Tsuki wa Sora ni Medaru no Yuni

(The Moon in the Sky is Like A Medal)

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Naruto fell asleep after his hard day of training and arguing with his best friend. He woke when he felt someone nudging him. "Time to wake son." came the mellow tone that was trying to disturbed his sleep. "I have many things that I need to talk to you about and I don't have much time." it came again. Naruto simply rolled over and covered his head with the covers. "Don't make me take the covers off son."

"Ngh." came Naruto's smart rely. Then opened a bleary eye when he felt his covers being ripped away from him. "Who are you?" he asked trying to get the sleep crust out of his eyes.

"I'm your father. Now up and at 'em. I don't have much time to talk to you." said the identified figure. Naruto could only look up in shock "I could only assume that you read the scroll that I left behind." he got a nod in return. He sighed. "I have to explain some things that I couldn't do in the scroll." and held Naruto up to his chest like he was a seven year old boy.

"Naruto, I'm sorry that I sealed the Kyuubi inside you when you were a babe. I held you close to my heart and wished that I did not have to do the deed that I did. Before I took my life to seal the demon in you, you reached out to me and grabbed on to my finger and didn't let go. It made my heart filled with joy. I should have thought of the reactions that I was going to create. But at the moment I could only think of the village and all of the other families that was going to be left like us. I couldn't let that happen to anyone else. So I chose you for the vessel, I know that you won't be used for a tool and will have your own self-judgment and hopefully it will be used for the right actions. And would create good reactions, unlike the ones that I left behind.

It is my dream to you hold you in my arms like I am doing now. It truly broke my heart to see what I had sentenced you." he said. Then looked down to see that Naruto was looking up at him with tears starting to well up.

"Don't go then! Stay with me and Team 7! I'm sure that you would enjoy it! Don't go!" he repeated.

"Naruto," said his father.


They both looked right outside Naruto's window to see a older version of him. Dawned in a red cloak with black flames on it. "Don't mind me, I was just remembering what my dad had told me. Keep going," he said, and rubbed his cheek with his finger.

The younger Naruto could only clung tighter to the person beside him. Holding onto his cloak, which the father gently took off. "I know that you will be fine son. Remember I will always love you." and disappeared the next time the Naruto's blinked. The younger one cried into the older Naruto while saying 'Don't go!'