Title: Passing Judgment
Summary: Mal never meant it when he called Inara a whore. That's what made the rest of the crew's judgments the most painful of all. During/Post-Mrs. Reynolds
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I mean, you've got to feel bad for her right? Who in their right mind would marry the Captain?…He's not exactly the loving type…Probably never loved any woman, 'cept maybe in bed…Poor girl…

That's what they all were saying about him the day he brought his tramp of a wife in. The wife he didn't even remember marrying. The wife he kept no claim over, as much as she tried to gain his attentions.

Hearing them talk about him like that—realizing they thought so little of anyone that would ever want him or love him—hurt more than being him calling me "Whore." When he called me a whore he was only trying to protect himself…trying to keep his distance…In his own way, he was showing that he cared.

But they…They were being honest.