Bigger, Better, or Worse??

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as you can see from the title things can't get wny better in Bella's world. this summary is a better desciption to the story than the first.



Bella moves back to Seattle, Washington for highschool to be closer to her dad, police chief of Seattle, and her brother Emmett, who is a year older than her meaning a junior. Bella has to attend at her new boarding school, Seattle Academy, with her brother watching her. Her brother being so big was a jock of course and is part of the basketball team and i of course play too, but only in her spare time. Bella meets new friends and somebody who is head over heals for her. Edward is the player that every girl wants to make out with. After hearing a conversation Bella had on the phone he starts to understand that he had feelings for Bella but not yea willing to tell her yea. Will she take him in and be willing to risk being hurt again or will she give him a chance and see how it goes along?


Bella POV:

I had just arrived at the airport and is waiting for my brother to take me to Seattle Academy, my new school. I have to live there in the dorms and meet new friends, but i would have the help of my brother on that.

Our parents are divorced and i went to live with my mom while my brother stayed here with my dad. We contact every single time he had the free time (Which would be almost every single day).

My brother, Emmett Swan, has lived with my dad since our parents divorced, that was 5 years ago but i still visit every summer and i have to admit Emmett was like a HUGE brick wall. My brother is on the basketball team and every time i visit him we always end up playing a game, but of course he always ends up winning.

My brother's girlfriend, Rosalie Hale, is so beautiful you would think she was a supermodel. we got along great and she promised me that she would introduce me to her best friends, Alice who is in the same year as me. Her twin brother is one of Emmett's best friends but i've actually never seen him before.

I was cut off from my thoughts with someone yelling out my name. "BELLA!!"

I turned around and there was Emmett with his arm around Rosalie's perfect slender waist. "Omygod! Rose i can't believe u are here!" I ran up to hug her and she was just as happy as i was that i was here.

"what? i'm your brother and i don't get a hug?" Emmett looked sad that he didn't get a hug. haha same old Emmett. The outside he looks like someone who would kill you but in the inside he is just a soft teddy bear.

"Come over here brother bear and give me a hug." He came over and gave me a breathtaking bear hug.

"E- Em- Emmett. C- Ca- Can't Br- Breathe." i said gasping for air.

"Haha sorry squirt."

"so i we headed to the school now?" i asked

"yep you are going to love it there Bella and i can finally introduce you to Alice and Jasper." Rose said, excited

"yea you will definetly love it there Bells."

"ok then so let's get this show one the road then."

30min later:

"we're finally here. come on Bella let's go get your schedule and see who your rooommate is going to be."

"ok Rose. Emmett are you going to help me bring my bags up?"

"of course i will squirt who do you take me for a jerk."

"no i take you for a big bufoon who gets distracted very easily."

"thanks i love you too." he said sarcastically while Rose was in hysterics.

we headed for the office of the girl's dorm and there was a lady there sitting behind a desk.

"Hello Mrs. Cope, this is Isabella Swan and she is new. can you please give us her schedule and her dorm room and key?" asked Rose

"of course sweetie, and welcome to Seattle Academy." she greeted me and handed me some papers. "Here you go" dorm number 204."

"thank you." i said politely.

"OMG Bella your roommate is going to be alice." Rose squealed right next to me.

we went over to my dorm room and there was a pixie- like girl with black hair standing there.

"Hey Rose is this Bella?"

"yes and not only that but she is also your new roommate."

"OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS!!" Alice asked while squealing like Rose had done.

"Hey Bells i'm going to put your bags on you bed okay?"

"got it Em."

"Emmett can you show Bella around i have to go back to my room and finish up some stuff."

"yea sure Rose."

we walked out of the dorms and there were some boys coming up to us.

"Hey Emmett! What happened to Rose." Said a boy with red hair.

"nothing we are still together."

"Then who is the girl." Said a guy with bronze hair and i do admit that he looks absolutely gorgous.

"Yea Emmett if you break my sis's heart i will beat you up." a guy with blonde hair spoke, obviously this had to be Jasper from the way he spoke.

"nothing happened guys this is my sister."

"hey" i finally spoke.

i had just noticed that the guy with bronze hair was looking at me.

Edward POV:

I never knew Emmett had a sister and i swear that his sister was definetly hot!

WAIT! i can't seriously be falling for her am i? no, she is just a new fresh meat that i can have come and go.

"hey, so your new here. maybe i can show you around." i told her

she narrowed her eyes at me and spoke. "I rather not and plus my brother can show me around."

I was dumbfounded. she refused me. i'm never refused i'm EDWARD CULLEN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!

then i noticed that Emmett was glaring at me and i don't get why they looked like he was shooting daggers at me.

"Edward can i talk to you for a minute. ALONE?"

i mentally gulped. this cannot be good, but i followed him anyways.

"Edward i don't want you hitting on my sister."

"why's that Emmett isn't it her choice if she wants to go out with me."

"yes it is her choice but i'm saying that if you hurt her i will definetly hurt you."

i gulped. "Fine Emmett but i won't say that i won't be hitting on her."

"Edward don't make her one of you daily girlfriends please. She won't fall for you and even if she does i can't have her hurt." He pleaded. "not again." he said so quietly i wasn't sure if he was me to hear.

Bella POV:

When that guy hit on me i instantly felt anger and annoyance bubbling in me.

"i rather not and plus my brother can show me around." i said annoyed.

everyone looked surprise except for Emmett who looked extremely pissed off.

"Edward can i talk to you for a minute. ALONE?" he said angrily

Edward looked scared for a minute, then went and followed my brother.

a few minutes later they cam back.

"so what are you guys going to do now?"asked the guy with red hair.

"well i was going to show Bella the basketball court and play a one on one game."

"cool can we come and watch." Jasper asked.

"yea. o yea Bella this is Jasper." he pointed to him. "Dave" to the red headed boy. "and Edward. and pointed to him.

"i see. so are we going to go."

"hey Emmett. are you sure you won't crush her while playing." i got angry again at the remark

"yea i mean she's hot to be able to play too." this boiled even more anger into me

"guys isn't that a little sexist." Jasper said.

"what it is true she looks hella hot to be able to play." and that was it.

"you guys know what. Just cause i'm a girl doesn't mean i can't play. and i swear i don't want to hear those remarks ever again." i said angrily and walked ahead.

"Guys i can't believe you said that she is way good." Emmett said.

"sure Emmett she is still a girl and i think you're just saying that cause she is your sister."

"oh boy. you are going to be dead and shocked."

by then we reached the court and i dribble and made a three pointer. i saw all three boys jaw drop and quickly recovered.

"lucky shot" Dave muttered.

"hey Emmett come one let's play."

"coming squirt."

we ended up playing and Emmett was blocking me and i had to admit it was hard to get passed, so i decided to use my new move that i tried out with one of the guys i played during PE one time. i went to my right, then left, then back, made it look like i was going to shoot from there then i turned and ran straight to the hoop and took a shot. Emmett looked shocked and so did the other three guys.

"HA Emmy i win."

"good job squirt i didn't think you could have done that. where did you learn it."

"i did that against one of my classmates during PE one time."

then i heard my cellphone ring and then Emmett went to my bag and was about to hand it to me when he saw the name.

"Bella who is Brett?" god why is he calling me.

"he's no one Emmett." i can not have Emmett find out that it happened to me again.

Emmett then flipped it then turned on speaker. i looked at him shocked.

"hey babe why aren't you at home i wanted to come talk to you.?" Emmett was shocked

"Brett don't call me babe cause i'm not your's. i'm not home because i'm in Seattle."

"why are you in Seattle? Are you going to come back to Phoenix?"

"no i'm not going to come back and i'm in Seattle because i go to school here now."

"what? Babe then how are we going to go out."

"we are not going out we were over ever since you decided to cheat on me."

"come on babe you know i love you."

"well you know what? I DON'T!" and i snapped the phone shut.

i saw everyone having confused faces but Emmett also had a shocked face.

"Emmett Please don't say anything cause i know what you are going to say."

"Bella he was a player wasn't he?" i looked away.

"Bella tell me!"

"yes he was a player but i thought it was different." and i took my phone and ran.

Edward POV:

i can see why she doesn't want go out with me now.

I want to get to know her and i had just met her. i had never felt like this toward a girl before and i don't understand what i was feeling.

Bella was that beautiful angel's name and it matched her perfectly. i want to get to know as much as possible and i actually understood what i was feeling and i was falling for her. Hard. and i made the worst first impression to her too.


hope you enjoyed that

Edward's feelings are going a little fast because he doesn't know why the first time he saw Bella she was different to him