All I have to say is this is my first fanfic so it wont be that good. But you should read it anyways.

"Isabella" my dad yelled. "I have some good news for you."

My dad just so happens to be the devil which should make me all evil and everything. But no my mom is and angel which also makes me good, but don't ask about it because it is a long story. "Yes daddy" I said as I walked into his office.

"Well I wanted to tell you that since you are now five-hundred years old you will be going to the mainland [earth], well Forks, Washington to be precise" he told me. I haven't been to the mainland since I was a little girl.

"Thank you, thank you daddy this is going to be so much fun." I shrieked. "But you have to remember you are going alone so you cant use your powers on anyone unless you really have to" he said sternly.

"Well bye I am going to go pack" I said while running to my room. I am five-hundred which still means I am not that old. Well i should explain I am one of the youngest demons here yet I am still old well to humans I am but I only look seventeen.

My dad on the other hand is very old, he is older than that vampire leader on earth Aro I think, he is kind of creepy. The only leader that has even a shot at going to heaven is Marcus because he just puts up with his brothers crap even if he doesn't like it, but my dad says it is only a slim chance. I started putting all of my belonging into suitcases using my powers.

Well I guess I should tell you about them shouldn't I. I have quite a lot thought but whatever I will just state the basics. First, I have fire which is fun to torment vampires with but I've never done that. Secondly, I can see when you are going to die human or supernatural. Thirdly, I can see your past by looking in your eyes weather you remember it or not. Then there are just a few things I can do like increase and decrease the potency of my blood, and that is about it. Oh wait I forgot I can also move things with my mind. I had finally gotten all my thing ready so I went to find my dad again but he found me instead.

"I finally found you" He said "I just wanted to tell you Anna will be escorting you and I already bought you a car and a house, it is secluded in the forest at the outskirts of town. There is only one house nearby so you can practice with your power."

"What type of car is it" I asked him

"It's a black Dodge Charger. Is that alright because you can by a new one if you want, oh and here is your credit card" he said handing me a the black piece of plastic. "Use it for whatever you like, food, clothing, etc, etc. Just remember to call me to check in."

"I will dad and thank you again now I have to go find Anna" I told him and gave him a hug.


When I found Anna she was loading my stuff on to a trolly.

"Hey Anna we better get going" I told her.

"Yes we should" she said sweeping her blond hair out of her face. We went to the elevators that lead to earth. I know what you thinking elevators, ya my dad thought it would be a great idea and I still don't get it. But at least it only takes five minutes. When we got off the elevator we were in a beautiful cream colored lobby. We walked out the front door and hailed a cab to Forks.

When we got close to town we turned down a small path (similar to the Cullen's but not the same)then we came to a cute little two-story house with my car in the front of it. I hoped out of the car and Anna helped me grab all of my stuff. "See ya squirt I am really going to miss you" she told me as she climbed back into the cab. "I am going to miss you too Anna" I told her and then she left.

I walked into my house. It was amazing, it was mostly a dark tan on the first floor. Then the second floor was mahogany except for the rooms which where all red except the master [mine] which was deep blue. I loved this house. Come to think of it I was getting kind of hungry.

I went into the kitchen to find no food gosh my dad can be so stupid, he bought me all the things I need but forgot the food. Wow. I grabbed my keys and hopped in my car I had to find a grocery store I was so hungry. When I finally found one which didn't take me very long because I love to drive fast. I went in and bought my food which was kind of weird because the bag boy kept staring at me and I am nothing to stare at I am just a plain jane demon.

When I was driving back to my house I noticed another path near my house. There must just be another house, maybe that is what my dad was talking about they are my neighbors I will have to meet them soon.

I pulled into my driveway and got my groceries out of my car. AI walked into my house and started cooking spaghetti. It was very simple and tasted great. I finished my dinner and decided to go play my drums since I couldn't sleep, well I could but only on two days of the year winter and summer solstice. I started playing really load but it sounded quite good I must say. I got really board after that so I decided I would read my favorite book Wurthering Heights.

When my alarm went off I stopped reading and took a shower. I let the water loosen my muscles as I thought about the day ahead of me. I had school this wouldn't be the first time I went to human school but I have only been a number of times. I got out of the shower and put on my outfit. A black Led Zeppelin tee, grey skinny jeans, and flat black boots.

Then I did my hair I just kept it down and added a headband. After that I applied my make-up; eyeliner and mascara. I walked downstairs and got my breakfast and then headed out to my car. I made sure I had a jacket just so I looked human. I pulled up to the school and noticed the cars none of them were nice except for the silver Volvo. Great I really didn't want to make friends or stand out and I already have done one of those. I got out of my care and then I smelt it. Vampires.

Wow I go to school with vampires. This is going to be fun. I got out of my car when this blond guy walks up to me. "Hi" he said "I'm Mike Newton you must be new here do you need any help around." I looked in to his mind to see what he was thinking. Oh ya I forgot to tell you I can do that too. This chick is hot. I am so going to date her. I bet she likes me no one can resist the charm of Mike. Eeewww! I am never going to date him I don't even want to date. "I'm sorry Mike I wont need help from you, ever" I told him getting kind of irritated. I just walked away from him and headed to the main office.

I walked in and there was this old lady sitting at the desk. She was going to die peacefully in her sleep and go to heaven. Oh I guess she must be nice. "Hello" I said to her. "I'm Isabella Swan and I'm new here." "Oh well here dear. This is your schedule and get this paper signed by all your teachers and bring it back at the end of the day" she told me kindly. I walked out of the office and looked at my schedule







Physical Education-303

That isn't that bad all these classes are easy and I am fluent in all languages. I walked into my English class and had the teacher sign my paper. Each class was the same and I had to sit next to some really annoying kid, except in Spanish where I sat next to a girl named Angela she was nice. They invited me to sit at there table but I declined I just wanted to sit by myself. When I walked in to the lunch room I found a secluded table at the corner of the room and I got my lunch. I sat down and then I saw them. The vampires and like I said I am going to have so much fun.

They all got there props [food] and sat down. Now my plan can into play. I used my power to get some food off of somebodies tray and threw it at the big bear looking dude. It hit him strait in the back of the head. He got up and boomed. "Who threw that at me." but no one confessed and I was trying not to crack up. I did it again to the other side of his head. "What the heck why do I keep getting hit with food" he yelled. I watched his family look around this was really funny so I made some go right in his face.

After that he got up and stormed out of the room. I say the blond start to get up so I made it look like there was a red spot on the back of her pants. When hurried after him all of the students started laughing, hard while their family looked shocked. Ooh I just found out there is an empath now I get to mess with emotions. I decided to make him very angry. I saw him gripping the table until it broke.

"Jasper calm down" the pixie like one said. So his name is Jasper. I decided to make sad and depressed and then I watched him start to cry. "What is wrong with him" the pixie one asked. "I don't know" the bronze haired boy said.

I decided to mess with the pixie. I cut off all her visions after I found out that is what she has. "Why can't I see anything" she screamed super fast. I was still trying not to laugh this is so funny. I got up and dumped my tray I decided to play one last prank. I pushed a bunch of lust at Jasper which made him try to kiss the bronze haired boy. I walked out of the room and to biology laughing hard. Who knew I had it in me.

I got to biology and had the teacher sign my paper. Then I sat down in my seat and waited to see who my partner was. I watched all the student file in and then came in Mr. Vampire. He just so happened to be my partner. He sat down next to me and I turned to say hello. I saw him stiffen, oh ya my blood. I made it so he could barely smell it.

"Hello" I said to him "I am Bella" he just sat there and didn't say anything. I started getting annoyed and when I am annoyed I start making death threats. "I suggest you say something or I will burn you in pieces after I torture you" I whispered quietly. That was all it took and he started talking.

"Hi I am Edward" he said in a his velvety voice. "I hope your siblings are OK it didn't look to good at lunch" I said trying not to laugh. "Uh they're fine" he said to me "Shouldn't you be doing the paper that was passed out." "I already finished it" I told him and showed him my paper. When I said that I tried to read his mind but I couldn't and that only happened with one other person. No I thought I cannot think about him.

Then the bell rang and I walked swiftly out of the classroom and to the gym. Fortunate for me I did not have to suit up. When gym was over I walked out of the room and could feel all of the vampires eyes on me. I just got in my car and drove home. That was a weird ending of a very weird day.

That was the first chapter of my story and if you are wondering why she said all the vampires were looking at her is because she wasnt paying enough attention to them to find out their last names.