The next day was Saturday, so the Scoobies were all able to sleep in. Willow and Tara got up especially late. Since Tara had spent so much of the night before in solid form, she needed to appear semi-transparent for the rest of the day to save on energy.

With nothing else planned for the day, they all eventually ended up at the Magic Box where they talked aimlessly and snacked on junk food. They heard on the news that the great fire from the night before was being blamed once again on chemicals. And that the fire department had successfully put it out. So continued SunnyD-nial.

In the late afternoon, there was a lull in customers in the shop. So, Xander thought it was a good time to make his little announcement. "Everyone!" he said, rapping on the counter for quiet. "Anya and I have something to say." He took her hand in his and continued, "We're getting married next Saturday night. And of course we want all of you to come . . . That means you too Zachary. This is going to be a much smaller affair. In fact, you're the only guests. My family gave us such a hard time over canceling the last date, we're just going to tell them we eloped. Anya figures she'll tell her vengeance pals pretty much the same thing."

"And," Anya said excitedly, "Xander's agreed to let me be a vengeance demon a little while longer. I'd like to try and bring the business more into the twenty-first century."

Giles's couldn't hold back the look of surprise. Was this going to be good or bad, he wondered. And how would the Watcher's Council take this piece of news? He had a feeling they'd be sending him out on a lot of trips to the U.S. to keep a handle on things.

"Anyway," Xander said, "the wedding and the reception will be held here in the Magic Box. And Tara . . . you will have to promise to appear in solid form only, so you don't frighten the officiator."

"No problem," Tara said with a smile. At that point, she was floating in a sitting position (without a chair) next to Willow.

"I'm sure we'd all like to chip in a little something for the reception," Giles offered.

"Won't turn it down," Xander said. "Money is a little tighter than it was."

"Yes," Tara said, "because of me. I didn't thank you guys yet for paying for my funeral."

"Please don't!" Xander said, his hands up. "It's just too weird."

Willow came running up to Anya and Xander, followed by a floating Tara. A wedding was just the kind of occasion they needed after everything that had happened.

"I'll provide the flowers," Willow said. "What kind do you want? Am I still best man?"

"Absolutely," Xander said.

"And you can wear whatever you want," Anya said. "Just so long as it's nice. I've already got my wedding gown, so I'm going to wear that."

While the four of them were in a huddle over their plans, Giles pulled Buffy aside. "You know," he said, "I really can't stay here past next weekend. If I leave then, are you going to be all right?"

Buffy looked at her friends. Spike was debating something with Dawn and Zachary. And the other group was still talking wedding. For the first time in a long time she felt confident of the future. "Yeah, I'm gonna be fine," she said.

Then to prove it, she crossed the room and wrapped her arms around Spike's waist, knocking him slightly off balance. "Are you picking on these kids over here?" she asked lightly. "Do you guys need me to get rid of the evil undead?"

"You just try," Spike said. And they started into a playful tussle.

Dawn leaned into Zachary and whispered, "They act like such children sometimes."