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by Ralf Jones

The war was over.

After many battles, many sacrifices, finally the Conqueror was defeated, and he like the other leaders was offered to be a captain in Athlun's army. But he was a vagrant, he served no king or country, and so he left Athlun, serching new battles.

Many people called him a hero, a war veteran that survived contless battles against the most powerful beings of the world. That reputacion was enough for him to be the most wanted combat leader.

After the final battle with the Conqueror, Lob Omen was destroyed along with all the other Remnants in the world, in some way, that was the price he payed for their victory.

And he was not the only one to lose something.

That girl, Irina, losed her brother, nothing in the world can be compared to the pain of losing a family member. But the boy was a remnant, and he choose to sacrifice his life in order to save the world, to save his sister.

They were the heroes in the war, that boy called Rush, the Marqui of Athlun, Irina and the four generals. Even the other leaders that were hired on the way, they were all real heroes.

He was no hero.

He was just a mercenary hired to do battle.

A vagrant who lived only by going from battlefield to battlefield. That was his sad way of living, he had nothing else, no home, no lovely wife waiting for him to return, no children.

If he was to die in the battlefield, he will leave nothing behind.

They were the real heroes.

In the end he was just a Vagrant named Jager.

And that was just fine.


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