Chapter 12: The End of the Vamp War!

The day seemed to move way too fast to Dr. Konway's mind. He had tried to get some sleep but was only able to rest a couple of hours which was spent tossing and turning. But resting his eyes and stopping for even that short amount of time, had refreshed his outlook. When he swept back into the lab, he immediately swooped down on his team and demanded they go over the formula, breaking it down completely and examining every bit of it.

It took over two hours but when they finished going over it thoroughly, Konway was finally satisfied that the gaseous form of the cure would do what they hoped it would. All they needed now was a test case to try it on. They lucked out when a vamp was captured by accident by a cruising chopper team. They couldn't get the hunters attention so decided to try and capture the creature themselves.

Though extremely nervous and scared, the team of three chased down the single vamp for some ten minutes before managing to drop one of the SWAT Kats special nets over the creature. Pulling it up only as far as the belly of the chopper, they hauled their swinging passenger all the way back to headquarters. The battle armored enforcers waiting for any vamps brought in, hurried out and took charge of the vampire.

Konway, had learned of the prisoner and was excited. He headed, immediately, to where the vampire was being kept, in one of the two armory vaults. With the help of the armored enforcers keeping the door from being shoved open by the super strong creature, Konway poured the gas into the room by way of a fire extinguisher they had converted to shoot the gas where they wanted it.

He hit it directly in the face as it charged the door, then the guards shoved the door shut quickly. Konway counted down five minutes then the door was cracked open again. The vamp was gone and in its place was a tired and confused but normal Kat sitting forlornly in the middle of the floor.

After putting the poor Kat through extensive tests, Konway declared the gas safe. If there were any side effects, they wouldn't show for some time but at the moment, the immediate result was a success. Everyone in the lab cheered when they heard that. Now all they had to do was begin producing mass quantities of it and fast.

By the time T-Bone and Felina returned to the lab, Dr. Konway was nearly finished making a city-wide batch of gas in a huge dispersal tank.

"How's it going, doc?" T-Bone asked the second he found the doctor.

Konway smiled tiredly. "I have good news. In another hour, that tank you see there in that chamber will be filled with the gas that you will disperse over the city," he said, satisfaction filling his voice and manner.

"Way to go! I can hardly wait to get started," T-Bone said relieved.

"I think we should do the job the minute the tank is filled and not wait until your partner and my uncle rise for the night," Felina decided.

"I agree with you Lieutenant. The gas should penetrate most everywhere and I made sure it would linger for more than six hours after dispersal before dissipating so that any vampires still out there will inhale it the moment they step foot out of their hiding places.

"Perfect.....I'm itching to get started. But we have to wait so....T-Bone how about we get some dinner?" Felina suggested.

"Good idea. See you in a little while, doc!" T-Bone said as he and Felina left the lab feeling happier than they'd had since this whole disaster began.

The pair had a very enjoyable dinner, relaxing and just talking, drawing out the time before going back to the lab to give Konway as much time as he needed.

Stepping back in the lab, they noted the tank was no longer in the chamber. As a matter of fact, it didn't seem to be anywhere.

Looking puzzled, T-Bone was about to ask when Konway came up to them, grinning, and said, "the tank is on the flight line awaiting to be hooked up to your jet."

"Wow, radical! We'll get down there immediately!" The burly tabby said, pleased and excited. He and Felina left for the flight line.

The mechanics and scientists were waiting for them when they arrived and in less than thirty minutes, the tank was hooked up with a switch for T-Bone to throw to release the gas plus instructions on how best to do the dispersal.

T-Bone let Felina take the map they were given and both listened carefully to the meteorologist's instructions. Measurements had been taken to determine the proper pattern of dispersal for the maximum success of covering the city thoroughly and insuring the gas penetrated to street level.

For that to work, T-Bone would have to act as if he were threading a needle through the corridors of the city at a very low level since the vamps were mainly hiding at ground and lower levels, none had been found on any upper floors.

Prepared and ready to go, the pair hoped into the cockpit and were soon off into the sky. Following the map carefully, T-Bone flew and Felina directed as they buzzed in and around the buildings of the city.

Many of the city dwellers were confused, in a few cases afraid, and others thrilled to see the Turbokat moving around the city and so close to the ground. Some felt comfort in that, thinking the SWAT Kats were hunting the creatures that so frightened the populace while others were a little annoyed by the constant roaring of the jet's engines echoing loudly in the city canyons.

Ann Gora, Kats Eye News tried to follow the jet in her news copter but most of the time they couldn't keep up nor could they find out what was going on. She did note and wondered about the strange tank strapped to the belly of the jet. The gas was nearly invisible so she couldn't see what they were doing. She also noticed there were no enforcer patrols around either. She could only surmise the SWAT Kats were on a mission with the full cooperation of the enforcers......however strange that might be.

The news reporters, like Ann nor the city populace were aware Feral and Razor were no longer completely Kats and the enforcers as well as the Mayor's office ensured no one would ever know.

After some two hours dispersing the nearly invisible gas, the tank read empty so they returned to Enforcer Headquarters, praying what they'd just completed would be successful.

The sun was just going down as they landed on the flight line. They leaped down and left the techs to remove the tank from the Turbokat while they went to see Dr. Konway. Walking into the lab they found Feral and Razor were up and waiting for them.

"How did it go?" Feral asked, having been briefed by Konway on what was going on.

"Fantastic! We encountered no problems and covered the entire city," T-Bone said, grinning.

"Excellent! So now it's a waiting game to see if it worked," Feral sighed.

"You two should see if the cure will work on you. Aren't you close to running out of time?" T-Bone asked worriedly.

"Well, we should stay as we are until we're sure the gas worked......." Razor began reluctantly before Dr. Konway interrupted.

"There's no need for you to delay changing back. The gas has been proven to be 100% effective so if there are some vampires that escape the gas, we only have to send enforcers out with mini-tanks filled with the gas to take care of it," he said firmly.

Feral's eyebrows rose to his hairline. "Well that's good to know, so I guess we should try and get back to normal then," he said looking over at Razor.

"I guess so. Hope it works as quickly as it did for all the full vamps," Razor said uneasily.

'Me too!' Feral said in his mind, not wanting to show how uneasy he felt about it as well.

"Good, then follow me please," Konway said, leading the two to a secured room with two beds. "If you'll please lay down....." He gestured to the beds. As soon as they did, he apologized as he quickly applied very heavy duty restrains on both their paws and ankles.

They stared at the ceiling stoically, though inside they were feeling fear and nervousness about this whole thing. However, neither one wanted to remain like this the rest of their lives despite the increased senses and strength they'd gained. Needing blood and being a danger to their loved ones were the over riding factors making them willing to take the risk of attempting to return to normal.

Not wanting to draw out their fear any longer than necessary, Konway quickly injected both males then hurried everyone out of the room. The risk of the two changing all the way to vamps was small but he didn't want to take the chance so they would watch outside the room for their safety.

Instantly, both toms screamed and thrashed about nearly ripping the restraints off. Razor felt on fire and not in a good way. The pain was incredible.

Feral roared in agony, desperately trying to break free and escape the pain any way he could. It seemed to last an eternity then suddenly coldness flowed over. Panic raced through his mind but his body began to feel like lead and wouldn't respond to his commands.

Over on the other bed, Razor was experiencing the same thing, terror beginning to roar through his mind but there was nothing he could do against the coldness then his breath was stolen away and so did his mind with the abruptness of a light switch being turned off.

Felina cried out in fear as she watched her uncle then Razor go still and unmoving. T-Bone cursed and raced back into the room with Konway and a medical team on his heels.

The medical team went to work, putting in breathing tubes, doing CPR and everything else they knew to do to revive the pair. After working on them for some five minutes, everyone was relieved when the monitors Razor and Feral had just been hooked up to began to show heartbeats and respirations but they were very slow and the pair didn't waken.

The lead physician shook his head, "according to their readings they should be conscious but they are not and I haven't a clue why not."

"It's possible they are in a temporary state of suspended animation while their bodies return to normal," Konway ventured to say.

The doctor stared at him then looked back at his patients. "Well your guess is better than anything else I can come up with since we're dealing with far too many unknowns here. All we can do is monitor them until they wake up," he said with a helpless shrug of his shoulders.

T-Bone leaned against the wall, his face a mask of fear and worry. He couldn't bear to lose his partner.

Felina didn't look any better as she held her uncle's paw and prayed he would recover and come back to her.

While night fell and former vampires were being found in dazed conditions around the part of town where Razor and Feral had fought them, the pair who risked much to save the city remained in a strange coma.

The enforcers went around the city and collected the former vampires, hauling them to the hospital for treatment and eventual releasal before the sun showed itself again.

The morning newscasts were full of the good news of the seeming end to the danger of being turned into vampires. Callie came to Enforcer Headquarters to get an update so a press release could be done, she found out about Feral and Razor. She stared at the pair through the observation glass and sighed. She added her prayers to the pair hovering over the ill Kats then left to inform the city officially that the danger was over.

Though upset about her uncle, Felina did take time to instruct the squadron leaders on outfitting the patrols, both ground and air, with tanks filled with the cure and to be alert on their rounds of the city. This was just a precaution she told them. They were fairly certain no more vamps were around since there had been no reports of sightings during the night but better safe than sorry.

Razor and Feral remained in comas for another six hours when finally, their monitors began to show an increase in the pairs heartbeats and breathing. Konway and the Dr. Temons were hovering close by as the two began to regain consciousness.

Razor stirred and moaned. He tried to raise a paw to rub his eyes but they wouldn't move. He panicked a little and began to struggle.

"Easy buddy, its okay. You're just restrained at the moment. How do you feel?" T-Bone asked anxiously.

The smaller SWAT Kat stopped struggling and lay still listening to his body. The burning hunger was gone and though he was hungry it was food not blood. He gave a grateful sigh and smiled.

"I feel great and I'm hungry for a nice pizza. No blood here!" He said happily.

T-Bone grinned in relief and quickly removed his friend's restraints.

At the same time, Feral was also coming around and made the same discovery.

"Oh Uncle! Are you alright now?" Felina asked, so relieved to see him aware again.

"Yes, I seemed to be," he said slowly. His body felt over tired and hungry plus thirsty but he felt normal. He took a deep breath and let it out in relief.

Felina released him from his restraints and helped him sit up. The doctor insisted on checking them both out before letting them go. It was annoying but Feral kept his mouth shut and let him take blood and do a full exam. He noted Razor was stoically doing the same.

Razor noted Feral glancing over at him and he flashed a smile. "I heard we succeeded. The city is safe," he said warmly.

Feral flashed a smile back. "Now that is good news to hear. Report Felina!" He barked at his niece.

Grinning impishly, Felina quickly told him what had been going on while the two of them were unconscious.

Feral nodded when she was done. "Glad I don't have to brief the Mayor or the city. All I want to do now is shower, eat, and get a mega coke!"

"That's sounds good to me too though I'll add going home to that list," Razor said cheekily.

Feral paused and gave the SWAT Kats a penetrating look. "Though I still can't sanction vigilantism, I do want to thank you both for getting the city through this crisis. Dr. Viper nearly succeeded this time."

"You're welcome. We worked rather well together," T-Bone said, cockily, grinning happily.

"Yes, I will admit we did. Now you'd better get! Your welcome is now rescinded before my enforcers begin to question my sanity," Feral snorted, only half serious.

"You don't have to tell us twice! I want out of here!" Razor snorted, climbing off the bed and turning to leave with his partner.

T-Bone gave Felina a quick hug on his way out. "You made a great co-pilot Lieutenant!"

"Great working with you T-Bone. Take care you two!" Felina said warmly.

They waved to the group and hurried out of the labs. Reaching the flight line, T-Bone was relieved to see the tank had been removed and the jet was ready to go. Leaping into the cockpit, they were up and off in moments.

"Aaahh, feels so good to be back where I belong!" Razor sighed.

"I missed you buddy! What was it like working with Feral?" T-Bone asked, curiously as he piloted them home.

"Different! He is a fierce fighter and a good leader. He may piss us off now and then but when it came to something this serious, he showed what he was made of," Razor said thoughtfully.

"Yeah, I have to agree, just wished he was like that all the time," T-Bone agreed.

"But then he wouldn't be Feral," his partner snorted.

The tabby chuckled, "yeah, guess you're right." In better humor, T-Bone relaxed and enjoyed the flight. Things were right in his world again and Megakat City had survived another near disaster.

The end!