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Light Note: Ahahahaaa... I'm pretty bad at coming up with new ideas... Er, well not bad, but I should be working on my other stories... Oh well... Anyway, I just finished watching episode 30 of the anime, and I thought about how Black Star got all pissed off that Maka was under Arachne's spell and went to get revenge. This is NOT a Maka/Black Star fic (Soul/Maka is my OTP) but this is more about their friendship.


"But Maka-"

"It's okay. Really!"

Black Star's teeth clenched as Maka stood and dusted off the back of her skirt, Soul already busy checking the scraps on her palms with silence. She smiled sweetly at her weapon, before craning her neck to give Black Star the same treatment, "See? I'm fine." He wanted to disagree with her, and go beat up the kid that pushed her anyway, but he didn't feel right betraying that smile of hers.

He lowered his head and kicked at a loose stone, "Whatever." She just answered with a giggle as she let Soul drag her by the wrist to the infirmary to get dissinfectant for her palms. Black Star and Tsubaki followed along behind, the three of them - Soul, Maka, and Tsubaki - reverted back to the conversation they'd been in prior to the confrontation. He shoved his hands into his pockets and hunched his shoulders, still angry that Maka wouldn't let him kick the kid's ass.

It wasn't like he was Soul. He couldn't silently take care of her like the scythe weapon did. Little things like catching her when she fell, helping her up, holding her hand when she was scared; they were all things that only Soul could do for her. He wasn't the silent and strong type. He was the loud, 'you mess with her, you mess with me' type. That's how he showed Maka that she was his important friend.

But if he couldn't do that for his important friend, than what good was he to her?

"So I'll leave her to you then, Black Star."


Tsubaki sighed, "Were you not listening again? Soul has to go talk to Shinigami-sama, and I need to go tell Professor Stein that Soul will be late, so you stay here to make sure Maka will be okay. Okay?"

The blonde rolled her eyes, "I just scraped my hands, I don't need an escort."

"Ah, I got it."

The duo entered the infirmary, Nygus directing her to a chair, "Want to tell me what happened?"

"Some dumb kid pushed Maka," Black Star bit out, grumbling and crossing his arms over his chest as Nygus sat down in front of Maka to spray dissinfectant on the girl's hands.

Maka sighed, "I'm sure it was an accident Black Star, so quite making a big deal about it."

He ignored her, puffing out his cheeks, "You should have let me kick his ass."

"It wasn't necessary."

"He pushed you!"

"It was an accident!"

The blue haired teen froze as Maka raised her voice, "Seriously, Black Star. It's okay. I'm fine. No harm done what so ever, so there's no need for you to get in trouble with the teachers again on my part." She sighed, and sat down again, as she'd stood up when she'd yelled.

"What else am I supposed to do then?" Black Star shouted back, but Maka simply smiled gentely at him, making the ninja feel foolish.

"You don't have to do anything Black Star. I know you care, so it's okay."


"Tsubaki told me."

Black Star's sentence died off, replaced with a confused, "Huh?"

"About your family. About what happened to your clan." Nygus finished putting bandages on Maka's hands, and the scythe meister stood up and started for the door, "That's why you act the way you do, right?" The ninja meister didn't answer, but followed her silently out into the hallway, "It must be really hard, trying to make people see you, instead of seeing what your family was." Her emerald eyes flattened a little, but was quickly replaced with their usual brightness, "But it's okay!"

"What do you mean?" the male asked, shoving his hands in his pocket and turning away from her.

"You're not alone, Black Star. We're all fighting against something, trying to make names for ourselves, trying to escape from the shadows of the ones before us, and expectations, " the blonde laced her fingers together in front of her as she walked, "That's why we can all relate so well, so... In a way..." she trailed off, and when Black Star looked over at her due to her sudden silence, her eyes were hidden under her bangs.

"Maka?" he pulled them to a stop and bent down to try and see her face, "Maka, you okay?"

"In a way..." slowly, she lifted her head back up until Black Star saw a brilliant smile adorning her face, "We're your family too!" Reaching forward, she grabbed his hands in hers, "That's why it's okay if you don't always voice that you care. Because we're all like one big family, so we already know." The girl's smile was infectious, and the two bolted down the hallway until they reached the classroom.

Black Star kicked the door open, and yelled in his most boisterous voice, "YO~! Black Star the Great has arrived!" The other students stared blankly at his outburts, a few rolled their eyes, and some snickered, but the boy's eyes were locked onto Liz sighing and telling Tsubaki she felt sorry for her, who laughed, and Patti who was busy clapping her hands - "Yay yay! Black Star is here!" - and Kid, who was shaking his head with an amused laugh.

He felt a hand clap his back, and turned to see Soul with a smirk on his face, "Black Star." The ninja grinned back, and the three made their way to their seats, Professor Stein cocking a brow.

"Thank you for interrupting class. Anything else you want to add before we start?" Stein said politely, but the look on his face said talk again and I swear to God you will be the next thing I dissect so Black Star resigned himself to sitting down next to Tsubaki, who smiled at him in greeting.

Maka was right. It was okay if he didn't fight her battles for her everytime, because she already knew that she was his important friend, just as he was hers.

It was fine.

Because they were a family.

His family.

And he loved every one of them.

Light: Of course Black Star is way too cool to say that out loud, but you know his primitive brain is thinking.
Black Star: Yeah, wait PRIMITIVE?
Tsubaki: Ah, Light, please don't aggrivate him...
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