Author's Note: And at last, the epilogue (however short, sorry DDDD:…). It's supposed to be like a diary entry. :3 Thanks for sticking with me through this, guys. It's much appreciated.


It's been a year.

It's been a whole year since that whacky adventure ended. Since… I became alive again, and with my heart this time. No longer a ghost, no longer a Nobody, but finally a Somebody again. Words can't really describe how I felt on that day, and twelve months later, I still don't now how to describe what I felt. 'Amazing', I guess, would be one, but that's not really a strong enough word.

Pssh. Look at me, rambling. Nice one, Axel.

So since then, me and Demyx decided to settle down in Radiant Garden. He was confused as to why I blurted, when we got back to that world, 'you gotta help me make a cake', but when he realised that it was for Merlin, who sent us to Yen Sid in the first place and got us to be living again, he wasted no time in helping me out. Sora and Aerith just shook their heads and laughed at us as we went around buying these supplies and making the best cake we could make. Sora would since tease us that we chose to make a cake on the day that we became alive again, but he can tease all he likes. It wasn't the greatest cake in the world, but Merlin liked it, so I was glad.

Speaking of Sora, he, Riku and Kairi went back to Destiny Islands and visited every so often to check up on us and make sure we weren't up to no good; but, as Leon would always say, 'if they were up to no good, then I could dispatch of them easily with the others'. Leon's okay, but his sardonic, stoic personality grinds on my nerves sometimes. Still, he has a good heart, and that's what counts. But anyway, it turns out that Sora and Kairi finally got together, and that Riku was apparently 'checking out' this girl named Selphie on their islands. Good luck to him, because I'd hate to be the third wheel like that.

Mickey, Donald and Goofy went back to their big ass castle, and they'd send us letters every now and then. As Yen Sid said to me when we first went on this journey, he'd make us do some community service to pay off the damage we'd done as Nobodies – Mickey would send these chores to us, and we'd do them. The first one I remember doing was rebuilding a village in the Land of the Dragons. Demyx complained so much about the cold then, and I admit I wasn't a huge fan of it either, but I could cope better. He made us do other little chores too, like clean his castle, but after a while, he was convinced that we'd done enough and left us alone, just sending us letters every now and then to check up on us.

Everyone else went back to their daily routines, really. There's those three little fairies who try to steal money and treasures every so often, but they're too cute not to get permanently angry at, so, I let it slide. And they eventually give it back anyway… Leon and his friends went back to their jobs as the 'Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee'. They're nearly done now, they just need to fix up a bit of damage done by the Heartless in the bailey, and then it's complete. They're so excited. I help out where I can, that is when I'm not looking after the shop.

No don't look at me like that. A shop. Yes, a shop; it's not that hard to believe, is it? Well… Me and Demyx decided to open a magic shop of sorts. Just like, you know, to sell a few spells, help out in how to actually cast them (unlike SOME other magic stores…) and so on. It's kinda like a shop and a school put together. It's not much of a job, but hey, it's helping us get by… and it's my job. I like doing it, I have fun doing it, and so does Demyx. We've actually gotten a fair few customers, even out of our circle of friends. Yuffie's trying to learn to use magic like we do, instead of relying on her shiny orbs.

Ohhh, hahaha. Speeeaking of Yuffie… She and Demyx got together. It's pretty cool really, they really suit each other in personality and even in fashion sense. Demyx insists on wearing blue and black, and he's always got three quarter pants on and a sunny smile. He's even got like this ninja star around his neck all the time now, a gift from his girlfriend. It looks identical to Roxas' pendant, but, I know for a fact that that symbol's pretty universal. He even considered redoing his hair at one point and getting rid of that god-awful mullet and faux hawk combo, but she likes it, so he kept it. I've never really seen them fight, which is great.

Finally… There's Aerith and I.

Where do I start? Well, I guess, once the shop was up and running, I took her out to dinner. We've been together ever since. As time passed, she learnt a lot more about me, and I learnt a lot more about her – like, she used to wait around Cloud because she had feelings for him, but she got sick of it just before I came back, I guess. Sometimes I wonder if I'm a rebound of sorts, but when I look into her eyes, I know that's not the case. She's my life now, I help her with her flower business pretty much everyday, and just… I'm really glad I decided to muster up the courage and ask her to be my compass through my darkest days.

I feel so much more normal now. I never thought I'd miss my heart this much, or being alive at all. I feel like the normal Axel, the normal Lea, even. There's a Frisbee that hangs on the wall next to the counter of the shop, and I look at it everyday and smile, remembering those good times and how I've been given a second chance. Demyx registers a similar sediment with the giant sitar that sits in the back room.

And about this…? Well… Ever since that day, I've written down everything that's happened in my day, from the first breath to the games I had with Sora and Riku and Demyx with my Frisbee. Big things or little things, I've written them all down, exactly like this, because, for this second chance at life… I don't want to forget or miss a thing. Life's precious, and we should appreciate it more. And sometimes we might not always have direction, but we'll find it eventually, and then we're back on track for the rest of our lives.

Although I'm still adjusting to this, even a year later, I know everything will turn out fine. Just fine. I have direction now, I know where I'm going and what I'm doing this time. The compass' needle has stopped spinning aimlessly, and it points forward, to the rest of my life – the rest of my new and better life. And you know what? I'm going to live it to my fullest – got it memorized?

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