook his head at Merlin. Such a tease.

Merlin rolled his eyes. "I'm not a tease."

The king's eyes narrowed at his lover, wondering for half a second if Merlin really could read minds. But the thought passed as quickly as it came.

The sorcerer gave him a soft smile and a peak on the cheek. "Long live the king," he whispered, reverently, and it sounded like magic coming from his tongue.

Then Merlin pushed him back into the crowd.