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Summary: E/O CHALLENGE. This is for Mad Server. It's her birthday! Dean has a fever and that's the least of his worries. This fic contains Hurt!Dean, boys in peril, and cussing.

Chapter 1 - ape the ape

The critter in the darkness laughed, a high pitched warbling sound.

Hyena, Sam thought. We're on the Nature Channel. That dim yellow bulb in the rusty iron cage above their heads was an island of light in the darkness. His sense of smell said "To hell with it" and stopped working about a half hour ago. Sam pointed his sawed off shotgun at the darkness, tried to ignore the fact that his heart pounded at his ribcage like it wanted out in the worst way.

Jesus, this bastard was fast. Nearly got them from behind.

"You boys don't wanna play with me," the thing said in a sing-songy voice. "That makes me sad." Then it laughed again.

Dean grunted as he leaned against the wall, both pistols aimed squarely in the direction of the voice, to their right. "If it's one thing I hate worse than a fugly who lives in a sewer, it's a mouthy, ugly ass fugly who lives in a sewer!" he shouted at the darkness.

"Words hurt," the thing giggled.

Dean shook his head in disbelief, then he smirked, despite everything. "Hey Sammy, you okay?"

"Yeah. Didn't touch me."

"Good. I popped the fucker a couple of times. Silver's slowing it down some. "

"Not fast enough. Did it scratch you?"

Dean pressed his lips into a thin line. He wouldn't look at Sam. "I'm good."

Sam frowned. "That's not what I asked you. Dean, are you hurt?"

Dean shrugged. "Just a scratch."

"Just a --- here, let me see---"

Dean scowled, shook his head. "Later. We gotta go. There's only one way out of here, so just go straight, Sam. I got your six. 'm fine."

He wasn't.

The fugly was a dygaa, supposedly a distant cousin of a wendigo. The good news was there wasn't that many of them. The bad news was that was about the only good news. The thing had glowing red eyes. It was huge, man shaped, a shadow that glided silently through the murky water underneath the dim yellow overhead lights.

"Fire in the water" was supposed to be the only thing that could kill it. Even a school kid knows that fire and water don't mix.

"Get along little doggies," the voice in the darkness behind them said.

Sam didn't even want to think about what was in the water that sloshed around their ankles. It seemed thicker, heavier than normal water. There were bundles of cable and wiring set at eye level all along the walls. According to the blueprints "out" was straight ahead, and then up to street level through an access hatch.

"Daddy would be ashamed of you, Dean. Gone and got you and Sammy killed. You came down here with the wrong stuff. Brought a knife to a gunfight." It actually made a clucking sound with its tongue. "What would Papa John say if he saw you now?"

"Will you shut the hell up!" Dean snarled.

The dygaa laughed. "Bagged me a college professor once. Taught urban myths at the local college. Can you believe that? Wanted to see if there really were alligators down here. Tasted good, too. I can tell a lot about the people I eat. Tell a lot from just a smear of blood. What little I got from you tasted good, Dean."

Sam froze. Dean growled and squeezed off several shots into the darkness in quick succession.


"Shut the fuck up, you son of a bitch!"

"That is your name, right? Dean Winchester? Sasquatch is your little brother, huh? He'll be hard to digest, but I'll give it a shot."

Dean stood there, swaying slightly. They'd reached another overhead light. Dean's skin was pink and flushed with fever just underneath those freckles of his.

"Remember how it was with your heart, boy?" the fugly called out. "When you fried yourself? That was some major league pain, wasn't it? Muscles all locked up. You forgot how to breathe, didn't you?"

Dean flinched. Sam felt his stomach lurch down to his ankles.

"And the hospital afterwards? That was fun. You had time to think about how you wasted your life, time to think about all the stuff you'd never have the chance to do. Damn shame."

Sam put his hand on Dean's forehead and nearly snatched his fingers back. Dean felt like an oven set on bake. "Dean, don't listen to it."

"Son of a bitch," Dean breathed raggedly, glaring back at the shadows. "Bastard."

The dygaa chuckled.

Dean's hands shook slightly. He stared at Sam, glassy-eyed. "Move, Sam."

"Dean, you're---"

"So it got a taste of me. So fucking what?" Dean pushed up roughly against Sam as he aimed his pistol towards the rear. "Move. We gonna stand around here all damn night? Move, Sam."

They got to the access tunnel five minutes later. It looked just like the same stretch of tunnels they'd passed through before, but because this was near the access hatch there were more cables. The lights were dimmer.

Sam swung up onto the ladder in the access tunnel as Dean backed up, slipped his pistols into his rear waistband. Sam glanced down.

Dean's eyes were too green, too bright. "Come on, you stupid bastard! Come on!"

The water rippled towards them.

The dygaa was coming. Coming fast.

Dean pulled at the electric cables. A long length of cable unfolded from the wall as the clips fell away.

The dygaa laughed. The cables were insulated. No exposed wires.

Its red eyes widened at the faint gleam of exposed copper wiring. The cables hit the murky water just as Dean swung himself up onto the ladder above, pulled his legs up clear of the water.

The dygaa screamed as it died.

"Last time we play bait," Sam said softly. He sounded emo, but right now he didn't give a fuck. They bumped into each other as they staggered down the street. Slightly polluted night air never smelled so fresh. "You cut it too damn close."

"Never was a doubt," Dean smirked a little. He let out a ragged breath, then leaned heavily against Sam. "Stupid sonofabitch talked too much anyway."

A/N: Happy birthday, Mad Server! Hope you have a happy one! I added a second chapter to this. SciFiNutFX wanted to see the aftermath, what happened the rest of the night. What the heck. My muse went for it.