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Tsunade, being the deranged woman she clearly was, apparently wanted/needed all of Sasuke's old comrades to be present when she delivered the one condition for allowing him, Itachi, and Sakura to remain in the village. So, seeing as she could basically tell everybody what to do, she yelled at Shizune to bring them all in. Sasuke was obviously pissed, but he decided not to say anything; it just wasn't worth it. Itachi was non-reacting (as usual), and Sakura scowled at the Hokage, muttering under her breath about all the damn screaming Konoha-nin.

The chunin and jonin arrived fairly quickly, at least, so they didn't have to wait long. The one called Sai, though, decided to voice the question that had been bothering him for hours just as Tsunade was going to speak.

Of course.

He looked straight at Sakura, expression contorted in deep thought. She raised an eyebrow blankly at him. Tsunade glared at him for interrupting her when he spoke.

"Is pink your natural hair color?"

Sakura's eye twitched. Itachi smirked. Sasuke seemed vaguely interested, despite how stupid the question was. Naruto suddenly had a very bad feeling; all of the shinobi shifted uncomfortably.

And that was when the poor chunin working under Tsunade were scared out of their skin by one former ANBU Root ninja smashing through five walls and landing in an unmoving heap amongst the remains of a broken water fountain.

Naruto gave a rather feminine shriek of terror and leapt behind Kakashi. Sasuke eyed Sakura warily, while his old comrades shifted backwards many steps. Tsunade was obviously proud — if her shit-eating grin was any clue — and Jiraiya was absolutely horrified.

And Itachi?

Well, he just smirked.

Sakura glowered after the man she'd just decked, fist shaking with fury.

"Well!" Tsunade said loudly, an unholy grin intact. "Wasn't that entertaining?"

She switched her glare to the blond-haired woman. "Just get on with it," she growled, looking incredibly annoyed. "Say your stupid condition and go along your merry fucking way so I can go smash my head against a wall and most likely kill myself to escape having to live amongst these idiots for the rest of my life."

Nearly every person in the room gaped at her. Tsunade stared in shock, mouth opening and closing repeatedly. No one — no one — had ever spoken to her like that! Itachi, wickedly amused, grunted.

"You have been spending too much of your free time in Hidan's presence," he remarked coolly.

Sakura whipped around to him, bristling. "Don't you mention that bastard's name around me!" she hissed. "He tried to fucking sacrifice me to his Genocide Deity and rape me with that damned scythe of his!"

"If you recall," the Uchiha corrected, "he does not discriminate when choosing who he shall next sacrifice to his deity; ergo, the term 'Genocide Deity' is an incorrect label."

Her eye twitched.

"Uchiha, I have broken your jaw before, and I am not afraid to do it again!"

His eyes narrowed. "Hn."

"You want me to kick your ass. That's it, isn't it? Because you and I both know that's all that'll happen if you KEEP TRYING TO USE YOUR FUCKING SHARINGAN ON ME, YOU BASTARD."

Insert death glare, copyright of the Uchiha Clan.

Oh, yeah. Way too much time around Hidan.

o o o O O O o o o

Sakura growled under her breath, arms crossed over her chest and glaring at a wall.

This was stupid. Really stupid.

Like, stupider than that blond guy that yelled all the time, stupid.

Tsunade had been very firm about her conditions (that lying bitch had said there was only one condition!), not allowing them to argue in the slightest.

One: Her, Sasuke, and Itachi were banned from stepping foot outside of the village for one year, and during that year, they were to be under strict ANBU watch.

Two: After the one year was up, they were condemned to seven months of D-Rank missions only.

And, finally, Three: they had to stick together.

As in, live under the same roof.


Seriously, how stupid.

It was the stupidest condition in the entire history of stupid conditions.

All of which probably came from Konoha.

Because Konoha was stupid.

"Muttering under your breath about how 'stupid' our arrangement is will not change anything," Itachi informed her smoothly.

Sakura scowled at him. He stood in the doorway of the room they dubbed as hers, watching her in amusement. Out of all the rooms in the Uchiha Compound, Itachi had taken the one beside hers. Sasuke had been smart and picked one a couple hallways away. But not Itachi. Of course.

"Don't you have somewhere to be?" she hissed rudely. "Like, drowning in a river or something?"

If he had been a lesser man, he would've rolled his eyes at her childishness. "I am here to inform you that you have a visitor."

Sakura frowned. "Who the heck is it?" she demanded. "And what do they want?"

"It is the Uzumaki boy." At her blank look, he added, "The boy that screams his every thought." Recognition lit her eyes. "He came to invite Sasuke to eat ramen with him. He wishes to know if you would like to accompany them."

Sakura thought it over for a moment. "Are you going?" she asked.


She paused, weighing her options. "Fine. It's not like we have food here, anywhere."

Itachi simply gave his typical 'hn' and carried on down the hallway, off to meditate. She climbed to her feet, taking a moment to crack her back with a grunt of relief before heading to the front of the compound.

After getting hopelessly lost and having to call in irritation for Itachi to show her the way to the front door, of course. The Uchiha's smirk pissed her off to no end when he appeared within seconds, smoothly walking past her and leading the way. Being the idiot she was, she'd managed to navigate her way to the back of the compound.


He stopped merely a hallway away and turned to her with that damned smirk of his. Her eye twitched.

"What?" she hissed, crossing her arms over her chest impatiently. "And don't you dare say that you're lost—"

He cut her off by gripping her chin in his fingers. Her face abruptly blazed bright red, but her glare never wavered.

"I do believe," he remarked, tone as close to teasing as possible for an Uchiha, "that you owe me a favor."

She scowled indignantly. "Favor, my ass! As far as I can see, you've yet to so much as show me the front door!"

His smirked widened. He slid open a rice paper door on her immediate right — his left — and watched her expression as she looked down that hall to the front door. Ah, yes; very satisfying. She ground her teeth together.

"As I was saying—"

"Fine!" she growled, jerking away from his grip and storming down the hallway beside her. "I'll do your damn favor!"

The front door slammed behind her, and the distinct sounds of a certain blond-haired fellow yelling reached his ears.


Extremely satisfying.




Sakura was content to remain silent, attention completely lost as she followed Sasuke and that Uzumaki kid to some ramen place called Ich-riku or whatever. The place had a bar and, surprisingly, what looked like a brand new add-on with tables and booths. The blond took them into the newer, nicer part of the restaurant, waving excitedly to a large group of shinobi that Sakura vaguely recognized as the "Konoha 12" or whatever the heck they were called. A girl with chin-length honey-blond hair wearing a sleeveless pale pink top and a shockingly short dark violet skirt leapt up, squealing.

"Sasuke-kun!" she called enthusiastically, flinging herself at the poor man. Body pressed against his, she hooked her arms around his neck. "I've missed you so much!"

The Uchiha glared down at her, snatching his person away from her. He didn't react when she plummeted to the ground, huffing and whining. Sakura raised an eyebrow at the girl, expression clam and interest not really there. Satoko pouted, then glared venomously when she caught sight of Sakura.

"Who the hell are you?" she demanded, scrambling to her feet when she discovered the girl and Sasuke standing within ten feet of each other. Ten feet! Like, not happening.

Sakura looked at her blankly. "I would remind you of common courtesy, but I doubt a savage like you is capable of comprehending the word."

She gaped at the former Akatsuki member, strikingly resembling a fish. "Savage? !" she echoed furiously.

"Yes," Sakura replied smoothly in a manner reminiscent of Itachi. "You throw yourself at others, you scream constantly, and you wear little clothing. Clearly, you are a savage."

Satoko gasped loudly, mouth opening and closing repeatedly as she stared at Sakura with a bright red face. "Tha— I— yo— it— bu—"

"Your lack of intelligent speech only serves to prove that fact. Do yourself a favor and keep your mouth closed — if it is even a possible feat for you."

Her teeth gritted as she glared at Sakura, bringing a hand back to slap her. "You BITCH!"

Sakura smoothly swatted her hand away as it neared her face, the tiny action knocking the blond off her feet. She went skidding across the floor, showing off a neon purple thong as her skirt rode up her hips. Laughs and snorts sounded from the group. When she gathered her wits about her, Satoko stood up in a huff and stamped off to go do Kami-knows-what. Naruto grinned at Sakura and clapped her on the back, earning a glare.

"Eh, don't mind Satoko," he said, waving his hand faintly in the direction she'd stalked off in and throwing an arm around the pinkette's shoulders. "She's, like, crazy and shit. She throws herself at everybody."

Sakura glowered dangerously at the blond.

"Remove your hands from my person before I am forced to do so myself through means other than what you have in mind."

He paled and dropped his arm, immediately scooting a few feet away.

And that was how the "Konoha 12" — minus Satoko — came to love Sakura as one of their own.




Sakura lied awake on her side that night, blankets twisted tightly around her body, hand clenching the pillow under her head. She stared at the window on the far side of her room from the door, lips pressed in a hard line. She couldn't get to sleep. It was all too unfamiliar. Her surroundings, the absence of noise, the sense of being alone…

Not to mention the presence of five ANBU on the roof.

She shifted restlessly, turning to lie on her back, eyes refusing to close. She studied the diagonal line of shadow running across the ceiling cast by the moonlight shining in through her window. She remained there, breathing evenly, looking at the ceiling.

It was like watching paint dry.

She turned again onto her other side, staring silently at the closed door of her room. Sleep wasn't coming. An idea popped into her mind, but she immediately squashed it.

No, she told herself. She would not do that. It was surrendering. And she wasn't going to surrender.

She'd be fine. Sure, lying there would be a little uncomfortable for a couple nights, but she could deal with it. She was a kunoichi, after all. Discomfort was a given at times.

Her resolution wavered.

She paused.

Sighing to herself, Sakura caved.

She sat up and slid out of bed, feet making no noise as she walked to the door. She stepped out into the hallway after sliding open the rice paper door and closing it behind herself. With a small grimace, she slid open the door to the right of her room.

Itachi was sitting up on his bed, filling out a stack of papers. A small dish of oil with a lit candle wick floating in it sat on the nightstand, providing the only light in the room. He barely spared her a glance before shifting closer toward the door on his bed to make room, already knowing why she was there without having to ask. It had happened once before on that mission two years previous…

Sakura walked quietly over to the far side of the bed, not looking at him, and slid under the blankets. She was quiet for a long moment, feeling herself relax in his presence, sensing the warmth of his nearness on her back, listening to the soft scratches as he wrote on the papers. After a moment, she turned slightly on her side to glance over her shoulder at him.

"What are you working on?"

Her voice was soft. He glanced at her before focusing back on the papers.

"Our reinstatement and your enrollment papers."

Curiosity getting the better of her, she sat up and peered over his shoulder, reading what he wrote. He was filling out the first page of her form. His eyes flickered to her face, the faintest traces of amusement playing across his features.

"What is your weight?" he asked, pen pointed at the corresponding question. "I estimate around forty-seven kilograms, however it would be wise to put a more accurate figure down."

Sakura glared at him, face red.

There were four things you never asked a woman:

"How old are you," "How much do you weigh," "You are a woman, right," and "Are you pregnant?"

"I'm forty-five point four," she growled.

"Ah." He was smirking. "Rather small for a woman your age."

She twitched. He was encroaching on dangerous territory.


Her fists clenched in the blankets. "Five feet even," she ground out.

He forced his lips not to twitch as he read the next question. "Are you currently, or have you ever been, pregnant?"

Itachi was fairly sure that she was imagining bashing his head against a wall. Or gutting him like a fish.

"Put it down," she hissed, scowling flames at him. "Do it in the morning." When I'm less tired and less likely to rip your throat out.

He smirked and set the papers down on the nightstand, resting the pen neatly on top before blowing out the light. Having been lying on top of the blankets while working, he shifted himself under them. Sakura rolled over onto her left side, glaring at the window that so resembled the one in her room.

Just because she had issues with being alone in new, weird places did not mean she had to give Itachi the satisfaction of seeing her squirm. So, with a deep frown, she stubbornly closed her eyes and waited for sleep to come.

She felt as though she'd swallowed a bucket of worms with the way her insides wiggled when a pair of very strong, very familiar arms snaked around her waist and pulled her back against a warm chest. She huffed, glaring with her eyes still closed.

Stupid cocky Uchiha.

Despite how uncomfortable she was — BECAUSE SHE WAS NOT COMFORTABLE WITH HIM IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER — she fell asleep relatively quickly. He chuckled under his breath as he felt her slip away into unconscious before closing his own eyes, a calm smile lifting one corner of his lips.




When she woke in the morning, she noticed nothing out of place.

She'd gotten a particularly lovely amount of sleep, she was comfortable, she was warm, and everything felt right in the world. She stretched long and fully with cat-like grace until her muscles trembled deliciously, relishing in the absolute dreaminess of it all. Lazy days really were the best. A small, contented sigh rolled off her lips as she curled back up snuggly against the warmth of the bed, the looseness of her muscles deeply satisfying.

A low chuckle attracted her attention. Her eyes flickered open slightly, and she gazed up at him through her eyelashes, a smile curling on her lips. She was honestly feeling too good to glare at him like usual.

Come to think of it, why did she always glare at him?

He was pretty and gentle and warm and kinda sweet and pretty and…yeah. Sure, he was a bit of an ass, but Sakura would be a hypocrite if she said she didn't lower herself to his level on many occasions. So what if he had a huge mountain-sized ego? She crushed mountains with her bare hands.

For the first time in a long time, Sakura found herself wanting to just admit defeat and do something the easy way. Her pride could go suck it because, seriously, she and it both knew there was no way to win. Fighting him and continuing to yell stubbornly that she did not like him was making her really tired, and she doubted she could keep it up much longer.

And as much as she hated to admit it, Itachi had already won. Ever since that stupid mission two years ago, he had been the one in control. She was just beating a dead snake, here.

Itachi was a conceited bastard, but he was a pretty conceited bastard. So it balanced. Somewhat.

"Morning," she murmured, taking in a long, lovely breath through her nose.

She lay on her right side, curled against him, small hands at his chest. Her cheek rested on the same pillow as his, messy pale pink locks lying about her rosy face in a silky halo.

Bliss. That was the only word to describe it.

He recognized the soft glow in her mint-colored gaze as one of the rare occasions where he could get away with teasing affection without getting decked — or, rather, threatened to be decked. She'd only hit him one time in the face, during their first encounter when he'd basically forced her into joining the Akatsuki, and she'd broken his jaw with that hit. He had vowed to himself in that moment to never allow her to get a hold of his face again.

While she was angry, at least.

"You seem to be enjoying yourself," he remarked with the faintest hints of a smirk. He waited for that usual spark of annoyance and denial that would flash through her eyes, effectively shattering the moment.

It didn't come.

Instead, she just smiled lazily, her cheeks a lovely shade of blush. "I am."

He gazed at her for a long moment, admiring the way her face shined. Admired the way she seemed to be free. No longer stressed. No longer worried.

No longer glaring.

After a moment, he allowed an equally aloof smile to tilt his lips. His arms tightened around her waist, one palm splayed protectively across the small of her back. Her eyes closed as he pressed his forehead against hers. She hummed softly in content, completely relaxed against him. He brushed a few strands of hair from her face before he settled his mouth on hers.

Sakura smiled into the kiss, slowly responding and drawing her hands up to rest at the base of his neck. His lips moved lazily against hers, drawing it out as long as possible before the need for air made itself known. Even after it ended, their lips remained brushing, breath mingling. They lied there for a long while, content with just touching and being nothing but regular people — not shinobi — for the first time since either of them could remember. It was a welcome relief from the usual stress and agitation of always being on guard. Her smiled widened as she nuzzled into his throat, fingers linking behind his neck.

Konoha made her feel…safe.

As if nothing could touch her there. As if she and Itachi could finally end this game and relax without having to worry about becoming too attached to one another. (Attachments for missing-nin often meant weakness, and weakness was a one-way ticket to getting killed.)

Yes, she conceded, perhaps allowing Itachi to drag her to Konoha had been worthwhile.

He slanted his mouth across hers again, tasting the sweetness on her lips and tongue just as the rice paper door of his room slid open.

Sasuke grimaced in the doorway in disgust, glaring at the pair when they lifted their heads and glanced at him sleepily — Itachi over his shoulder. "Fuck — can you two go do that somewhere else?"

"This is my room, foolish otouto," the eldest Uchiha pointed out mildly. "And perhaps my ears are failing me, but I heard no knock."

Sasuke glowered at him. "Tch. Whatever." He made a move to leave. "I'll tell Lee to come back later."

He arched an eyebrow smoothly. "Lee?"

He grunted. "The freak with the green jumpsuit and mustaches for eyebrows."

A small frown tugged at his lips. "Is that not Gai-san?"

"In your absence, Gai has gained a clone."

The frowned smoothed out. "Ah."

"He said he wanted to train with her" — he nodded vaguely in Sakura's direction, though still seemed like he wanted to throw up — "after seeing her punch Sai through five walls in the Hokage Tower."

"Mm." She didn't even think about it. "Later. Say, around ten?"

"It's past ten o'clock right now."

She frowned. "It is? Oh. Then tell him to meet me…mm, outside the compound at noon? I don't know the way to the training grounds."

Sasuke grunted again before shutting the door with more force than necessary and stalking off. Their eyes met in mutual amusement.

"Mm, Itachi, I think we've embarrassed your brother. Is it just me, or was he blushing a little bit?"

He chuckled quietly, tucking her head beneath his chin and twining the fingers of his left hand in her hair, right palm still splayed across her lower back. She breathed in the scent of him, nose tickling his neck.

It was a given fact of life that shinobi never slept in past four, no matter how late they went to bed the previous night (or earlier that morning). But, Sakura mused as she smiled against his smooth skin, they'd already slept in to ten. Why not make it eleven?




At precisely eleven forty-six, Kakashi and Naruto strolled into the Uchiha Compound in search of one Uchiha Sasuke. What they found, however, was Sakura sitting on — not at — the kitchen table with a stick of dango poking out of one side of her mouth, clad in nothing but a short-sleeved high-collared dark blue shirt with the Uchiha fan displayed proudly on her back. The shirt was quite obviously not hers as it was multiple sizes too big, extending barely to mid-thigh. The rest of her was smooth, pale skin. And damp chin-length hair.

They both abruptly choked on their own spit upon seeing the half-naked girl before them, staring wide-eyed and making no attempts to "shield their gazes" from her. Sakura glanced over her shoulder at them, positively radiant and obviously unbothered by the situation.

"Morning, boys," she greeted, pulling the stick out of her mouth as she chewed on a sweet dumpling. "If you're looking for Sasuke, you're out of luck. He went off to go brood somewhere about an hour ago — said something about a bridge…?"

"Ah," Kakashi mumbled, clearing his throat. "Yes. The bridge. Well…" He paused, not sure what to say. He and Naruto exchanged an uncomfortable look.

That was when Itachi walked into the kitchen from the eastern hall, wearing a pair of black sweatpants that hugged his waist nicely and nothing else. His sleek black hair — also damp — was in its usual band at the nape of his neck, the ponytail resting in front of his right shoulder. He calmly looked at Kakashi and Naruto, apparently finding nothing wrong with the scene before him.

"Ah," he murmured. "Hatake. Uzumaki. I trust Sakura has informed you that my otouto is not currently here."

He received short, jerky nods in return. One eyebrow raised smoothly.

"Is there anything else you desire?"

Quick head shaking.

"Well," Sakura sighed, hopping off the table gracefully. "I suppose I ought to get dressed so I can meet Lee-san for a training match."

She padded lightly past the two uncomfortable shinobi, plucking the dango stick from her mouth before kissing Itachi's cheek and popping it into his own mouth. He glanced over his shoulder to watch her stroll down the hallway in nothing but his shirt, admiring the way it rode up her hips sensuously, reminding him of the shower they'd shared nearly an hour previous.

About the time Sasuke had left, curiously enough.

He looked back at Kakashi and Naruto. Raised an eyebrow.

They coughed awkwardly.

Then disappeared.

Itachi smirked.




"Ready to go, Lee-san?"

The green-clad man turned enthusiastically to see Sakura and Itachi ("Are you coming to train with us?" "Perhaps." "…you're just gonna watch while I slam him into the ground, aren't you?" "Hn.") standing behind him, watching him expectantly. They both wore similar outfits, he noted — Sakura in black shorts and a dark blue Uchiha Clan shirt like the one she'd been wearing before, except it fit her better seeing as it had been Itachi's when he was younger; Itachi in black sweatpants and a black Uchiha Clan shirt.

Of course, Lee didn't realize that Sakura bore the Uchiha fan on her back, but that was beside the point.

He beamed at them brightly. Ah! They wear matching outfits! They are in tuned with the springtime of their youth! Yosh!

"Greetings and salutations, Sakura-san, Uchiha-san!" He saluted as he usually did to Gai. "Are you both prepared to accompany me to the training grounds so that we may train together in the springtime of our youth and grow to become splendid ninja?"

Sakura looked at him blankly. If Itachi were a lesser man, he would've sighed.

A clone of Gai, indeed.


Half an hour and thirty or so mini-earthquakes and craters later found a thoroughly impressed Lee declaring his awe at a proud Sakura's "most youthful strength" while an amused Itachi leaned against one of the few non-shattered trees in the area and watched with a smirk. Most of the "Konoha 12" and their respective sensei had gathered to see what all of the commotion was about, now staring in shock at the tiny little girl packed full of a violent streak a mile wide. To say they were shocked would be an understatement.

"Sakura-san!" Gai called energetically, racing over and striking his "nice guy" pose. "That strength you've got there…do I detect a hint of Lady Tsunade?"

She smirked in a way that indicated she spent way too much time around Itachi. "Why, yes you do."

He smiled winningly to himself, fingers on his chin. "Yes, well, I was called a bloodhound in my days." His teeth gleamed. "Very impressive," he congratulated, placing a hand on her back and giving a thumbs up. "That's quite the skill you've got there."

Sakura cracked her neck, making a few of them flinch. "Thank you. I try." She sighed, stretching her arms above her head. Then, as if catching a whiff of herself, she frowned. "Geez. I think I need another shower."

Catching the look on his brother's face, Sasuke groaned.

Itachi just smirked.




Itachi and Sakura glanced up as the door to the former's room — now their room — was thrown open. A very unhappy Sasuke glared furiously at both of them, his eye twitching.

"Two weeks in a row — you two — damn it, just — God, can you two not go live somewhere else? !"

He slammed the door closed. They looked at one another.

Then laughed.




"Alright, you three," Tsunade said, sitting behind her desk, smiling approvingly at the newest members of Konoha. "Your year of probation is up. Seven months of D-Rank missions, and then you're good to go."

Naruto cheered loudly, leaping for joy and tackling Sasuke in a hug. Said man venomously attempted to throw him off, only making the blond include Sakura in his suffocating embrace. She smiled despite trying to bash his skull in. The idiot had gone and made himself important to her over the past year, damn him. Over his shoulder, she locked gazes with Itachi. He wore his usual slanted smirk-smile of amusement. She smiled in return, allowing the blond to get away with hugging her just this once.




"You know how long it's been since we relaxed like this?" Sakura murmured, lying on her back on the roof of the Uchiha Compound, admiring the stars. Itachi lay at her side.


They'd just gotten back an hour or so previous from an A-Rank mission. After reporting to Tsunade and then returning home to clean the blood off and change clothes, they'd clambered up to the roof for a nice, peaceful night of star-gazing. It was becoming increasingly clearer why Shikamaru always laid on ass day in and day out, sleeping or watching the clouds.

Sakura smiled. "You're not still bitter because that Kumo-nin tried to feel me up, are you?"

He grunted passively, inadvertently revealing that he was, in fact, still bitter. He'd attempted to murder the man, but Sakura had calmly reminded him — before decking the shameful man — that killing an allied village's shinobi was frowned upon. Ergo, punching him in the face was a much better approach.

She laughed, gripping his hand tightly and grinning up at the stars. "Ne, he wasn't even all that attractive," she remarked playfully. "Rather plain, if you ask me."

He was suddenly hovering over her, the smirk she once despised intact. "Is that so?"

"Yes." She gave him a sly look from beneath her eyelashes. "I prefer men with black hair."


She tipped her head back as his lips latched onto her neck, bring her arms up to rest lightly on his shoulders. He sucked on her pulse.

"Mm, not tonight, Itachi," she murmured, drawing her fingers through his sleek hair. Her neck continued to move of its own accord as he planted a trail of hot kisses. "Are you even listening to me?"

He hummed against her throat, sending delicious tingles down her spine.

"I said not tonight."

He grunted.

"My hair is naturally purple."

He smirked against her skin, warm breath tickling. "No it isn't." Ever so cocky.

"I come from another world."


"Selective hearing, huh?"


His mouth switched to her jaw.

"Then hear this: I'm pregnant."



"Itachi, my child will not be a bastard."

He frowned. "I refuse to allow it," he agreed dryly, pulling back to gaze at her. "My son will bear the Uchiha name."

She paused.

"What makes you so sure that it'll be a boy?"

He smirked.

"My child will be a son."

"Oh, yeah? And what if he has pink hair?"

If Sakura didn't know him any better, she'd say his eye twitched.

"He will not have pink hair."

She grinned.

"We'll see about that."