Author's Note: This story is slightly similar to "Ever Mine"; I was on a huge Ronon-whump kick :) But this is it's own original story, I promise you! I decided to post it now because of several wonderful reviews from fyd818, who asked for more. Here is more :D Read, and enjoy!




How could Ronon do this? How could he just leave? After all that they had been through together, the team at least deserved an explanation, a goodbye. Something other then Elizabeth's shocking news that he had left last night. They suspected that she knew why, but she wouldn't tell them anything. They were all numb with shock and pain at this loss.

Sheppard felt like he had been betrayed; he had come to think of Ronon as his brother. He couldn't believe that his friend wouldn't tell him that he was thinking about something like this.

McKay almost didn't believe it. The big guy that had teased him all the time, but had never abandoned him to the enemy, was gone. Suddenly, the universe felt more huge and unsafe then ever.

Teyla was devastated. Ronon had been her closest friend, the only person on Atlantis she felt she could relate to; they had a common, lifelong enemy, and being from Pegasus gave them a bond that no one could match. She'd even thought she loved him. But obviously that was not the case for him.

She wasn't sure what it was that she thought he had done; but it felt like betrayal.

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