1 In The Balance

We are two sides of a coin, you and I,

Pallid and dark, balanced by hate.

Do you remember that night?

I sent you into the darkness and your worst enemy hauled you out.

You wouldn't look at me. Your eyes were too dark for me to see what you felt.

Every time it was us against you, light versus darkness.

Now you're on our side.

I wonder - why did we first hate, mutually and so swiftly?

We are old enemies, you and I.

It's been too long for me to think of friendship

Who hides beneath the darkness in your eyes?

I don't understand you

I hated you. Why does the feeling suddenly falter?

This cannot last forever, this madness, this uncertainty

There has to be an end.


When we meet at last,

With peace or murder, friendship or hate

I'll be ready.