Okay, so by now I've spread the word that I'm random. And if you haven't heard, I'm gonna tell you now before you read this…I'm VERY random. But here recently, I've fallen in love with a silly video on YouTube to a song called Special Fred. Some of you might've seen it. If not, type "Death Note Special Fred" into the search bar and it'll be the first thing that pops up. Kudos to the person who made that video…Anyways, this is my version of the song. Even if you haven't heard it, just read the lyrics to yourself. It is better if you know what tune it goes to, but I'm not gonna ask that much of you guys, lol! Alright, enjoy this!

Special L

Light and L were real close friends. After college they got an apartment. Light would work around the clock...L had a phobia against socks, oh special L! It's easy now to tell...back on that day when you fell...you became a bit special...Just a little bit--


You two would go out to eat, and we all know how you sit in your seat. Light would get a lobster bisque...you'd order the fun meal meant for kids! Oh, special L! We all love you oh so well! But figuring you out gives us hell! Cause you're a little bit special! Just a little bit--


Light did his taxes on time, L screamed out random lyrics that didn't rhyme! Light went to bed after brushing his teeth…L did too but after beating his meat! Oh special L! You take a shower but you still smell! You bark everytime you hear a bell! Oh yes, it's true that you're special! Just a little bit--


One day they were sitting on a bench. L pushed Light over in a ditch. He hit his head on a drainage pipe. That's when he became Special Light! Now he likes to pick his nose! And wipe the boogers on his toes! L and Light have such great times; especially now since they're alike in minds! Oh, Special Light! Now both of them aren't right! They find old ladies and make them fight! You'll never find two more special!

Oh yes, they're really quite special…

They're not strange, they're just "special"…

Why are the cool one's so special?

Even if no one else likes it I'm rolling over laughing with this! Wow…very weird, but I'm happy that I wrote it! I love making song parodies…which is probably why I listen to so much Weird Al! Heh-heh…Amish Paradise…But moving along, please review and tell me what you thought!