Pay back; punish, be revenged on.
The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary.

It was getting close to one-thirty in the morning as NCIS Special Agent Gibbs pulled into his driveway. After the frantic activity of the past week with many late nights and eating only snatched bites of takeaway whilst discussing the case he should've been exhausted. Instead as climbed his front steps he felt exhilarated; still affected by the adrenalin rush of the successful conclusion to the case and the arrest of the perpetrator several hours earlier.

A petty officer had got into an altercation in a bar trying to defend a female colleague from a man who was harassing her. The civilian had followed the petty officer into an alley as he was leaving and in a drug fuelled rage stabbed him. Luckily the petty officer was found within minutes and the doctors had been able to save his life. There had been enough witnesses and forensic evidence at the scene for them to confidently identify the suspect. Gibbs' team had later located him in an apartment in Georgetown and he was arrested without a shot being fired. Uncomplicated but a good result nonetheless Gibbs thinks as he heads for his basement intending on having a drink and working on his boat.

He switches on the light and stares in disbelief at the scene below. Paint tins, cleaning solution and bourbon have been opened and splashed across the floor. Tools have been pulled apart and the pieces scattered everywhere. His boat, his 'Kelly' has been dismantled and the wood sawn into bits of varying shapes and sizes. Gibbs goes to his kitchen and pours himself a glass of bourbon which he sips while he thinks. He then retrieves some evidence bags from his car, pulls on some gloves and returns to the basement. He bags some items then begins to clean up the mess. Eventually exhaustion overcomes him and he falls asleep on a paint stained drop cloth.