A/N: I own abosulutely no characters. The Plot is inspired by LeoZodiac's Come Twilight. This is a slash between Edward Cullen and Harry Potter. Thank You, you've been warned.

Harry POV.

I looked around the house that would soon become our home. We had moved from San Francisco after the death of my parents. Piper, Phoebe and Paige Halliwell had all adopted me when I was about 2. They were my mothers, Piper was Mama, Phoebe was Mummy or Mum and Paige was Ma. There husbands were Leo, Coup and Henry who were my fathers, Leo was Dada, Coup was Daddy or Dad and Henry had been Da. I didn't mind being adopted. I had, all up, 10 brothers and sisters. Wyatt is 16, then Chris at 14. Melinda, Patience, Prudence and Penelope are all 10 then Peyton at 9, Cooper at 8, Henry is 7 and Alexi is the baby at 6. Like me, Alexi was adopted but only by Paige and Henry.

Their deaths had hurt all of us, but me the most as I was witness to it all. We had all been left orphans but, Piper had put into her Will that I was to be emancipated and given custody of all the kids if Phoebe and Paige were also killed.

We had left San Fran for a fresh start. We came to Forks, in Washington state where a house that Henry had owned was. Henry had been the last of his family, the baby with 8 older brothers, so it was big enough to fit us all. We had driven to our new home, thankful that we had two, 7 seater BMWs. Wyatt and I had both driven, our younger siblings/cousins split between the two cars with moving trailers being towed behind us. It had taken us a week, stopping at hotels along the way, but we had finally made it.

Our family was not just large, but also, magic. We are witches Piper, Phoebe and Paige had been the most powerful witches and had been the Charmed Ones. It ran in our family. It had also caused their deaths but, the Police thought it had been a home invasion. We could of used our magic to get here quicker, but we thought the locals might find it odd if we suddenly appeared out of no where.

Everyone had helped to unpack the cars and sorted out whose room was where. There is 6 bedrooms upstairs and 3 were above the garage. There is also another to rooms at the back of the garage but, we would use them for storage and maybe a playroom. Prue and Patience had decided to share as had Penelope and Melinda so everyone else had their own rooms. Penny (Penelope), Melinda, Wyatt and Chris had taken the rooms above the garage while everyone else was in the house. I had the second largest inside, being the eldest at 17, I felt entitled to it, but Prue and Patience had claimed the biggest.

I had made sure everyone was asleep before I went into the study. In our old home, our attic had been the place where most of our magic supplies had been kept, but here, we didn't have one, so it was the study. I wanted to speak to my parents, but I was afraid to, scared that they would blame me for not doing more to help them. It was my recurring nightmare, and so I suffered many sleepless nights. I had been diagnosed with depression at age 14. No one could really understand what had caused it as I didn't talk about it with anyone in my family. I was taking medication but it didn't always help. I went up to my room and grabbed my cello before going out the back where a log was located. I sat down and started to play a slow, depressing melody, not caring about the misty type rain that was falling from the sky. I soon lost myself in the music.

I had discovered I had a talent for music when I was four and Phoebe had taken me shopping with her. We were in a mall and she entered a music store, looking for a CD. I had found a violin and bow, picked it up and I started to play it. Phoebe had been very surprised and actually brought the violin for me. After the violin was the cello, followed by the guitar. I also had a saxophone, clarinet and flute. Everyone thought it was magic whenever I played a piece of music, as it always seemed to tell a story. I never had to take lessons to learn, I just knew how to play. My favourite instrument was an enchanted flute that Leo had gifted to me for my 8th birthday. While playing, I could create something like holographic images. Whenever there was a sleepover with all of us at one house, I would play them a story to help them sleep. Music was my release and I was glad I had it.

I sat outside playing all night, the sad and beautiful melody. When the sun rose, hidden behind the rain clouds, I returned inside to start getting ready for the day. I had a hot shower before dressing in black cargo jeans, black chucks, black t-shirt and wore my black leather jacket. I would take the kids to the diner in town as we had no food in the house. This was due to the fact that we had yet to buy any. Once everyone had waken up, had a shower and gotten dressed, we all piled into the cars.

When we arrived in the diner, the younger kids cheered at the thought of food, making myself and Wyatt laugh. A waitress came over with a smile and asked us if we were ready to order, which we were, before returning to get it ready. It was a large and loud breakfast, which was normal with us, before I went and payed for the meal and we headed back to our cars to go to the grocery store. I will say this right now. I am never, ever, taking them shopping for food ever again. It was utter chaos with some wanting lollies and this and that. 3 hours had passed by the time we managed to return home. I sent everyone off to unpack their things and organize their rooms while I unpacked the groceries. Once that was done, I retreated to my room to unpack my boxes.

I had a double bed in my room as well as a bookcase and a desk. I also had a walk in wardrobe, which was one of the benefits of this room. I set my stereo up and started playing music while I worked. My clothes went away before I started to work on putting my posters up.

"Harry, can we paint my room?" Cooper asked me, causing me to stop my fight with one of my posters.

I saw that Prue, Penny, Henry and Peyton were also standing in my door way with him.

"I don't see a problem with it. We will talk about it over dinner tonight and we can decide what colour then" I said to them, making smiles appear on all their little faces before they all ran off.

I rolled my eyes, knowing that pinks and blues would be the dominate colour. I gave up on my posters, knowing that if I were to paint my room, they would need to come down anyways. I went downstairs and found that Chris had set up the main T.V. and that some of them were watching a movie. I glanced at my watch and decided to make a start on dinner. Half an hour later, everyone was digging into the Alfredo with salad.

"Okay, what colours do you want to paint your rooms?" I asked with a small smile.

Immediately, the girls called out pink and purple while the boys wanted blue and green. I realized, with a sigh, that I would have to take them all to a hardware store so they could agree with colours. I sent them all off to get ready for bed and was thankful they had chosen to forgo a story.

Once again, I returned to the log, this time with my violin. I closed my eyes and let my heart take control of my hands, causing them to play another sad melody. I suddenly heard a snap of a twig and I stopped and looked around. That was when I got my first look at him. He had beautiful bronze hair, white skin that seemed to glow in the darkness and amber eyes. To me, he was beautiful. He looked about 17.

"Who are you?" I asked, wary of the unknown teen.

"I'm Edward. I heard you playing and it was wonderful" he said.

His voice was a beautifully musically type. He came closer, until he was about a foot in front again.

"Please don't stop" he whispered.

To me, he seemed like an angel whose desire I would always obey too and so, I picked up my violin and started to play again. I could hear him humming along with the music I was making and a small smile graced my face as listened to my music and his humming. I changed the song to one with words, wanting to him sing, hoping he would know what it was. It seemed he did as he started to softly sing along and I was mesmerised by his voice. I stopped a bit later, not bothering to check the time.

"You're truly gifted" he said with a smile.

"Thank you. You have a wonderful singing voice" I returned as I stood from my seat.

"I'm Harry" I told him before disappearing into my house.

I didn't question the fact that he was also awake. I went into my room and lay on my bed, dozing off.

It was the 5th day since we had arrived in Forks. Today, we were all starting school. I had enrolled everyone over the weekend. We had painted the bedrooms, which was fun. I had painted my room a dark blue. Now, we were all in the cars, heading towards the Primary School to drop off the younger kids. Alexi would be in the 2nd Grade, Henry in the 3rd Grade, Cooper in the 4th, Peyton in the 5th and Melinda, Patience, Prue and Penny in the 6th. Chris was in the 8th Grade, High School with Wyatt, 10th Grade and myself in the 11th. When I arrived at the school, I found Wyatt had already parked and that there was an open spot next to him. He had dropped off the kids in his cars before going to the High School with Chris, while I had gone inside and dropped all the little ones off. He was waiting for me and gave me my class list, map and slips of paper for the teachers to sign. He told me Chris had already gone off to find his class before he left me to my own thoughts.

I found my first class of the day, which was Latin. The teacher basically told me to get out of his class when he learned I was fluent in it. I had only learnt it for the basis of spells, potions and some texts. I sat at the back and listened to him drone. My next lesson was English and I ignored anyone who tried to talk to me. I didn't want any attachments, yet I had made one with Edward. He had come again for another night of music. I was thankful when lunch rolled around and I walked to the cafeteria, knowing my brothers would already be there. I sat down at an empty table and started on the red apple I had brought from home. I noticed that Chris and Wyatt had made friends and were sitting with them. A small smile touched my face at the thought. I was glad we had decided to come to Forks.

I looked up in surprise when someone sat at my table and I gave a small smile when I saw it was Edward. "Hello Harry" He said to me with one of his own smiles.

"Hello Edward. How are you today?" I questioned.

We never really spoke when we met at night, we just relished in the music.

"I am well. How is your first day of school?" He asked a curious glint in his eyes.

"I suppose it is fine." I told him and we sat in silence. When I finished my apple, I got up to put the core in the bin. When I turned around, I found 5 others had joined Edward.

They were all beautiful but one girl was quite average. There was a statuesque blonde female, a large brawny, brown haired male, a pixie-like female with spiky black hair, a curly haired male and the other female had long brown hair that reminded me of Piper's hair.

I left the cafeteria, seeing no real reason to stay and headed to my locker to get my next books.

I saw the pixie-like girl in Gym as well as Edward and I learned her name was Alice. I was thankful that I didn't have to join in on the game of badminton. Once Gym was over, I left for the car park and got in the car, intending on going to get half of my younger siblings. I saw Wyatt and Chris leave the school and head to the other car as I left the car park.

Once we were all home, we all spread out in the lounge to work on our homework. Henry and Alexi had no homework and so they were watching a kid's movie. I had done most of my homework in Gym and so, I helped everyone when they needed it. Wyatt had been chosen to do dinner that night and so we sat down to enjoy a salad with chicken Kiev. Once I had cleaned up the kitchen, we all retreated to the lounge room and I was asked to tell a story. I went up to my room and found my enchanted flute before returning. I started to play and the images I produced told the story of sleeping beauty, but with our beloved parents playing the different parts. Once I had finished I sent them all off to get ready for bed. Some of them had showers and some settled for just going to getting into their beds fast.

I went into the study and opened the large trunk that sat in a corner of the room. Inside were most of our magic supplies, including the Book of Shadows. I pulled out the large book and started to flip through the pages. I found the page I wanted and set a circle of candle.

"Hear these words, hear my cry. Spirit from the other side" I started to chant before I broke off.

I couldn't do it; I couldn't contact any of my dead family, afraid that they would blame me. It was a common nightmare. I blew out the candles and returned everything, including the book, to the trunk before leaving the study.

Edward POV.

I enjoyed my nights of music with Harry but I was growing concerned. He was becoming thinner and I could see the bags under his eyes, knowing that he spent many nights awake playing. When my siblings and Bella had joined me at the table in the cafeteria on Harry's first day, I was saddened to see the boy walk out. I now understood what Alice had told me about mates.

My whole family are vampires but we only drink from animals. We often called ourselves vegetarian vampires as a running joke. Carlisle had turned me when my birth mother had begged him to save me. I had been dying from the Spanish Influenza in 1918 when I was turned. I was forever 17. Esme had joined our family next, a young woman, grief stricken over the death of her baby son, had jumped from a cliff in a suicide attempt. Rosalie then joined us after Carlisle had found her beaten by her husband and his friends before being left to die on the streets. Then Emmett had joined our family after being mauled by a grizzly bear. Alice and Jasper had turned up one day and basically adopted us. Alice was a mental asylum escapee and Jasper was a Civil War Foot Solider. Everyone had found their mates except me. When Bella Swan had arrived in Forks, her blood had almost sent me into a frenzy. Now that Harry Halliwell had turned up in Forks, all I wanted to do was protect, care and love him.

Monday had arrived and over the weekend, I had ended it with Bella. She had been upset but I knew she would eventually get over me and find someone else to love. I was walking down the hall to the cafeteria when I caught Harry's scent. Both Bella and Harry had only one thing in common. I couldn't hear their thoughts. With Bella, it had driven me insane while with Harry, I enjoyed the peace. I turned the corner and spotted Harry. He was walking to the cafeteria too when he stopped suddenly. I noticed he had stated to sway and before I could get to him, he collapsed to the ground. Students in the hallway gasped and started towards him when I got to him and started to check him over. One of our teachers was nearby and motioned her closer to me.

"He needs to go to the hospital" I told her.

She nodded before rushing off. I guessed she understood that I knew what I was talking about as Carlisle was a popular doctor at the hospital. I saw Harry's brothers; Wyatt and Chris appear they were by his side. It wasn't long before an ambulance arrived to take Harry to the hospital. When asked if anyone was coming, Wyatt told me to go with Harry as he had to get his younger siblings. I didn't know much about the Halliwells, only that they were orphaned and Harry and Wyatt were the only ones with driver licenses. I got into the ambulance and held Harry's small hand. I had been surprised to learn that Harry was the oldest but Wyatt was taller than him. I sat with Harry on our ride to the hospital where I hoped that Carlisle would be able to help him.


Harry – Emerald eyes, Messy black hair, lightly tanned skin. No scar or glasses.

Wyatt – Blue eyes, blonde hair, tanned skin.

Chris – Jade green eyes, messy dark brown hair, tanned skin.

Melinda – Blue eyes, light brown hair, tanned skin.

Patience – Dark brown eyes, dark brown hair, tanned skin

Prudence – Light brown eyes, dark brown hair, tanned skin

Cooper – Sea green eyes, light brown hair, tanned skin

Penelope – Caramel eyes, dark auburn hair, tanned skin

Peyton – Chocolate brown eyes, dark blonde hair, tanned skin

Henry – Caramel eyes, dark blonde hair, tanned skin

Alexi – Sapphire blue eyes, light blonde hair, tanned skin.