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It is November 1st, 1985. I have left Earth, and the Watchmen behind. I kiss Laurie Juspeczyk for the first and last time. She is 16… We are on a rooftop. She is 30… We are in Adrian's Arctic lair. I disappear as I have before and will do again, making peace with my fate. In the grand scheme of things, it makes perfect sense. The world needs something indestructible to hate. Something to unite them permanently. Leaving everything behind was easy enough now. Laurie has Dan. She is smiling. It is January 12th, 1990. I am on a red planet. Not Mars… Wasn't far enough away. I begin my experiments to replicate life. It is November 2nd, 2011. The life I have created at last takes form. The particles that mutated me are everywhere around us. They are, in part, what I use to make her. Her skin does not glow as brightly as mine. She is not pure, as I am. Her body is shaped like that of a human female, save one thing. It is July 7th, 2135. Two hearts beat strong in her chest because I am making them now, in 2009. It is November 2nd, 2011. She says I name her Eve.

All right, I know it's wicked short, but this is only the prologue so please, don't judge me so harshly. Thanks much!