Title: L.L.K

Spoilers: All eps

A/N: This is it! The finale. I re-worked this so many times, it's not even funny. In any case, many thanks go out to those who waited patiently for this and for my other works.

"Clark, where are you?!"

I threw my heels off along with my jacket.

"I know you're here!"

It was silent and I walked into the living area where I spied his bare feet hanging over the arm of the sofa.

"Alright, Smallville. "

There was more silence and I leaned over the back of the couch to see why he was ignoring me. What I saw surprised me. My husband was asleep, halfway into the evening, glasses skewed so only one earpiece actually hooked over his ear, and a black pen mark on his chin. I glanced to the stack of printed papers lying over the laptop on the floor.

My eyes fell back onto his face. It was always soothing to see him so human. Which was probably why I flicked him on the nose.


He didn't open his eyes. I tried to flick him again, and unsurprisingly, he caught my wrist before I could.

"Lois, that hurt."

"Did not."

"It could've."

"I'll show you hurt, mister."

I waited until he opened one eye, and then I brought my body over the couch and fell onto him.


I punched him and he laughed, wrapping an arm around me so that I lay flat against his chest. The motion of his laughter rocked against me and I was suddenly home. I righted his glasses with a smile.

"You're such a baby, Kent."

"You're a bully."

"Only because I know you happen to like it rough."

His mouth found mine, hardly gentle, and I didn't mind at all. I sat up.

"If people only knew mild mannered Clark Kent kissed like that."

He smiled before beginning to slowly unbutton my shirt.

"You wouldn't be jealous, Lois?"

"Of course not. You're not nearly as talented as you think you are."

"Didn't you just compliment my skills?"

"I must've been thinking about someone else."

"Ah, I see. So," His palms trapped my hips and then slowly rode up my sides. "This doesn't make you feel anything?"

"Absolutely not," I smiled.

"Well," he cupped my breasts and even through my bra his hands were warm. "What about this?"

"No," I breathed. "I don't think so."

"Oh, well, I guess I'm done then."

The warmth of his hands left my body to rest underneath his head. He was not getting the best of me, so I shrugged my shoulders and lifted myself from his hips.

"Fine with me. I'll just go chase down that lead on the museum heist."

"Yeah?" Clark leaned over the back of the sofa as I put my shoes back on. "So you came home instead of chasing your lead down?"

"Why is that so hard to believe?"

"You're Mad Dog Lane."

"I still get called that?"

"Like you don't know, Lois. Hey, on your way back can you pick up a pretzel for me?"


He kissed me in the dark of an alley, like in the beginning.

"Make you feel anything?"

I smiled and patted the S on his chest.

"It was better than my husband's."

His brow rose. "Oh, really?"

"Oh, definitely. You know Clark, shy, clumsy, awkward."

"I thought those added to his charm?"

"You think?"

"Absolutely. He's smart, honest, hard working."

"You're sticking up for Clark Kent?"

"What can I say? I feel sorry for the guy since he's married to you."

Punching his shoulder, I laughed and his lips gently caught mine again.

"Mrs. Kent," he whispered in my ear, "are you ready for me to fly you back home so we can appropriately celebrate our anniversary?"

"Not yet."

He frowned.

"I believe I owe you a pretzel, Clark."


At this moment in time, you are pacing the hallway with the world's leading doctors and foremost scientists. Your hair is still dark and I think you're scaring the people with that frown on your face and your hands fisted.

I don't blame you, Clark. You save people for a living, and now you're trying to save me. You are trying to cure death, and I wish you could. I could live forever by your side. I think that would have been nice. But if this is all I can have, then I'll take it. I'm nearly ninety years old and this life I've lived has been amazing. I wouldn't trade a single moment for anything in the world.

It won't be so bad, will it? You always like to complain about how many problems I cause, so now you won't have to worry about me….(You better have smiled reading that, or so help me God, I will come back and haunt your superass) But I remember my life when I lost you, and I expect the same will be for you when I leave. You wear your heart on your sleeve, Smallville. It's a good thing you'll have plenty of friends around. So listen to them.

Tell Chris I love him. I don't think he's going to make it, is he? For when I die? He's been gone with Thara so much, being Nightwing. Give him the letter I wrote him, but tell him all the same how much I am proud he is my son. It's been quite an experience what with Zod, the Phantom Zone, and then his growth spurts.

I will miss him. I will miss him, Clark. I can't believe that I'm going to leave him. You'll make sure he stays positive? You'll keep him safe. I know he's almost as powered as you are, but he's my baby. Promise you'll keep him safe.

I sound like I'm going crazy. Of course you'll keep him safe.

I hope you've liked what I've included in my journal. The beginning of our lives together seem so far away, but they were the foundation of the rest of our life. I wish I could see you blush in the part where we finally made love. I wanted to use more colorful language, but I toned it down for your sake. I shouldn't have, but now I'm too tired to re-write it.

You're looking at me now through the glass. I just smiled at you, and you relaxed just a little. If we didn't love each other so much it wouldn't be this hard. Which is why I have to say this:

Focus on the good. Focus on your purpose. And remember Clark Kent.

I fell in love with him first. He's the most important part of you, even if the rest of the world doesn't know. He keeps you human. He makes you mine. I love you, Clark Kent. Until this entire concept of living is dead, I will love you and our family.


At this moment in time, I am looking down on a planet that I've lived on for the past thousand years.

You wouldn't believe the world now. The heroes don't have to hide at all. Most don't even have secret identities. And the world accepts all of them as family. They say it's because of me. I was a leader of a new dawn. I don't really feel that way. I had a great team beside me. All of us created this new world.

You would think I wouldn't be lonely, then. I am. You're not here, and there has been no one else. In a thousand years it's just been you, and between you and me, it's felt like ten thousand years.

I miss you. So did Chris… But you must know about that, already.

I wish I could say I honored your last wishes about Clark. I wish I didn't disappoint you, but it was too hard, Lois. What was the point of being Clark Kent when there was no Lois Lane Kent? I lost him, and even though the world knew Superman had changed, I couldn't bring him back. There was too much pain in his existence. I just wasn't strong enough without you.

Maybe I will be after I join you.

That's what I'm planning now. There's a threat on the horizon, larger than all my enemies put together. I don't think I'm making it out alive. It doesn't worry me because fighting until my last heart beats to save this planet we called home, is what I was born for.

This journal is falling apart in my hands. I love you, Lois. I'll tell you soon when I see you again.