Crush-David Archuleta

Why do I keep running from the truth?
All I ever think about is you
You got me hypnotized, so mesmerized
And I just got to know

Do you ever think, when you're all alone
All that we could be, where this thing could go?
Am I crazy or falling in love?
Is it really just another crush?

Do you catch a breath, when I look at you?
Are you holding back, like the way I do?
Cause I've tried and tried to walk away
But I know this crush ain't going away-ay-ay
This crush ain't going away-ay-ay

Going away
Going away-ay-ay
Going away-ay-ay

Ginny scowled at the bit of parchment she was reading.

"Why does he have to be so bloody overbearing?" she said out loud, to the candle lit room.

Ginny had just gotten round to reading a letter Dean had sent her a few days ago, and it only added to her distaste for the boy. She knew he meant well but it still got on her nerves. Absentmindedly, she sighed and reached for a quill to write back a quick response, but she stopped herself when she realized that it was past midnight. Not only that, but it was now officially Christmas Day and she reckoned he would be busy with his family; she could wait until Boxing Day to send something back.

Ginny rose out of her chair and pushed it under her small desk. She turned to blow out the candle on her bed side table, but decided against it as her body decided a quick visit to the loo was in order. She picked up her dressing gown, pulling the slash tight around her body; the Burrow's hallways could get quite chilly at night. The soft light from her candle lit up the landings as she made her way through them, and she made quite sure not to step on the steps that made noise. It was art she had mastered over the years. As she neared the door to the Bathroom, a small noise made her stop. Fearing she might have accidentally woke someone up, she stopped to listen.

A few seconds ticked by and she heard it again; and she now realized it was coming from the Attic above. Curious she walked towards the stairs that lead up to Ron's room, to listen a little more. This time she heard the sound a little bit better; it sounded like a muffled voice.

She climbed the stairs, and as she did another sound because clear; Ron was snoring. She crept up the landing, standing directly in front of Ron's door, and this time she heard the sound crystal clear. "No….." It was soft, and pained.

It was Harry.

Ginny blew out her candle, set it on the floor, and crossed the threshold, having every intention of shaking him awake from his nightmare. She closed in the gap between the door and his camp bed, holding her hand out, ready to shake his shoulder.

"Ginny…." It was barely above a whisper.

Ginny froze, and looked directly towards Harry's eyes; which were closed. She thought he had caught her.

Well that's strange; I thought he said my name. She mused.

Ginny wondered what Harry could be dreaming about that would cause the look of pain that was sprawled across his face. She took another step forward, going ahead with her original plan.

"Not Ginny…please…take me instead."

This time Ginny's was sure her heart had stopped. What did he just say?

"No…not her…I'll do anything."

The breath she was holding let go with an audible whoosh, and she was quite sure her legs were about to give out in any moment. She took a step back, pushing her body against the wall gently.

Ron let out a loud snore, causing Harry to slightly jump in his sleep. Harry's shoulders slumped, and he rolled over on his back.

Ginny lifted her hand at the base of her throat, and closed her eyes. Feelings that she had buried deep down, where coming back to the surface at full force. And this time, they were not a silly school girl thing; she felt it was something more. She stood there a few more moments watching him struggle in his sleep; he said a few more things that she couldn't quite make out. Her mind was wheeling the whole time, trying to make sense of what she had heard.

Harry's hand shot straight up, and out of some instinct, Ginny's hand shot out too; centimeters away from Harry's own. His face looked as if it was twisted in agony, and going against her better judgment, Ginny lightly touched the back of Harry's hand. Immediately Harry's hand slumped down to rest on his chest, and the look that had graced his features completely went away. His breathing became even, and it looked as if he were sleeping peacefully once more.

Quickly, but quietly, Ginny backed out of Ron's room, and down the landing. Completely forgetting about the loo, she went straight to her room. She closed the door, and went straight to her bed, where she started hyperventilating.

Her mind was trying to find a logical explanation for why Harry had said the words he said; she had a pretty good idea what he was dreaming about. She could completely explain when he said "Take me instead." Harry was just that noble.

But he had said. "Not her…I'll do anything" She could only come up with only one explanation for those particular words. But her mind did not want to believe it; but her heart, well, that was something else.

She sat there well in to the night mulling his words over, and over in her head. Finally, after she had worked out a few things, she decided that it was just a dream. Her heart would just have to accept that. Harry was just dreaming. It could have been about the chamber for all she knew.

Of all the things she did work out though, she realized that Harry must really care about her to dream something like that. People just didn't dream things like that about people they didn't care about. Ginny smiled, she hadn't realized Harry cared that much. And it felt silly to just realize that to tell you the truth; he did rescue her from Riddle after all.

Light was starting to peak through her window, and Ginny knew her Mum would be up soon. So she tucked herself under her duvet, deciding some sleep was in order. She took in a deep breath, and as she did Harry's words starting replaying in her mind.

"It was just a dream." She told herself and she rolled over. "Just a dream, nothing more."

A/N: I could not find a way to end this right. I tried and tried, and this was all my muse would give me. So we'll just have to roll with it I guess. When I first heard this song, this little oneshot played in my head; Ginny walking in catching Harry dreaming about her, and stuff resurfacing. (I filled in the rest when I sat down to write.) The verses to your up, fit I think. Or I hope. I know Harry's dialogue is a bit OCC...kinda. But I was in a mushy mood. So we'll just roll with that too.

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you celebrating; I hope none of you get turkey comas! (I probably will though)