Chapter Two: Unannounced Visitors


Particles reformed her petite figure, as Nila opened her eyes to see heroes and technical assistants strolling around the Metrotower. They were pacing the area, trying to complete their responsibilities. Gazing at her surroundings, Earth was peaceful so far. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary on the computers, and everyone seemed calm.

Walking off the teleporting platform, Nila was headed straight for the general office, until she saw someone carrying a pizza box. Compulsion and hunger took control of her motives, and soon, she found herself wiping her mouth with a napkin that was on top of the box. The box that was once full was now completely barren, except for some toppings that fell off the large pie. A low burp came from her mouth as she wiped her hands on the napkin. She gazed up to see who her server was, and her eyes dilated in terror once she learned of his identity.

"R... Rex, I'm so sorry!" she stammered, her skin blushing in a deep pink.

Rex's face was red with rage, but he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Looking at Nila, his face looked a little bit calmer, but his skin was still scarlet.

"That's... cool," he said in his usual deep voice. "Just... don't do it again."

Reaching into her purse, she grabbed a banknote out of her wallet and hand it to Rex.

"Here, take this for your troubles," she stammered, still pink in the face.

"Thanks..." mumbled the half-Thangarian, walking away from the adolescent speedster.

Nila smacked her head with her hand. Now she done it! The last thing that she wanted was for someone that she liked to hate her with something irritating that she did. The burp would definitely turn him away! She had a humongous crush on Rex. For how long? She could not remember. What stood out from Rex was his observant green eyes... They always seem to be on the look out for something.

She headed to the bathroom and wash her face and hands at the sink. Gazing at her reflection in the mirror, she was looking back at her hazel eyes and strawberry blond hair. Her father was a superhero, the Flash, the fastest man alive; and her mother was Painted Lady, a superhero too. She inherited a lot from her father. She inherited his crimson hair color, his quirky sense of humor, and his speed. Her brother, Roscoe, otherwise known as Rocky, inherited some of their father's traits such as his green eyes, but he received their mother's mystical wings and brown hair instead. Only their mother had butterfly wings, and Rocky had moth wings for some strange reason.

She loved her powers and would never trade anything else for them, but her super metabolism was annoying here and there. Nila thought that being in a family of superheroes was stupendous. There was never a dull moment, and she was proud of her parents work. She visited the Metrotower now and then, but she never went to the Watchtower up in space. Reason being, because she was too young to be a hero. There was also another reason why she was not a young hero. The adults did not think that Nila was capable of the responsibilities of a life of crime fighting. It was because she did not took things seriously. Roscoe was on the same line as Nila, so they had equal doubts on him as well. This saddened Nila very much. She often got angry because of it, but she will prove them wrong one day. That was her goal for a long time.

As she exited the restroom, she could feel that something was hovering above her. Smiling, she effortlessly moved to the right.



Giggling Nila offered her hand to the culprit, excitement swelling up inside of her.

"Nice to see you, too, Vivi," she chuckled, helping up the half-Kryptonian girl.

Rubbing her back, Vivian Kent, got up on her feet. A sudden smile was on her face, and she wrapped her arms around Nila's shoulders, squeezing the speedster in a big hug.

"I missed you so much!"

"I missed you, too...!" rasped Nila from the super hug. "Leggo... I can't breathe..."

"Sorry," said Vivian, letting go of her friend.

Breathing, Nila savored the oxygen, thankful that she was out of the Kryptonian grasp. Looking up, she saw two other figures approaching towards them. Smiling, she waved her hand towards them.

"Sophie! Anya!"

Sophia Wayne lead the way while her younger sister, Anastasia, followed timidly behind her. Anastasia was holding her older sister's hand while she nervously looked down at the floor. Sophia smiled as she waved back at her friends.

"Nila! Vivi! Hey!" she replied.

"What up, girl?" asked Nila as they went into an embrace.

"Ah, it's fine..." said Sophia. "But I have some bad news."

"What?" asked Vivian.

"Matt's coming back home from private school," winced the brunette at the thought of her sibling.

"Ah..." replied the woman who learned of the information.

"He'll make a mess out of the library again!" fumed the half-Amazonian. "You do know how much of a bookworm he is, right?"

"Right," said Vivian, agreeing to the statement.

"I mean, look at him! Reading while sparring?!" she clamored. "Not natural, and he still gives me bruises while multitasking! So not fair..."

"Couldn't you tell him not to read, then?" asked Nila, raising an eyebrow.

"I did ask him once..." began Sophia. "But he would always say that he has a big test at school or something. What kind of school does he go to? I'll never get him!"

"Wait," began Nila. "Come to think of it, your mom's an Amazon, and the Amazons are mostly composed of woman. How could she give birth to a boy?"

The question gave out a long silence. Everyone looked stumped from the unattainable solution.

"Oh, boy, I do not know!" sighed Sophia, exhausted from pondering upon the idea.

"At least you have this cutie pie!" squealed Nila while patting Anastasia's head.

"How you doin', sweetie?" said Vivian, dropping down to Anastasia's level.

"Fine..." whispered the little girl, trying to make eye contact with the tall women.

"Hey, girls!" said a voice behind them.

Turning around the girls saw that it was Wonder Woman who was talking to them. Leaving Sophia's side, Anastasia ran to join her mother. Diana scooped up her tiny daughter off the ground, holding the child gently in her arms.

"Traitor!" whispered Sophia while cupping her mouth. Giggles were also heard in the background. "Hi, Mom."

"Hello, Mrs. Wayne," said Nila and Vivian.

"I'm so glad that you could all come here on such short notice," said the warrior. "You're mother called you, right Nila?"

"Yeah..." she replied, rolling her eyes, facing a direction where everyone could not see them move.

"Dad called me too, but he said that I should come here because you wanted to speak to me," said Vivian.

"I'm glad that you're here, Vivian," smiled Diana. "Nila's mother is probably already in the lounge already. We better get there."

While walking to the lounge area, Nila turned her head to speak to Sophia.

"Hey, Sophie, do you know why we're all brought here for?" she asked.

"I have no idea," replied Sophia. "Sorry... but we'll find out soon! Hang in there!"

Once they entered the lounge, they saw a masked woman sitting on a chair near the window that had the view of Metropolis. She was wearing an elaborate cream white top with blue and brown embroidery on the fabric. Her skirt had the same design. A set of dual clubs was beside her and looked as if they were ready to strike at any moment. Sipping on her cup, the woman looked up and saw that she had company.

"The cavalry has arrived!" chuckled Eleanor. "Hey, sweetie."

"Hi, Mom," said Nila as Eleanor got up and kissed her forehead.

"Hi, Mrs. West."

"Hey, Ella."

"Hello, everyone. Diana," she replied.

"So, what is it that you wanted to talk to us about?" asked Vivian, dying to know what was going on.

"Oh, yes, the reason why you're all here," said Eleanor. "Come, sit down. We can't keep them waiting, Diana."

After they received their own drinks, the adults were ready to commence their message.

"What do you girls think of a holiday in the Mediterranean?" asked Eleanor.

"What, are we going to Europe?" asked Sophia, eyes widening in wonder.

"You see... I spoke with your Grandmother about having you girls over in Themyscira for the holiday," began Diana. "Hippolyta agreed, but she will only allow girls to come, as you know of the laws and traditions of Themyscira. I spoke with anyone who was interested of letting their daughters come for the summer, and some of them said yes."

"So what's your opinion on this?" asked Eleanor.

Diana's speech was a mad blurb for Nila. She could not make herself exhale because she was thinking so hard.

Themyscira... Holiday. ... Agree. Allow girls to come... ... Spoke with anyone who was interested... said yes.

Nila could not cooperate with this. She did not want to come with them to Themyscira. Her hands rolled up into two rounded fists under the table as her mind thought angry thoughts. She wanted to be here in the world that she knew. She wanted to be with her friends and spend time with them instead of being in the intense heat and eat spanakopita all day. Another reason that came up in her mind, was Rex. She wanted him to notice her more. She wanted to make the pizza fiasco go away and make him see the better qualities that she had! With Themycria's "no boys allowed" rule, wooing Rex was not going to be possible at all. If she did went with them to Themyscira, she would kiss her friends and the possibilities with Rex good-bye!

"Mommy, what's that outside?" softly asked Anastasia.

All that was heard was a screech and the sound of crashing cars outside of the Metrotower.

Author's Note

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