Author: Mary Anne Gruen


Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters mentioned within this story. This writing is only for the personal pleasure of myself and other fans as we wait impatiently for the re-run season to end and the real owners of the characters to televise new stories.

Rating: PG-13

Content: B/S and the rest of the S6 gang

Spoilers: Takes place after "Wrecked." Giles has gone and won't be back until the final excitement. Warning: Many spoilers have been used in the writing of this fanfic. I just picked out some I thought would be interesting to play around with.

Summary: At the start of this Buffy is still in denial-land. It goes forward as the next cluster of episodes might.


The Diamond of Gunab

Warren, Jonathan, and Andrew were entirely wrapped up in the final preparations for their new weapon. Once again because of some pesky allergies, Warren was doing most of the actual work. And he was getting kinda tired of it. But at the same time, he loved handling the beautiful diamond they'd stolen. Of course, it was no ordinary diamond. The Triad would never have stolen an ordinary diamond, no matter how great its value. It was called the Diamond of Gunab. And it was named after the African Hottentot god of evil.

Jonathan and Andrew moved impatiently behind Warren.

"So, are you like done yet?" Andrew whined.

"Yeah, it's taking too long," Jonathan agreed.

"Just a minute," Warren said. He had a pair of thick lenses on over his eyes so he could see the tiny little chip he was fitting into place more clearly. "Things have to be balanced just right."

"It'd go faster if you didn't use tweezers?" Andrew said. He was leaning against Warren now in his eagerness to have everything finished.

"Will you stop it," Warren grumbled. "I can't do it if you keep bumping into me."


"And stop breathing so hard. This chip is supposed to be kept sterile."

"What? I'm not even supposed to breath now?"

Jonathan shoved Andrew back and clamped his hand over his mouth. "Shh. You keep this up and he'll never be finished."

At long last Warren pulled back from his work and triumphantly removed his magnifying lenses. "Ah! There we have it, gentlemen!" He picked up his latest technical masterpiece and held it out for his partners to see, letting the fluorescent lights of his basement shine over the silvery metal. "Behold! Our new fire ray gun!"

"Oooh," Andrew said, "put the diamond in, put the diamond in!"

"I'll do it," Jonathan said, reaching for the large white diamond sitting on a piece of black cloth just to Warren's left side.

"No!" Warren said, pushing him away. "It's my ray gun. I made it. I get to put in the final part."

Jonathan's lower lip pulled down into a pout. "You never let anyone else handle the diamond anymore."

Warren picked up the dazzling stone. Its cool weight felt good in his hand. "You might drop it and hurt it."

"Uh, dude, like it's a diamond. You'd have to do some serious mega dropping to make it break."

"But it's a precious piece and needs to be handled just the right way."

Jonathan and Andrew exchanged disgruntled looks.

Warren fell silent again as he slipped the diamond into place at the front of the gun. Then he sighed deeply. "There it is. The fabled Diamond of Gunab. Capable of absorbing the powerful rays of the sun and transforming them into fire-like energy. Guaranteed to torch any structure we point it at and totally turn it into ashes in minutes . . . that is, of course, unless we get paid a sufficient amount of money. All we have to do now is put it outside in my mom's yard so it can catch the morning sun as it comes up."