Title: L. L. K.

Spoilers: Being overly cautious - All eps

Notes: This will be a story about Lois relating a series of memorable firsts. Thanks to everyone.


I kissed him. Don't be jealous. He'd just saved me and a dozen others from an explosion at the chemical plant on the outskirts of Metropolis, red cape and all. He set me down gently on the roof of The Daily Planet and was about to turn away when I tugged on the cape and made him face me again. It wasn't a great look, the dark was a little too much and the new moon didn't help me any, but I could see his handsome face just enough to know I was smitten.

"Who are you?"

A dark eyebrow rose and for a second I could feel something tugging at the back of my mind but I pushed it away to focus on the man in front of me.

"I think you call me The Red-Blue Blur."

"What do you call yourself?"

"Looking for your next story, Miss Lane?"

"You know my name?"

He smiled and I involuntarily took a step closer to him, but he didn't seem to mind.

"I like your stories."

Forget the Pulitzer. This was enough.

"I know. They're good, right?" I smirked.

A subtle shake of his head drew a lock of his hair over his forehead and I bit my lip as I fought to stay my distance. I never was good at denying myself though, and before I knew it, I'd emptied the space between us and stood up on my tiptoes to lock lips with the savior of Metropolis. He didn't move at first, probably too shocked that a woman such as myself would give him the time of day, but then he opened his lips and forced my own to allow his tongue to wreak havoc.

How long we stayed like that, I don't know, but it was too soon and too close to a memory that just barely tickled the back of my thoughts. His head pulled away, looking toward the east with a concerned expression dominating his face. When he looked back down at me there was a confused frown I didn't like.

"I've got to go."

"Okay," I exhaled.



I followed his look down to my fist which still held a fair amount of red fabric.

"Oh, right." I let go. "Sorry."

A blur of red and blue left me, shooting off into the night sky. One of my hands drifted to my lips and I couldn't stop the smile that grew.


"Don't you think 'Superman' is a bit…much?"


Smallville dropped the newspaper with the photo of said Superman looking up at me. I picked it up and tried not to let the memories of last night get to me.

"What if he doesn't like to be called that?"

"If he can go around in blue tights and red speedo, I think he can handle it. He's not a girl like you."

"It's not a speedo."

"You been looking closely, Smallville?"

He lowered his eyelids and rolled his eyes at the same time as he sat down at his desk. He'd been in something of a mood since I'd seen him, and while I wanted to ask him what was eating at his craw, I also didn't want to hear anything concerning Lana Lang.

"Are you still bringing something for dinner tonight?"

I knew I'd forgotten something and my face must have shown it by the way he looked at me.

"Do you think you can tell your mom I'll have dinner with you guys tomorrow?"

"Lois, she's been planning to come home for the past month."

"I know," I stood and clicked the print symbol on my computer screen. "But I've got to check something out on one of my stories."

"What story?"

This was where I was going to have to be tricky. The story was actually a not so much story anymore since Perry had forbidden me to deal with Ganglion's supposed sex trafficking and Smallville had been the one to tell on me to him.

"Oh, you know, nothing big." I began walking to the printer. "Actually, it might not take me that long so there's a chance I…. Clark?"

That kid had a bad habit of disappearing without making a sound.


Being held at knife point does many things to a person. For me, it made me pissed beyond seeing red. There was already a trickle of blood running my neck from where I'd struggled a bit too hard against the blonde haired man who held me captive.

"You want your story? I'll give you firsthand experience."

"I'll give you one last chance to let me go before I make you sterile."

"Feisty, that's good. They like it when you fight."

"Let her go."

I knew that voice. Superman. I wanted to turn my head, shout out his name, anything, but the man holding me hostage tightened his hold against me and pulled us against the wall of the alley. My cheek scraped the brick and I grimaced as I felt the dirt enter the wound.

"G-Get away or I'll kill her!"

That was all the man had a chance to say before I felt a searing heat come from the hand at my neck and heard a shriek that sounded vaguely like a cat that used to walk on the base at night. I always hated that thing. Maybe Superman did too because he bound the man up and hung him by he tag of his coat from a light post. Comical, I know, but it worked.

"Nice of you to show up."

"You're a magnet for trouble, aren't you?"

I shrugged. "When you got it you got it. Listen, I, uh, you see…" Really? I couldn't find the words?

"You're bleeding."

"What? Oh, it's…nothing," I breathed when his hand lifted my chin so he could see the wound. My eyes closed, my breathing grew heavy the longer he kept touching me, and then I nearly fell to my knees when he ripped a small piece of his cape off and pressed it against the cut. So what if I was acting like a girl? At least I'd found a man who was actually strong enough for me.

A long minute passed, maybe more minutes before I opened my eyes so I could see him. He was absolutely gorgeous, the pale yellow from the lamp post lighting his features and bringing out the blue of his eyes that swallowed me whole. Just like…no. No.


I blinked. "What?"

"You named me Superman."

"It was either that or Speedoman."

He shook his head as he let go of my chin and stepped away, bringing a strong hand through his black hair.

"You should be more careful, Lois."

"I had it under control."

It didn't take a genius to read the dubious look he tossed my way. I rolled my eyes.

"I'm not some helpless girl."

"I don't doubt that. Not at all, Miss Lane."

Confession? I loved it when he called me that. My feet moved forward without my brain telling them to.


The fear I thought I heard in his voice had to be something of my own imagination because a superhero would not be afraid of me.

"Do you like it? Your name?"

I really wanted to know. I wanted him to say yes just because a selfish part of me wanted some kind of claim onto him that no one else could touch. The hope seemed nothing like me, but it was there, wanting to be concrete. I waited.

His eyes moved over my face, lips working in minute twitches that seemed to fail at completing a word. It was torture.

"I do," he finally said.

Small, it really was. Something nearly insignificant in the mind of any other reporter. I imagined the smile spreading across my face was exactly dopey and absurd.

"Good, because I would've just told you to get over it."

Maybe my mood was contagious, or maybe he'd been thinking of me like I'd been thinking of him. I didn't care because I knew as he leaned into me just a fraction of an inch, that I was his. He kept coming towards me, slowly and carefully, probably waiting for me to meet him but I'd done the majority of the work last time so he could do it this once. The hesitation walked across his face even as his hands met my shoulders to keep me from running away. It breathed against my cheek as he waited just a second longer before pressing his lips to mine so softly I was slightly disappointed.

But not for long. The kiss deepened and he had all the control, which was fine this one time. He pulled away first, a slight smile at the corners of his lips and I watched it form and fall, mesmerized.

"Is there anywhere you're supposed to be, Miss Lane?"

"Right here," I responded quickly.

"Let me take you home," he chuckled slightly. "Unlike you, I've got plans to keep."