So here we are at the end of the story. Thanks again to all of you awesome people who read/ reviewed/ and actually made it through all 44 chapters of this piece of fan fiction. You are all very awesome. An extra thank you goes out to lhoma320 for offering to go over the chapters and help me edit my spelling/grammar mistakes. Hopefully there are not too many of them! Anyway without further explanation...chap 44!

"Happy birthday." House lay in his bed staring at the ceiling. Wilson lowered the bedrail and moved his friend into a sitting position. "Greg?"

House blinked a few times and looked over at Wilson. "Cake?"

"That's right. Blue, just like you wanted. All of your friends will be here soon. Are you excited?"

"Wilson." House let his friend help him into his wheel chair.

"Of course I am going to be there. I live here remember? I have a surprise for you out in the living room." Wilson pushed House into the living room. His friend looked up in wonder at the decorations that had seemed to have magically appeared overnight.

"Mine trucks!" House said excitedly. Dusty barked in agreement.

"Remember what a great time we had at the monster truck show last month?" House didn't seem to be paying attention but Wilson continued anyway. "They aren't good as real monster trucks but pretty cool huh?"

"Cool!" House confirmed. He pointed at a few packages sitting on the coffee table. "Mine."

"Not until later." Wilson pushed House's chair back so the presents were out of his reach.

"Are we early?" Cameron and Chase came in through the entryway. "We come with gifts."

"Put them on the coffee table Chase." Wilson pointed at the small table that House was trying to maneuver his chair towards. "Sorry buddy. I put on the brakes."

"This one is from Kutner." Cameron held up a small box. "He mailed it to the clinic."

"Probably more Harry Potter." Chase sat down on the couch. "We don't like Harry do we Greg?"

"Mine book." House replied happily. "Mine Cammie, look!" He pointed as his pajamas.

"New jammies, very nice. I like the race cars. Very cool." Cameron smiled. "How are you holding up?" She looked at Wilson.

"We're great." Wilson smiled. "Greg has been doing great in physical therapy. I've been keeping up on my counseling. Ever since his surgery…"

"Surgery nothing." Cuddy came into the room carrying Rachel. "It's you that's changed. You don't spend all of your time worrying and treating Greg like he's a helpless kitten. That psycho babysitter was right. It's all you Wilson."

"What about crazy babysitters?" Foreman came in behind Cuddy. "You didn't invite that crazy woman did you?"

"Of course not." Wilson arranged the presents on the coffee table. "She was nuts."

"She was right about you though." Taub pointed out as he squeezed past Foreman and Cuddy to set his gift on the coffee table. "And she was right about Greg too. He just needed someone to push him a little."

"Yeah push him. Not whack him on the hand." Cameron said angrily. "If I ever see her again…"

"Who wants cake?" Wilson interrupted.


Wilson wiped blue frosting from House's face. "Ready for presents?" Wilson handed House one of the packages from the coffee table. House smiled but then looked at the box a bit puzzled. "You rip the paper off buddy. Like this." Wilson tore a small corner off of the paper.

"Yay." House beamed as he ripped the paper off of the box and tossed it to the floor. He threw the present aside and put out his hands for another box. Dusty ran to retrieve the discarded gift.

"Look Greg, it's Sponge Bob." Chase took the box from Dusty's mouth and opened it to reveal a pair of slippers. He turned to Cameron. "I told you we should have gotten him a video game."

"Stupid sponge!" House said happily as he ripped the paper from another gift.

Wilson shook his head. "I should have never let him hear me say that. What's in the box Greg?"

"Mine stuff." Greg dumped the box upside down and let a video game, a small toy motor cycle and bunch of candy fall to the floor.

"I didn't wrap mine." Foreman held out a large rubber ducky apologetically.

"Mine duck!" House looked at Cuddy who was holding Rachel. "Mine?"

She laughed. "You and Wilson are coming over for dinner later. I'll give you it then okay?" She turned to the others. "I got him a stuffed dinosaur. It roars and walks when you push a button."

"Great. More talking toys." Wilson glared at Cuddy. He turned back to the birthday boy. "Aren't you wondering what Dusty and I got you for your birthday?"

"Cake." House answered. His little dog wagged its tail and licked some blue frosting from his paw.

"No." Wilson laughed. He went to the little used coat closet and removed something from its depths.

"Mine?" House's eyes grew wide as the brand new guitar Wilson had bought him came into view.

"All yours buddy." Wilson smiled. "I know you've wanted one ever since you started playing again in music class. It's a little bigger than the one…well here. Do you like it?" House stared at the guitar and began to chew on his lower lip, eyes focused on the strings. "Buddy? Are you okay?"

House's head snapped up. "Mine Wilson." He smiled.


"What do you think he's thinking about?" Cuddy asked as she watched House stare at the ceiling in her living room.

"Don't know. But sometimes with look he gets on his face I almost expect him to turn around, call me an idiot and ask what the hell happened to his legs."


"I'm glad I went through with the surgery. I'm also glad he didn't fully recover. Can you imagine what it would do to him knowing everything he went through in that last year? He would probably try to hang himself all over again." Wilson looked over at House. "When I start to think about what a waste of a great medical mind it is I remind myself how miserable he was."

"You think brain damage was the only way to relieve his misery?"

Wilson shrugged. "I don't know. I don't care anymore. I'm done wondering about what if. I'm just glad that he's happy."

"What about you?"

"I'm not living alone in Amber's old apartment anymore. I'm not wallowing in misery or blaming myself for everything. I think I have finally learned to accept life as it comes and just deal with it."


"Hey buddy." Wilson smiled.


House looked at Wilson. He couldn't understand why Wilson was smiling but he didn't care. He liked it when Wilson smiled. Wilson seemed to smile a lot more these days. He looked over at Lisa. She was smiling too. Wilson was talking. House could understand what he was saying but he didn't mind. He liked the sound of Wilson's voice and the happy tone the probably meant he would get a hug or a toy or a piece of candy soon. "Dinner." Now there was a word he could understand.

"Mine apple?" House hoped that Wilson would give him the stuff Wilson called apple and not the gross orange mush he had given him before. Wilson smiled again. It reminded House of the fuzzy pictures in his head where he could talk like Wilson and everybody wore angry faces. House tried to concentrate hard on recalling these times but it was all hazy like when doctor gave him medicine to make him go to sleep.


"Mine Wilson." House knew saying these words was sure to make Wilson smile. He was glad Wilson was here more and not leaving him with the bad lady who would hit him until it hurt to sit down. He could never understand why she was so mad at him. He was happy when Wilson made her go away. He looked down at his legs. They never hurt anymore. Maybe they were sleeping forever like the bird Dusty had put in his mouth at the park. Wilson was hugging him now. He forgot about the bird, the mean lady, the fuzzy pictures and the dinner. He liked being hugged. It made he feel warm and happy. He liked when Cammie hugged him best. Her hair smelled like apple. House thought about Cammie, and Chase and eating cake. He wondered if cake came other times than what Wilson called his 'birthday' and if it could be green or red or purple instead of blue. House liked blue. It reminded him of…

"Here sweetie." House's thoughts were wiped clean again by the sudden appearance of a bowl in front of him.


"That oatmeal must be interesting." Cuddy noted as House stared at the bowl.

"He's probably hoping that if he stares at it long enough it will turn to ice cream." Wilson laughed. "He isn't a big fan of oatmeal. I probably should have brought something else."

"He does that lot doesn't he?"

"What? Not eat his food? He's usually pretty good about it actually."

"No. I mean the staring off into space. He was doing it earlier."

"Yeah. His doctors told me it's because his brain is trying to catch up on processing all the things he has taken in earlier. I think he is just daydreaming."

Cuddy laughed. "Daydreaming? About what?"

"I don't know. Bubbles. Ducks. Playing the piano. All that other Greg stuff."

"It really doesn't bother you anymore does it?"

"Greg? I don't know. Sometimes. Like I said I've learned to live with it."

"I don't know how you do it."

Wilson gave a gentle smile as he looked over at House sitting in his wheel chair spooning oatmeal onto the floor for a grateful Dusty. "Sometimes, Lisa, you'd be surprised at what you can live with."


So this is Vienna. To those of you that were hoping that House would recover from all of this I wanted to explain my reasoning in ending the story like I did. After a great deal of thought the author decided that it would pretty much kill someone as proud as House to come to and realize all he had been through and all Wilson and others had done for him through out his ordeal. Also in real life I believe there are very few truly happy endings and life is really mostly what you make of it, barring a few miracles every now and then. In the end this ending really is a happy one because both House and Wilson do find a very strange sort of happiness...though in Wilson's case I would guess you would classify it more as acceptance. I used Wilson's line from the episode "Spin" not once but twice in this fic because I always thought it was kind of cryptic and wondered if there was some hidden meaning behind this case it obviously translates to him being able to deal with House and his disabilities because he cares for his friend so much. =)

Anyway I really hope everyone enjoyed and didn't hate the ending too much.