This is as yet un-beta'd. You have been warned.

I was re-reading some of my stories, and noticed how standalone this segment from "The Journey Continues" was. So, I decided to re-post it on its own, for the sake of the short-attention-spanned--like myself. Oh, and this is set during "Parting of the Ways".

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The doors of the TARDIS opened without Rose touching them, and she stood in the doorway. She looked out at the scene before her, her Doctor surrounded by Daleks, their Emperor displayed on the screen.

She felt the power surging through her; she saw all of time and space, and she could control it. The Daleks had driven the Doctor's people to their destruction, and continued to destroy.

Never again.

"I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself."

She saw Davros' escape from the Time War and his ultimate revenge in the form of the Reality Bomb. It would not happen. The Bad Wolf could stop it. She opened Caan's mind, showing him the truth of the Daleks, a sliver of time. He would play his part well.

There were worlds, universes across the void, where time moved faster than in the Doctor's universe. Rose would go there herself, so as to be able to warn him.

"I want you safe, my Doctor."

She used the pattern of Davros' own weapon against his creations. The Daleks became dust, the dust became atoms, and the atoms became . . . nothing.

"The Time War ends."

But there was more.

She saw the infinite variations, and found a world in which her father was alive, Mickey's grandmother, as well. That would serve. With hardly a thought, the pathway was formed. Events were set in motion.

She would lose her Doctor, for a time. But it was necessary. She was here to heal him, but she could never stay with him for the rest of his lives. He needed to live, to grow beyond her, to learn to carry his love for her without it being burdensome.

He would need other companions to help him. She planted the seeds, where they were necessary. She reached across time and space, and whispered encouragement where needed. She restored the fallen.

"I bring life."

A gift and a curse for Jack, but he would save the world so many times over, and his heart was big enough to love for a billion, for five billion years.

She watched the Doctor-Donna save the multi-verse. The least the Bad Wolf could do for her was to reach into her mind, building the shields she'd need to recover.

"I think you need a Doctor."

Donna would also give Rose an incredible gift: her Doctor.

Her Doctor, but without the loneliness of the Last of the Time Lords. He would be something new, but part of humanity all the same; the weight of his old universe lifted from his shoulders; free to love and be loved, to defend and explore a new universe, with her hand to hold.

The end. . . unless you want to see how it all fits into the rest of the story. You'll have to read "The Journey Continues" for that :)