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Chapter 7 Surgery and Coffee

"Bella, it's time to get up," the soft voice echoed into my ear quietly.

I was still exhausted and my eyes were too heavy to open, almost as if the weight was unbearable. Parts of my conversation with Edward were still fresh, and honestly I didn't want to wake at all.

"Bella, we need to get a move on if you want to see Charlie," Adam's voice told me.

"Fine," I moaned, reluctantly opening my weary eyes to reveal a heavenly vision. "Good morning Adam, you're a sight for sore eyes," I joked.

Realistically he was like a clean breath of air, it was a comfort seeing him, a relief almost

"Just get up Bella, take a shower and I'll have breakfast ready when you're done," he joked as he lightly slapped my ass, playfully jolting me awake.

"Thanks Adam dearest," I stated rather sarcastically before rolling out of bed and grabbing my toiletry bad from the desk.

I had showered last night, but the scalding hot water felt like heaven as it hit my tense body, the previous days events were exhausting, then everything with Charlie on top of that, it was great to have this temporary release. I also had time to figure out what I had to do today, first on the list being Charlie, he was my main priority. Adam had hired movers and would be supervising them while I stayed at the hospital. He insisted on staying with me, but I refused to let him waste his day, plus I needed time to try to talk to Carlisle. Alice worried me this morning when she said she was going to miss me, and I had refused Edward, he would make them leave me again, and I didn't want that anymore than they did. Once was hard enough, twice would kill me. Then I had to cancel my dinner with Rick, which I honestly didn't want to do, but it just wasn't the right time to celebrate right now. There is just so much that needs to be done today, this would be hectic and chaotic, to say the least bit.

I was abruptly brought out of my thoughts by a loud tapping on the bathroom door, "Yea?" I responded.

"Dr. Cullen moved up the time of the surgery, we need to get a move on, you have half an hour, hurry up!" damn it!

"Okay," my answer was rushed as much as I was rushing to shampoo and get the rest of me cleaned, again.

Before I knew it, Adam was dropping me off in front of the hospital as he headed to the house to meet the movers. He wanted to come with me for a little while, but I assured him it would be okay and I would be fine, so he reluctantly agreed and drove away.

Charlie's room was colder today than it was yesterday and the chair I decided to park myself in reminded me of Edward's arms wrapped around me, I didn't like the feeling one bit. My dad was sleeping as the nurses prepped him for surgery, placing little round things on his chest and arms, he sort of looked like an experiment subject till they covered him back up once they were done.

"Morning Bella," Carlisle said as he came into the room to check on Charlie before they rolled him away.

"Carlisle," I sighed, not knowing if this would be my only chance to see him again. "Do you have a few minutes, i want to talk to you please," my voice cracked as each word departed my lips.

"Don't worry dear, Charlie will be just fine, nothing to worry about I assure you," his gentle words calmed me but were not heading in the direction I wanted to go.

Well, there was something else actually," i was worried he wouldn't want to tal, especially since i knew Edward had already said something to them.

"Sure Bella, but can it wait, I'm pretty busy right now?" the words i feared, I didn't think I would get another chance.

"No, I need to talk now," I respectfully demanded.

"I suppose I have a few minutes to spare," he said as the nurses came in to wheel Charlie to surgery, he still had not gain consciousness as I hoped he would have.

"It's about Edward. I need your advice and I have a favor to ask, but first the advice," I sighed before speaking again as I found myself filling the empty chair next to the one Carlisle now occupied. "I don't know what to do, I asked Edward to tell me the truth and he lied to me. I'm not the naive girl Edward left six years ago, why would he lie to me?" my voice gave the impression I was on the verge of tears, that were of course threatening to spill with or without this talk.

"Edward doesn't know you anymore, you have changed, and you are not as naive as he believes, but Edward still thinks he needs to protect you from something's, even the truth. I don't want to make excuses for him, but this is all a shock to us as well, we didn't plan on coming back to hurt you, we didn't think we would ever see you again either, so just imagine what this is doing to him as well. You both need to work things out on your own terms, just you and him, give him some time to adjust, promise me, please?" I didn't know what to think.

"Just promise me something first," I asked a little less shaken, "you guys won't move away again because of me and Edward, it's not fair for us to do that to everyone," I refused to let them leave so easily this time.

"Well, I can't promise anything, but you will come by on Sunday right? We can discuss it then, with everyone," his voice calm and reasonable as always.

"Of course Carlisle, I'll be there," well at least I knew they would be here a few more days for sure.

"Thank you, I hope you can understand where I am coming from," I hoped.

"Yes Bella, but I need to get ready for your father's surgery," he said as he rose from his chair. "We will see you Sunday then," he stated as he proceeded to leave the room.

I was glad he agreed to talk, there was so much more I would have like to have said, but I would rather he didn't wait any longer for Charlie's surgery. I knew I would be able to talk more on Sunday, but how sure was I that they wouldn't leave before the? But then again, Carlisle wouldn't lie to me; I was almost sure about that much.

I continued to sit and wait in Charlie's room even after he and Carlisle left, not wanting to be away if Charlie returned before he was supposed to, for all the things for me to do to pass time, I refused to leave.

"Bella Swan?" a charming voice called out to me.

I turned quickly around from my window perch, thinking it was a doctor Carlisle sent to keep me updated on Charlie, "Demetri, how are you?" He was leaning in the doorway, dressed in his police uniform; I had to admit he was definitely easy on the eyes, very easy.

"I'm okay, I just came to check up on the old man, I take it he is still in surgery?" he said glancing to where Charlie's bed should have been.

"Yes, should be a while still, they said they would update me if needed," I said as he took the chair Carlisle had once occupied.

"I just finished my shift, do you mind if i stay and wait?" he seemed almost guilty for asking like he felt he may be intruding on me.

"No, of course, stay, I don't mind Demetri, plus the company would be nice," I sheepishly smiled and thankfully I didn't blush too much.

It was almost awkward with the silence that followed, of course he smiled back, but the silence was broken by the nurse coming in to update us.

"Well, seeing that we have some time before Charlie is back, would you lie to get some coffee Bella?" His voice was alluring and I couldn't say no to him, that would be rude, plus the nurse said everything was going fine and he would be back into the room in little over an hour.

"I'd like that," I said as he stood up holding his hand out to help me up, he was a true gentleman.

I quickly too it and found it fit just right with mine, not to mention it just felt right to be holding his hand. I almost didn't release it from mine, and I longed to touch it again, there was just something about him that made me feel secure, maybe it was because he was a police officer, I don't know, I just could not put my finger on it and I didn't mind either way.

We made our way to the cafeteria in no time, just chatting about random things, his job, my office, family, Charlie, and Adam He was specifically interested in that relationship, I explained that right away, Adam and I were only colleagues and roommates, making sure to emphasize be being uninvolved, hoping not to sound too lonely or desperate.

"Seeing the events of the past few days, I don't want you to feel obligated to come over tomorrow for my get together," he was kind to my feelings, knowing I had a hectic week ahead of me and the past few days had been nothing more than a panic attack.

"Are you sure that is fine?" I didn't want to hurt his feelings, but I still wanted to see him.

"It was actually moved to the Finch's house down the road, I am picking up extra shifts for Charlie so its easier that way," I was relieved I didn't have to exactly tell him no. "Plus I will stop over tomorrow night to check on Charlie after work." He was very sweet.

"In that case why don't you stay for dinner when you come tomorrow, I'll probably be sticking around his house a few days before Sue takes over, if you want to of course," I said that last part so he wouldn't be obligated to stay/

I wasn't sure why, but I was more confident in the past few days and had managed to openly flirt and talk to men. Especially two good looking men like Rick and Demetri. I considered them "out of my league", yet it didn't stop me from flirting. Now i was sitting here easily chatting and flirting with Demetri like I had known him for years, I guess this is my time to shine.

"Bella, there you are," I heard the pixie call from behind me.

I turned around to see Alice coming towards the table Demetri and I were occupying. "Alice, how are you, why were you looking for me?" was there something wrong with Charlie?

"I haven't heard from you, so I thought I would find you, plus I came here to see Charlie," she sighed pleasantly before sitting at our table.

"He is still in surgery," I paused confused, just earlier this morning she seemed so gloomy. "You should have called Alice."

"I was already coming here to check on Charlie anyways, figured I'd run into you here either way," she was smiling too much.

"Oh, I guess that works too, Alice this is Demetri, he works with Charlie on the force, Demetri, this is Alice, an old family friend," what else would I call her, my ex-fiance's sister, oh, who by the way is a vampire?

He extended his hand graciously, "Nice to meet you Alice," he was taken with her beauty like most, but he barely seemed interested in her, only me, this was a pleasant change.

"Pleasure is all mine," she said trying to flirt, which confused me, as far as I knew she was still with Jasper.

Alice seemed to be stumped on why this beautiful man wasn't interested in her like most. "So Demetri, you single?" was she trying to dazzle him now, flashing her perfect smile, batting her eyelashes, pretending to be innocent?

"I am, but I am hoping to change that soon," he was looking at me and smiling, not to mention he was starting to blush. I had never seen a man so confident blush at a simple phrase, which triggered me to blush, just a lot more than he.

"Hey Bella, can we talk in private?" Alice wasn't happy now for whatever reason, her whole demeanor changed.

"Uh, I'll get us some more coffee, after I call the station, excuse me," Demetri said as he excused himself and headed towards the lobby.

"What was that about Alice?" I demanded.

"Sorry Bella, but he isn't right for you, he could never make you happy," she wasn't one to tell me what would and wouldn't make me happy.

"And I suppose you know that for sure Alice, so tell me who will make me happy. Edward? I don't think so," I was really pissed now.

"All I am saying is you should give Edward another shot, he still loves you and I know you love him," she was almost begging on his behalf.

"You don't know anything Alice, I don't love Edward, not anymore, not to mention I gave him a chance to explain things to me and he still couldn't be honest, he had his shot Alice," I took a deep breath, "this conversation is over!" I started to get up when Alice grabbed my arm and pulled me back into the chair. As she let go quickly and she hung her head in shame and whispered "sorry".

I got a feeling she wasn't only apologizing to me, but to one of the others, but who? "Who were you apologizing to?" My voice was stern.

"Me." The velvety voice came from behind me.

"I don't need this today, so just save it please," I said getting up, this time hoping Demetri was there to help me.

"Bella wait," Edward said stepping in my way to block me.

His scent was making me delirious; I wanted to take him in, deep breaths filling my lungs...wait, no! Not anymore and not with me!

"Why Edward?" I said stepping back to distance myself from him.

"I want to be friends Bella, can I explain things to you, everything? I underestimated you, you have changed, I don't have to protect you anymore, I know this isn't easy for you and I'm sorry, I want to make it up to you. As friends," if he were begging anymore he would have been on his knee's crying, like that was possible anyways.

"Please, not today," how dare he, he knows I'd have my guard down today.

"Bella, everything okay?" Demetri's sweet voice was like heaven. I had not seen him returning with Edward standing in front of me, well more like blocking than just standing.

"Yes, you ready to head upstairs to the room?" I asked wanting to get away from them quickly.

"Bella please," Edward said again.

"NOT today Edward, I'm not sure what else I need to say to get you to understand that, now excuse me," I said pushing past him way too easy for the strength he possessed and took Demetri by the arm and headed towards the elevator.

"Do you need me to take care of them for you, I can make it so they don't bother you anymore?" if he only knew how useless that idea really was.

"No, it's just, um...unfinished business I guess, nothing really, just didn't want to deal with it today, but thank you anyways," I said lightly chuckling to Demetri's delight.

"You know you're even more beautiful when you smile," he said shyly.

I immediately stopped chuckling and turned bright red. "Thank you, you're very sweet," then it was his turn to blush while he slowly reached for my hand and I accepted his advance readily.


"She really is beautiful, Charlie was right," his thoughts were torment on me, he wasn't like the rest of the, the ones that thought about my Bella in perverse ways.

"I can't believe she is my neighbor," and I showed her the know, I knew I should have showed her the houses that were closer to ours, away from any single men.

"Wow, she smells great, every time she is near me I can't get enough, I think it's wildflowers," FRESSIA, she smells like freesia you idiot, stupid human men, so clueless, wait, why is he smelling her?

"I wonder if I have a shot with her, don't be afraid, just ask her out," NO, you have no chance with her, she is too good for you, oh please be too shy to ask her out.

I could hear his thoughts and I was having a silent argument with him in my head, it was driving me nuts. I don't want anyone with my Bella, I still have to protect her, especially from him.

I would have to come up with a plan to keep Bella near me at all times, maybe I could buy the house across the street from hers, that would keep me near her. Her work was just right around the corner so even while she was working I could still be near her, just in case she needed me. Wait, I can't do that, it would be like stalking her and I don't think she would be too happy about that either way, so what do I do? I need Bella in my life, I can't lose her after I finally have her back again. Well I have until Sunday to figure it out, I know she is still planning on coming over, so until then my angel, until then.


Edward gets under my skin, but I have a feeling he wont stop until I let him say what he feels he needs to, or decides to make his family leave again. No way, I can't let that happen, they won't leave me again!

"What's that guys deal?" Demetri said once we were on the elevator.
"He doesn't know how to take a hint," I uncomfortably laughed, feeling uneasy talking about Edward.

"I don't get a good feeling about him when it comes to you. It almost seems like he is obsessed with you," I guess Demetri caught that.

"It's just a long story," and I wasn't joking.

"Oh, well I'm glad I was there to get you out of that situation then, whatever it may have been," he said still holding my hand.

"I appreciated that, thank you," I said relieved he wasn't going to ask anymore questions, for now at least.

"Hey, I'm a cop, I have to deal with crazy things all the time, I was just doing my job. Although I don't think I have made anyone as jealous as he seemed to be," he was laughing slightly.

I just nodded and chuckled too, he was right, even though I didn't turn back to look at Edward, I knew he had to be extremely jealous.

Charlie's room was still empty when we arrived back, I hoped it wouldn't take too much longer but time would pass quickly with Demetri there.

"Bella?" Carlisle said as he came into the room.

"Everything okay, where's my dad?" did something go wrong?

"He is fine, the nurses are just putting the bandages on, I thought I would tell you about his restrictions," he was all doctor now, not the normal smiling Carlisle, I wondered if Edward had talked to him before he came to me.

"Restrictions?" I asked confused, what was there other than staying off his leg and resting for a few days, I really didn't see what kind of restrictions he would need.

"Yes, he must of course stay of his feet for a few weeks, a little time her and there after the first week is okay but for the most part, off, and no driving either. We also found some clots in his legs and we are running some bloods tests but I am putting him on some blood thinners once the leg starts to heal, so he isn't allowed any alcohol and will require a specialized diet. It's nothing serious right now, I'll know more when the results come in, but it's just a precaution. I also hired a nurse to stay with him for a few weeks so I will give her written instructions, I know you're busy with the new house and clinic, so I thought Charlie, and you, could use a nurse to help him," why would he do that, I could handle Charlie and everything else.

"You don't have to do that Carlisle, I can handle..." he cut me off.

"Bella, it's no problem, plus you have enough to deal with, Charlie will need constant care, getting around, baths, and everything else. It's my gift to you," Carlisle was very generous.

"Thank you, it means a lot to me, and Charlie. How much longer until I can see him though?" I wanted to make sure he was okay for myself.

"He should be back in a few minutes, he won't be awake for a few hours, so make sure you get something to eat while he sleeps off the anesthetics," he was returning to his father figure mode rather than doctor mode.

"I will and thank you for everything too," it was like there hadn't been six years of separation.

"I must be on my way now, I will see you Sunday and if you have any questions, just call," he said handing me a slip of paper with his cell number, the house number and Esme's cell number. "Oh, Charlie will be in the hospital for a few days before his release to go home, and I have cleared you for visiting and are welcome here anytime, you don't have to follow normal hours," he said before smiling one last time and heading out.

"Thank you," was all I managed, it was probable the tenth time I has said "thank you" in the past five minutes.

Charlie was brought back a few minutes later and as Carlisle said, he was still out of it. The nurses were hooking up machines and other contraptions to him as he slept unaware, and if he were awake I am sure he would be fighting the nurses every step of the way. I figured it would be the best time to head out for some food, because in that moment my stomach let out what sounded like a battle cry for nourishment.

"Hungry?" Demetri laughed as his did the same.

"Shall we?" he asked grabbing his jacket, andmy hand.

I turned once more to look at Charlie in his peaceful slumber before I turned back to Demetri, "Love to," I said as we started to head out.

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