Calling all true Splinter Cell fans!

This is Shadowmarksman the author of Splinter Cell: Double Agent, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, and Splinter Cell: Red Mercury. (FF)

I regret to inform that this is not the long awaited next chapter of Red Mercury. Instead I've come to say that I believe this story has come to a standstill. My enthusiasm seems to have died as the game franchised died with it. I unfortunately no longer have the time necessary to complete this book. This saddens me deeply as I enjoyed writing it so much. I've tried time and again to complete the story but have created such a storyline that would make it last for chapters to come, which in turn would take time.

This is a sincere apology to all my followers.

BUT! Whether this works or not I don't know, but I have read your stories and enjoyed! Now I would like to ask that my work be finished! And I'd like you to do it! I would be interested to see how others would finish the storyline and others methods in writing.

I give all those willing to finish my story, or just the next chapter the opportunity! It's up to you.

Just publish it as Splinter Cell: Red Mercury Part 2.

I would be honoured that others finish where I have failed.

Yours sincerely ShadowMarksman