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Chapter 1 : First Encounters

Aono Tsukune sighed, wondering to himself for the hundredth time that day why he ever went along with that stupid orphange's crazy ideas. After all, who listens to a priest who not only appears to be drunk, but somehow happens to be carrying a flyer for, the miracle of miracles, the only high school yet that would accept him. He growled in memory, remembering how the owner had literally jumped for joy at a chance to get rid of one of his number one troublemakers. He looked up again, coming out of his thoughts to see the bus driver's weird eyes looking at him in the mirror. He shivered. That guy's eyes look like they're glowing. Weird.

"If he could hear you talking to yourself, I'm sure he would think you're weird too."

Tsukune frowned. "Shut up Loki, I didn't ask for your input. Jeez, stupid trickster, just 'cause we share this body doesn't mean you have always add your two-cents."

"Doesn't mean I'm not gonna give it to you," Loki taunted in a singsong voice.

Tsukune sighed and went back to looking out the window. At first glance, he didn't seem to be an unusual sort: he was about 5' 9, had light brown hair and chocolate colored eyes. Other than being in fairly good shape for only being 15, and having unusually pale skin, there wasn't much to tell you that he was more than he seemed. As he started to drift off, his nap was delayed by the bus driver asking him a question. He snapped out of it, asking, "I'm sorry, did you say something?"

The bus driver repeated his question. "So you're enrolling at Youkai Academy, right?"

"Yeah, that's right. Anything in particular you can think to tell me about it?" Tsukune inquired. It would be a good idea to see if he could get an early feel for this dubious miracle of his parents.

"Oh, I think you'll learn everything you want to know soon enough-"he cut off as Tsukune's cell phone went off. Giving the driver an apologetic look, he flipped it open and answered.

"Tsukki!!" yelled the girl on the other side of the phone. Somehow he wasn't surprised that Kyouko had called on the day he was leaving. His cousin was the one girl who seemed to be able to put up with his quirks.

"Hi Kyouko-nee, what's up?"

"Tsuki, I heard about you high school from sensei, so I looked into it, and guess wh-" the connection was lost as the bus entered a tunnel. Oh boy, she's not going like that one bit, much less when she hears the school doesn't allow visitors since she won't be able to come over and harangue me about it. He smiled at this, as his cousin was one of the few people who cared whether or not was mad at him, and it always amused him when he thought about his emotions.

"What, you actually feeling an emotion? You, who could possibly be considered the most emotionless bastard in existence? Haha, oh that's rich!!"

"Fuck off."

"Sure, as soon as you imagine me a blow doll or something, I'll go to town enough for the both of us."

Tsukune snorted. "Puts new meaning to the words fucked up in the head, that's for sure."

Loki burst into laughter. "That it would indeed!! Oops, looks like that bus driver is talking to you. See what the old guy wants, Kami only knows we don't need to make any enemies on the first day."


"I'm sorry, I was zoning out, you were saying?"

The bus driver glanced at him with an appraising eye, almost as if he knew something about Tsukune. "I was saying boy that I hope you're prepared, cause we're here."

Tsukune looked out the window. Wow, what an eerie landscape. Looks like something out of a horror movie.

The bus pulled up along a bus stop sign that looked in need of some repair, near a cliff overlooking an ocean. If not for the horror movie scenery, it would be almost postcard perfect.

The bus door opened with a hiss of hydraulics, and Tsukune grabbed his bags off the top luggage rack. As he exited the bus via the steps the bus driver called out to him.

"Hope you survive boy," the bus driver called out with a grin on his face, his eyes still glowing with that unearthly glow.

"You keep talking like this is some sort of madhouse I'm walking into, but," and Tsukune directed a grin of his own towards the man, his eyes flash silver and his hair red, "even if it were, I can guarantee it's not me you'll have to worry about."

"You tell him Tsukune."

"Shut up."

The bus driver guffawed. "Well said boy, well said. Try not to die and maybe I'll come back and we can smoke a cigar or two."

"Looking forward to it," Tsukune called as he began to walk towards the road to the school, his hair and eyes reverting back to their normal colors.

He was walking down the road, awed by the bewitching, literally, scenery, when he heard a voice yell, "Coming through!"

As he looked back he saw a pink blur with wheels speeding at him. After the peaceful, albeit creepy, lull of his surroundings, Tsukune wasn't prepared to deal with any fast moving objects speeding towards him, and so the pink blur rammed right into him, knocking them both onto the ground.

"Well that was an experience I could have forgone having, like, ever," mumbled Tsukune as he started to pick himself up off the ground.

"Oohh," someone moaned.

Tsukune looked up from the half crouched position he was in. It was a girl who had crashed into him with the bike. Just as he was about to deliver a sarcastic remark that would rip her a new one, till he noticed that….she was possibly the cutest girl he had ever seen in his entire life!

"I'm sorry, I just got dizzy from my anemia, are you okay?" the girl asked.

"Yeah don't worry about it, although you might want to go a little easier on the speed if you're prone to these dizzy spells," he suggested as he looked her over a little more. She looked about as tall as him, maybe a little shorter, and had beautiful big green eyes that reminded him of the beauty of nature, framed by long, flowing pink hair. Her face seemed to radiate innocence like the sun radiated sunlight. Tsukune shook himself from his stupor, removing his hand from where it had landed on her thigh, causing the moan earlier. He blushed at the thought that he had actually had his hand on her in such a way.

"Wow, this is a new one. There are so many emotions rushing through you that I'm getting a little crowded in here."

Tsukune ignored the demon, instead standing up and offering the girl a hand to help her up. "Anyway, you're looking kind of faint, do you need anything?"

The girl exclaimed as she looked at his face. "He's gorgeous!!" she thought. Then she noticed a cut right beneath his eye along his cheek.

"Oh no, I'm so sorry!! You got hurt because of me! Here, let me get that," as she pulled a handkerchief from a pocket.

Oh my, she thought, he smells so good…I wonder if..no, I must have it!

"Don't worry about it, I didn't even notice till now."

"I'm sorry, but I just can't help myself, that smell," the girl murmured as she leaned in closer to him. "Because, you see," and she bit his neck, "I'm a Vampire."

Tsukune was shocked, so much so that it took him a moment to realize that, 1.) that he really had just been bitten on the neck, and 2.) that it didn't hurt, and 3.) holy crap, there's a cute girl biting my neck!!

As she pulled back she licked the small holes she had left. When he felt at the spot, the wound was gone, leaving a small hickey in its place.

Oh my god, I have a hickey!!

"I'm so sorry, I couldn't help myself, you just smelled so good. Although I may not look it, I'm a vampire. My name's Akashiya Moka," she said, blushing as she thought about what she just did.

Oh my god, I hope he's not mad!

"A vampire!! You mean like the bloodsucking, garlic and cross hating, straight from Dracula vampire!!" Tsukune's eyes were bugging out of his head as he heard this.

"Chill out man, it's just a vampire. You're acting like it was some kind of a big deal."

It kinda is, dumbass. I just got bitten by a vampire!

"Exactly, how is this a big deal for a guy with a demon residing inside his head?"

Tsukune paused. Point taken, I suppose.

"Thanks so much for the snack, that was the best," Moka said, blushing as she smiled at Tsukune. She looked at him worriedly. "You don't hate vampires, do you?"

"No, no, not at all!! I'm sure you're a unique and interesting bunch!" Why does this girl make me feel so off balance?

"That's great! I was worried you'd hate me. Then do you think we could be friends? I was worried about being all alone here since I don't know anyone."

She looked so happy, how could he knock her off her Cloud Nine? "Sure, I guess so Akashiya-san."

"Oh no, please don't address me so formally, we're friends now, right? Call me Moka."

"All right..Moka-san. My names Aono Tsukune, just call me Tsukune, 'kay?"

"Pleased to meet you Tsukune. Please talk to me some more after the entrance ceremony, ok?"

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