Separation Anxiety

Chapter 1: Oh, Bully

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Alucard entered the warehouse and looked around. The night's work had been easy enough, rather boring in fact. He had not seen... or even sensed the presence of an enemy vampire, and the only 'fun' that the No-Life King had been able to enjoy came from blowing the heads off a number of ghouls. And that got old fast.

But then Alucard had sensed... something (he still wasn't completely sure what it was), some powerful energy coming from the nearby warehouse; and, hoping for a more 'entertaining diversion', the ancient vampire had abandoned the slaughtering of ghouls and gone off to investigate the unknown energy source, leaving the rest of the 'mop up' work to his fledgling.

As Alucard's eyes roamed the warehouse, his vampiric senses told him that the place was not quite as empty as it seemed. The power, what ever it was, was still there and it was moving around. With a bemused smile, Alucard closed his eyes and concentrated more on his vampiric senses as he continued to search the warehouse. If the energy source wanted to play cat and mouse, that was fine with him. After all, he rather enjoyed playing with his food.

So, the No-Life King moved around the warehouse, now being guided solely by his 'third eye'. The energy source was slowly moving away from him, but it wasn't fleeing. No, the movements were too precise for that. It was trying to lure him to a specific point, most likely into the jaws of some kind of trap. And the ancient vampire was okay with that too. Any edge the unknown energy source could get would only serve to make their eventual confrontation more interesting.

Still, Alucard figured he mine as well play along. "Come out. Come out... wherever you are." The vampire cooed, and then felt something like loose sand below his feet. The no-Life King opened his eyes and looked down to find that it was not sand at all. It was dust, vampire dust.

So that's what happened to the vampire. Alucard thought. Seems someone... or something beat us here. The No-Life King grinned. Sure, the RE-dead vampire was obviously a faker... otherwise, his ghoulish servants would've perished with him. But if whatever Alucard was sensing was powerful enough to slaughter another vampire, even a faker, it would likely provide a bit more fun than the No-Life King usually got from his 'search and destroy missions'.

And so, Alucard grinned; but then his eyes fell upon a most unusual object, one that was just barely poking out of the pile of dust. "Huh?" The ancient vampire crouched down and began to brush off the object. It appeared to be some exotic kind of gem, black as a moonless night and about the size of Alucard's fist.

"Now, what do we have here?" Alucard asked and then heard a sound behind his back, the sound of a cord being pulled taut.

"About time you showed up." The No-Life King commented, with a smirk, before raising himself back up and turning around to face his... 'playmate'.

"A bow?" The ancient vampire chuckled. "It's been a long time since anyone came at me with one of those."

The dark clothed archer's lip curled slightly as he released his grip upon the bow cord, sending the arrow flying.

Alucard just stood there and watched in amused silence as the arrow passed by the bow's staff and turned from a thing of wood and steal into a flying projectile of fire and darkness. The Ancient vampire could've easily sidestepped the shot if he'd chosen to, but that wasn't his style. Instead he just stood there, grinning like a maniac, and let it strike him in the chest.

The shot impacted with the force of a .44 caliber slug and burnt like napalm as it pierced into Alucard's chest. The ancient vampire just laughed like a man possessed and reached for his gun. The Archer got off another shot, one that struck the No-Life King's head, before Alucard was finished drawing his own weapon.

Alucard laughed again as half of his face was melted away, and just as quickly reformed from shadows. "Not bad." The ancient vampire commented as the archer readied a third arrow. "But I do hope you can do more than just shoot that bow... or this is going to be over far too quickly."

The No-Life King smirked as he pulled the trigger, only to see the archer jump away from the shot, roll upon the ground for a brief moment, land in a crouching position and fire off his third arrow.

As the third shot tore into Alucard's right shoulder, the vampire let out a sharp whistle. "Not bad at all." Then he began to laugh wildly as he fired off a volley of rounds at the archer. The No-Life King was enjoying himself immensely, other than the Judas Priest, the ancient vampire had not had such a worthy opponent in a hundred years.

The archer was actually managing to dodge every single shot from Alucard's Jackal, all the while peppering the vampire with those... 'delightful' little fire arrows. Yes, Alucard was having a lot of fun... that was until he noticed something that began to give him cause for concern.

The archer's speed, and that of his arrows, seemed to increase with each shot he landed, and it had grown so much that, even with his vampiric sense, Alucard was starting to have trouble tracking his enemies movements.

The archer seemed to just disappear from one spot and reappear in another, and the arrows were now striking so rapidly that Alucard didn't have enough time to completely heal from one shot before the next one struck. The ancient vampire growled, and then began to recite, "Releasing Control Art Restriction to lev-" Another volley of flaming arrows dissolved Alucard's head, silencing him before he could finish.

Then, as Alucard was in the process of reforming his head, another arrow was fired. This one, however, failed to turn into flame and dark energy. It impacted the ancient vampire causing no more harm then any normal arrow would.

The archer stopped and stared quizzically at his bow for a moment, and Alucard's reforming mouth smirked. "What's the matter? Your bow run out of juice?" The ancient vampire laughed again. It seemed his adversary had exhausted whatever enchantment was placed upon the bow. And once Alucard was finished reforming, he would end the fight... once and for all.

However, the archer still had a trick up his sleeve. He pulled out another arrow from his quiver. Only when this arrow struck, Alucard felt like his very soul was being ripped away from him. The ancient vampire howled in pain, as a flash of light sparked between him and the black gem.

And then, then Alucard felt week, weaker than he'd felt in a century. The No-Life King dropped to his knees and exclaimed, "What... what did you do to me?!"

The archer's head tilted to the side and he stared at the ancient vampire. Then he looked over at the gem; and then back at the vampire again. "Bloody hell! What went wrong?" The archer queried, only the words came out so quickly they sounded like nothing more then a jumbled mess.

Suddenly the archer was over where the gem had laid, holding the thing in his hand and looking it over. "No, it's full alright." The archer looked back over at the vampire, "What the bloody hell are you?"

It came out all sounding like one word; but at least, this time, Alucard was able to understand what the archer had said. The vampire chuckled as he rose back to his feet; and, for the first time since the battle started, there was a flash of fear in the archer's eyes.

He pulled another gem from his pocket. The second gem was the same size and shape as the other; only its color was a dull blue instead of a dark black. The archer dropped the gem in between himself and the ancient vampire. "Sure hope this works." He said, sounding unsure, as he readied and loosed another arrow.

Like the last one, when this arrow pierced the No-Life King's body, he felt his soul being siphoned off. There was another spark, from the ancient vampire to the second gem; and the thing went from a dull blue to a luminescent one.

Once again, Alucard went down; and, once again, the archer stared in disbelief. "This... this can't be happening! Two full gems and you're still here?!"

Alucard laughed. "It'll take more then a whelp like you to put down a monster like me!" And with that he lunged at the archer.

The archer seemed to be moving far slower than he had been before; but he still, barely, managed to dodge the ancient vampire's attack. Rather then catching the archer, Alucard slammed into a stack of nearby crates, housing everything from blenders to coffeemakers; and they came tumbling down, burying him.

While the ancient vampire attempted to move under the landslide of wood and kitchen appliances, the archer stooped down and grabbed the glowing, blue gem. He held it up to his bow, and a small stream of light began to flow between the two just as Seras entered the warehouse.

"Master?" The fledgling called and heard Alucard's voice cut into her head in response.

Shoot that blasted archer!

Y-yes, Master. Seras mentally replied as she readied her Harkonnen and ran to the part of the warehouse from which she sensed her Master's presence. As she rounded a long pile of crates of toilet paper, the archer came into view, and Seras aimed her cannon and fired.

The Archer saw the blast coming just in time and dropped to the floor, the shell passing within a hair's breath of his head and exploding in several crates of 7 UP, drenching that whole section of the warehouse in lemon-lime soda.

"Oh, bully... the other one." The archer sarcastically commented as Seras paused to remove a shell from her ammo pack and began to reload her weapon. The archer stood back up and attempted to run for cover, but he slipped on the warehouse's, now wet, stone floor. He fell and slid into a stack of boxes, the impact causing him to lose his grip on the gem. It rolled under a very low, steel shelf; and as the archer tried to retrieve it, he saw Seras taking aim again.

"Bullocks." The archer stated as he pushed against the steel shelf, sending himself sliding once more across the soda drenched, stone floor and narrowly missing another Harkonnen blast.

The second shell detonated in another stack of crates; and suddenly, a hail of partially intact stuffed animals began to rain down.

"Ah, screw this!" The archer exclaimed as a one armed, pink bunny hit him in the head; and Seras began loading a third shell.

The archer took off running and Seras followed, reloading her Harkonnen as she ran. But then he turned a corner and when she followed, she found that he'd completely disappeared.

Seras looked around for a moment, puzzled expression clearly evident on her face. But then there was an explosion of dark energy as her master finally summoned up enough power to free himself.

Alucard staggered over to his fledgling. "Did you kill him?" The ancient vampire asked, his voice sounding weaker than Seras had ever heard it before.

"N-no, Master. Not yet, anyw-" Seras replied as she turned to Alucard, only to find him looking ghostly pale (even more so than was usual for a vampire). "Master! What's happened to you?"

"I'm... fine." Alucard lied as his legs weekend, and he was forced to lean against a forklift to keep from falling down. "Just kill that blasted archer." Alucard growled.

But Seras was over come with concern. She'd never seen her master like this before. "We will... later. Right now we need to get you back to the mansion." Seras insisted as she grabbed one of her master's arms and wrapped it around her shoulder (to help support him).

"Disobedient Fledgling, I gave you an order." Alucard growled as Seras began to move him towards the warehouse's exit.

"Yeah, well you can punish me if you survive... Master." The fledgling replied, more concerned with her master's health than what would happen to her for disobeying him.

"Well, aren't you the brave one?" Alucard sardonically scoffed, then smirked.

And Seras half smiled. "Tonight I am." She firmly stated as they exited the warehouse.

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