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Pairing: Harry/Kagome

A/N: This may possibly turn into a HP/IY/Twilight

Kagome will also be referred to as a 'he' in Harry's POV

Harry Potter was having a really bad day.

First, he had decided to listen to the news in a nonconventional way, lying on the hot, scorching ground underneath the front window in order to listen to the daily news. Surely, there had to be something worth listening to, Voldemort had to be up to something, doing something so evil that even Muggles would notice. But there was just nothing – nothing that sounded remotely suspicious.

Second, after he decided to abandon his post under the window, he had decided to mindlessly wander the neighbourhood, which wasn't exactly the best idea with Dudley and his gang out, but he would rather take his chances with them then rather having to deal with his aunt and uncle. Unfortunately, Dudley and his friends thought it to be fun to go 'Harry-Hunting.'

And third, two escaped Dementors had come upon them, how and why, he did not know. He vaguely wondered why they were so far away from Azkaban when the dark creature slammed his body roughly against a wall, its bony, cold hand wrapped tightly around his throat, restricting his airway.

He could immediately feel the depression settle around him, the Dementor's horrid abilities allowed for his worst memories to be relieved. He could hear Dudley's moan of pain, the Dementor was hovering over him, slowly bending down to give him the kiss that would suck out his soul, leaving him a shell of his former self. He may dislike Dudley, but even he did not deserve such a fate.

Harry glared at the foul creature with his brilliant emerald-green eyes, his hand reaching for his wand that was stuffed in his pocket. He touched it a moment later, whipping it out, shoving it in the Dementor's face. "Expecto—!" Harry panted; the spell just could not come out of his mouth as black spots dotted his vision.

It was just like in third year, the Dementor's presence affected him so severely that he blacked out; he knew that it would happen again. Only this time, it would be much more serious, both he and Dudley would lose their souls…

Harry tried to stay conscious, but he blacked out only a moment later.

"Wha—?" Harry groaned, his head was killing him. He slowly opened his green eyes, vaguely noticing that it was dark out. He was lying on the ground, it was very uncomfortable. The situation finally hit him, and he immediately flew up to a sitting position, his wand in his hand and pointed out in front of him.

He couldn't believe that he was still in control, that his soul wasn't stolen by the Dementor. 'Dudley!' Harry thought, snapping his jaded eyes around to locate his cousin, and sighed in relief when he noticed he was lying right beside him, still moaning and muttering things under his breath. Dudley certainly didn't look that well…

"You know, you really shouldn't move." A soft voice suddenly stated from his left, he immediately pointed his wand blindly towards the voice; his vision was blurry as his glasses seemed to be missing from his face.

"Who are you?" Harry asked coldly, his voice guarded. There was a person sitting quite close to him, it made him feel very uncomfortable, it was still pondering on what the hell had happened to him and the Dementors. Where had they gone?

From what he could see from his blurry vision, the person was smiling – or was that smirking? He couldn't even tell if the person was a boy or girl.

"So, what happened to you?" The person completely ignored his question, and asked a different question, rather casually. Harry didn't want to answer; this person could be a Death Eater for all he knew. Though, why wait to kill him until he woke up? It just didn't make sense to him. "I found you lying on the ground with him." The person pointed to Dudley, and Harry jumped when the person handed him his glasses.

"Thanks," He blinked, putting on the glasses, seeing that they were cracked. No matter, he could fix them later. He glanced towards the person, and blinked again. He was unable to tell if the person was male or female.

The person had dark blue-black hair; it was cut in a way that made it difficult for him to tell if the person was a boy or girl. It hung around their face, which was very feminine to Harry, though he didn't want to assume the person was female. The person was wearing slightly baggy blue jeans with a black shirt, it was loose, making it even harder to tell if the person had breasts or not.

The person had rather beautiful blue eyes, ones that were looking towards him cheerfully. The person was smiling while leaning his head against his hands. A black hat rested on his head, making it so it was almost impossible to tell the person's gender.

"Yo," The person grinned lazily from his spot against the wall, watching as Harry relaxed. The person smirked a bit at that, it would seem that the green-eyed boy didn't see him as much as a threat. Not the smartest move on the green-eyed boy's part, she could be very much a threat if she really wanted to be…

"What happened?" Harry asked warily, feeling slightly embarrassed as he pocketed his wand. It looked pretty obvious to him that this person was not a wizard/witch. He gave a look of amusement towards his wand, as if thinking it were a stick.

"I found you lying on the ground, you must have blacked out." The person answered, getting up from his position leaning against the wall to help him up, Harry took the boy's hand gratefully.

"Thanks," He said again, seeing that the person was no threat. The boy merely smiled back at him, lighting up his attractive, pale face. Harry felt his own face momentarily warm up, but he pushed it down.

"So, what's your name?" The boy asked him, fingering his black hat. Harry was suddenly wary again, but hesitantly answered.

"Harry Potter," He said quietly, flicking his green eyes over to Dudley as he gave another moan of pain. Now he had to drag the large boy back to the Dursleys' house… "What's your name?" He asked the boy.

The boy merely smiled at him, his blue eyes lighting up. "My name is Higurashi Kagome," He said with an amusement that Harry did not see.

'Foreign?' Harry thought, but now that he looked at the boy, he could definitely see the boy was not British, perhaps Asian.

Kagome watched Harry with a small smile, her amusement very apparent on her face. So, this Harry Potter thought her as a male? She snickered under her breath, finding it funny. However, she could see where Harry could mistake her as a boy.

Her former long hair had been cut off, it hung around her face in casual disarray, she could be mistaken as a long-haired male. Her clothes didn't help either; they were not tight and form-fitting. The baseball hat that she wore probably only confirmed it for Harry that she was a male. She merely wore it because it reminded her of Souta…

Well, this could be fun; she didn't see any kind of reason not to correct him. Besides, it could be rather interesting. She wanted to see how boys treated each other…

"Do you need help with… him?" Kagome asked, gesturing over to the moaning Dudley, who was sweating rather heavily. She had to wonder what the hell those dark creatures were, she purified them before they could do anymore damage to the two, though Harry did not need to know that specific detail.

"Yeah," Harry grimaced, seeing his work was cut out for him. Dudley wasn't exactly light. "If you don't mind," He quickly added.

"Nope," Kagome grinned at him, twirling her cap. "I've got nothing better to do." She stood over Dudley, sneaking a quick glance over to Harry. Perhaps she could heal him when Harry wasn't looking? She certainly didn't want to leave this large boy in this state; he was obviously in some kind of pain.

"Yeah, thanks." Harry said again, grinning back at the boy with his Potter charm, though the male was completely unaffected. He raised a brow at his own thought; did he actually want the boy to blush for him? The thought finally hit him, and Harry blushed himself, hitting himself mentally at the thought. He had a crush on Cho Chang, didn't he?

"Here, I'll get this side." Kagome threw Dudley's left arm over her shoulder, wincing at how heavy he felt. Of course, she probably could've dragged the large boy herself, he weighed about the same size as her old, yellow backpack when it was filled to its capacity, but she didn't want to appear too strong to Harry. After all, if anything, she was most likely underweight; the exact same jeans that she was wearing were snug and tight only a few months earlier, now they were loose on her.

Harry grunted as he lifted Dudley's right arm over his shoulder, and with their combined strength, hefted the large male to his feet, though Dudley did not seem to help their cause at all, he was very shaky on his feet.

"Lead the way to your house," Kagome stated, waiting for Harry to start dragging the huge boy in the direction he needed to go. Harry nodded, and with a few moments, they were on their way to the Dursleys' house.

"So," Kagome began in a casual tone, her shorter hair swung around her face with the effort she was exerting, dragging dead-weight wasn't the easiest thing to do. "What happened to you?" She asked, though she was well aware they were attacked by those big, black, cloaked creatures. She, however, had no idea what they were, they didn't feel like any demons she was used to.

Then again, she was in a new foreign country, it made sense that the demons here would be foreign as well. 'Whatever,' Kagome rolled her blue eyes at her excessive thinking, though she would have to study up on the demons here in Britain and Europe altogether. 'They were purified easily enough.'

Harry cursed in his mind, hoping that Kagome would not have asked this question. He had no idea what to say, and from what he could see, Kagome was not a wizard. He couldn't just very well say that he was attacked by a Dementor, a dark creature that was able to suck the very soul out of him. Kagome was a Muggle anyway, she couldn't see Dementors.

"A group of… boys attacked us. Must've knocked us out cold," Harry grimaced, gesturing to him and Dudley. If anything, Dudley was the bully within the neighbourhood, but he was hoping that Kagome wasn't a long-time resident here, he would have no knowledge of Dudley if he wasn't.

"He must have hit his head, then." Kagome easily went along with Harry's obvious and blatant lie, she didn't want to reveal her spiritual powers to a normal boy anyway. He certainly didn't deserve to be swept up into her chaotic life; he would only end up hurt, like most that were close to her. It would, however, be nice to make a temporary friend here in Britain, no matter how short her stay may be.

"Yeah," Harry sighed, feeling a slight guilt over lying to Kagome. Why he was feeling such guilt, he didn't know. He didn't even know this Kagome. "The house is over there," He said, pointing to the home that looked the exact same as all the other homes in Privet Drive. Harry rolled his green eyes, the house was boring, which was why he was impatient to leave, only both Ron and Hermione haven't contacted him yet, which was very odd and unusual for them not to. It really was starting to make him angry, though he didn't show it.

"Oh, it doesn't really stand out here, does it?" Kagome joked, rolling her blue eyes at how proper this neighbourhood seemed. The people were all probably uptight, and couldn't stand for one thing to be out of place. Harry definitely seemed different from that – judging wholly by his very appearance. He had unruly, jet-black hair that seemed to stick in every direction, curling on the ends of random strands. His brilliantly lit emerald-green eyes were very unique; she had only seen such eyes on Shippou.

Harry grinned back tiredly, Dudley's heavy weight was really starting to tire him out, his arms were starting to ache. "Here, just let me get my keys." Harry looked over with a sorry expression to Kagome as he let go of Dudley completely, giving the whole weight over to the boy. He merely grinned back, holding up Dudley rather well for his small height.

Harry noticed how short the boy really was, maybe only five feet, an inch or two taller at most. Harry, himself, had gone through another growth spurt over the summer; he was around a head taller than the other boy. Something squirmed in his stomach at the thought, but he ignored it.

"Hopefully, my aunt and uncle aren't home," Harry muttered under his breath, they would be completely horrified at their precious 'Diddykins' condition, and would most likely blame him for it. He was sure that they wouldn't take very kindly over to Kagome either, though he did look like a well-kept boy.

Kagome chose to say nothing to Harry's statement, merely raising a brow. He certainly didn't sound very fond of his aunt and uncle; perhaps he was abused by them? Kagome's blue eyes darkened considerably at the thought, maybe she would stick around longer than she expected, merely to watch Harry's situation. If he really was abused and didn't want to stay around with his aunt and uncle, she was sure that he wouldn't mind getting away; he could live with her at the Higure Shrine with her!

Kagome shook her head lightly, letting out a sigh. She was getting way too excited over the thought, she didn't even know Harry! Never mind inviting him back to Japan to live with her. It was most likely how lonely she really was, her family had been killed by a rogue youkai looking for easy access to the Shikon no Tama, which had been sealed back within her body. It was almost impossible to get to.

Harry opened the door, looking around suspiciously; a bit wary on how quiet it was in the home. It was obvious the Dursleys weren't home, but they usually left a light on at night for Dudley, though no lights were on.

'A Death Eater?! Voldemort?!' Harry cursed in his mind, his hand unconsciously going down to his back pocket for his wand, fingering it.

"Harry?" Kagome asked, shifting Dudley over to her other side to gain better balance. She glanced around the room, tensing at how eerily quiet and dark it was. Her blue eyes shifted all over the room, raising a brow in Harry's direction as he pulled out that same stick from before, pointing it out in front of him. Did he really think as stick would defend them?

She quietly laid Dudley on the couch, coming up behind Harry. She didn't say anything, tensing even more when the door to the kitchen suddenly opened. She blinked her blue eyes in surprise when Harry suddenly gasped, his stick now pointed towards the ground.

"Professor Moody? Professor Lupin?"

Albus Dumbledore sighed, leaning against a wall wearily. He had just finished relieving a memory, though it was not his own. No, it was one of his Order members, Arabella Figg. He had stationed her near the Dursleys, near Harry, in order to watch over him.

Voldemort was alive and well, though the Ministry on Magic, particularly Fudge, simply denied the Dark Lord's resurrection, stating that he and Harry were both lying, even though the evidence was right in front of them, Cedric Diggory's dead body, killed by the Killing Curse.

However, he now knew it was a mistake to station Arabella near Harry, she could not protect as she was a Squib, she could not perform magic in case Harry was attacked.

Two Dementors being spotted in Little Whinging was almost near impossible, but Dumbledore knew it was Tom's doing. Arabella watched the attack, but she could do nothing about, not be able to perform magic or even able to see the Dementors.

However, she had witnessed something very… interesting to him. Someone had intervened in the almost fatal attack, easily killing the Dementors with a mere touch of a finger, a flash of pink occurred and the Dementors disintegrated.

Dumbledore smiled, his mind quickly formulating plans for the future, things that would benefit the Order in the long run.

"Harry, it seems that you have made an interesting friend."

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