I read a manga and it was super cute. So, I'm really sorry if you don't like it but I'm remaking the story into a GA version.

Third Party

"Kyaaah! He did it! He did it! He won the penalty kick! We won!" I screamed when I saw Ruka shoot the ball into the net.

Natsume was next to me sitting on our favorite spot on the small hill behind the school which has the best sight-spot to see Ruka's field. "I'd kill him if he missed that shot anyway."

Ruka, Natsume and I met when we were in the first year of Junior High and Natsume was sitting on my place on the first day of school. "Mr. Hyuuga Natsume, I think you're in my seat!" I huffed when I look at the strange looking boy.

"Look Ruka, a weird girl is saying that I took her seat," Natsume chuckled.

"Give her seat back Natsume. You know it's not your place to begin with," Ruka said nicely and smiled warmly towards me. "I'm Ruka Nogi, I'm sitting behind you. This is Natsume who'll be sitting to your right," Ruka said.

"Mikan Sakura," I introduced.

Ever since that day, we began to develop into a beautiful friendship. Ruka has blonde hair and blue eyes. He's part French since his mom is one. Natsume has deep raven hair and crimson eyes. He wears glasses because he doesn't like to be mistaken as his father who's a professional model.

"Did you see that Mi-chan? I scored the winning goal!" Ruka rushed up the hill and I ran to him and hugged him.

"Congratulations!" I shouted and saw Natsume chuckled. "Natsume made lunch for us today. Let's go have some," I said and pulled Ruka to sit with us.

"Let's see, I made octopus balls, egg rolls, some rice balls and some grilled eels. My mom made some green tea for us to share," Natsume said and got out all the food from his bag. I guess I forgot to mention, Natsume is a genius cook and Ruka is the star soccer player.

Natsume likes to stay calm and keep himself in the dark. He doesn't want to show anyone about his real personality that likes to cook and fight. Ruka on the other hand is the friendliest person I know. He has tons of fans around the whole school, even the seniors!

"This is delicious Natsume!" Ruka cried when he ate the octopus balls. I agreed when I tasted it.

"Ruka-senpai!!!" A few girls called Ruka out from below the hill. I gritted my teeth when I saw them holding lunch boxes to share with Ruka. I had feelings that I want to shout at them and tell them we're eating peacefully so buzz off!

"Ruka, hold on!" Natsume stopped Ruka from leaving. Ruka sat back down and smiled weakly at those girls. "I'm moving in a week," Natsume said solemnly. I saw Ruka's eyes widen in shock.

"What?!" Ruka asked in disbelief.

"Ruka, you know I really care and love the both of you from the bottom of my heart, right?" Natsume asked. "Well, Mikan…," Natsume paused as he stared at me. "Why don't you two hook up?" Natsume asked.

"Haha, what are you talking about, Natsume?" I laughed thinking it was a joke but from the look on his face, he really means business. "Why?" I asked.

"I want to leave the people I care the most in the hands of people I can rely on. I want to leave Ruka in your hands," Natsume said.

"Eh?" I said and faced Ruka who was fidgeting.

"I…I don't mind…that is if Mi-chan agrees as well," Ruka stuttered and his face was as red as a tomato.

"Ruka…," I said and saw Natsume silently eating his egg rolls. Ruka stood up and walked down the hill to greet his fans. "What's your game? I mean! How can you suddenly say that you're leaving?"

"Because I am," Natsume said.

"Jeez, when Ruka's around, you're so easy going!" I huffed.

"I'm sorry," he said.

"Huh?" I asked.

He shook his head. "Nothing. Let's eat before it gets cold," He said and ate his share. Ruka was down there talking away with all those girls who definitely are flirting with him. "You should take this chance to confess your feelings. Don't think I don't know anything about it. You love him as much as he loves you," Natsume said. "Don't blow this chance," Natsume said.

I stood up and ran down the hill and saw Ruka accepting all the lunch boxes from the girls. "Thank you, you're really kind, but I can't accept your feelings," Ruka said slowly.

Please don't turn me down. I thought and approached Ruka. "Ruka~!" I shouted and he faced me. I passed all those stupid girls and caught Ruka's arm. "Would you like to go out with me?" I asked straight out.

Ruka gave his usual warm smile. I heard girls saying 'It's the same smile. The Nogi Smile of Rejection!' What in the world does that even mean?! "Sure, I'd love to go out with you Mi-chan!" Ruka smiled.

"Eh?!" Girls screamed. "Nooooo!!!"

"That's great! Now I'll have no more worries!" Natsume clapped lightly and walked pass us. "Take care of him for me," Natsume whispered in my ear and left the field.

I arrived at school at a regular time. Usually when I arrive, Natsume would be right behind me, arriving from his limousine. I chuckled when the driver had to rush to him to pass his bag to him. "Good morning, Natsume," I greeted.

"Hnn…," He said and I saw him glance at a few girls who were giggling and his eyebrows creased. Then he faced me. "Morning, Mikan," He said and went to his locker. He glanced at my hands and chuckled. "You made lunch for Ruka, huh?" He asked.

"Huh?" I blushed. "Yeah, I guess. I mean, I only made egg rolls. I'm at least expecting you to have grilled mackerel or some curry," I said and opened my locker to grab my slippers. "Ouch!" I shouted and saw my fingers bleeding. I looked into the locker and found some thumb-tacks in my shoe. "Who'd do this?" I asked and suck on the blood on my thumb.

"Those stupid bitches," I heard Natsume cursed. I think he was talking about the girls that passed us outside of the building. Natsume adjusted his glasses and took out some bandages from his pocket. "Here," He handed about twenty bandages on my hand. "You'll need them," He said. "I'll go upstairs and tell Ruka about this."

My eyes widen and unconsciously I pulled Natsume's arms. "No! Don't!" I shouted and he looked at me.

"Ruka should have the right to know about this," Natsume said.

"No, it's not like this happened because of him. I was the one careless. Ruka must know nothing," I said and Natsume displeased with my decision.

"Fine, whatever," He said and left me.

"Natsume…," I said and shook my head. "Ruka's my boyfriend now! Ruka's my boyfriend now! Get a grip, Mikan! You're a strong girl!" I puffed my face up and rushed upstairs to our classroom where I saw Ruka with girls all over him.

"Ne, Ruka-senpai! Why that girl? What does she have that I don't?"

"Yeah? I mean, if she's your type, I'll admit I'm actually exactly like her."

I saw Ruka's face fell when he saw me. He pushed all the girls away and walked towards me. Only until Natsume blocked him and hugged him and made their famous secret handshake. "Natsume! Great! I've got something to show you!" Ruka smiled and pulled Natsume towards his table.

Jeez, I thought as his girlfriend he'd pay more attention to me. Looks like I can never break their bond! I thought and sat on my chair. I felt glares from those girls every where I turn my sight to.

I looked over at Natsume and Ruka who were talking like usual though I don't know anything about what it would be. "Settle down class! Take out your history book and read the text on page ninety," The teacher said.

No! Where is it? I know I brought the book today! I remembered it this morning! I cried when I searched through my bag for my book. Where is it?! I saw the girls sitting in front of me giggled. It's them! I thought.

"Where's your book Miss Sakura?" The teacher walked passed and asked. The girls in front of me turned around and faced me with victorious smirks on their faces. Too bad, girls. Your plan won't work today! I thought and got out my extra history book from under my desk.

"Here it is! I'm sorry I took it out late. I thought I lost it," I said and the girl's in front of me stared at me with their faces pale in shock. The teacher smiled and continued walking and inspecting to whomever who doesn't have their books.

I saw my book in one of the girl's bag. I reached out my legs slowly and kicked the bag and my book fell out and I grabbed it fast. I saw that the girl didn't realize what I was doing. I saw that she uses the same type of pen as I did and it's on her table.

I searched for a piece of paper and wrote 'This teacher is such a boring freak. I mean hello?! He stinks! I mean it literally! All the teachers are like useless virgins who have no life!' I scrunched up the paper and threw it to the girl who had my book.

The girl looked around and wondered where the paper came from and I snickered. I'm glad I can rewrite any type of writings. She read that and gasped. "May I have a look at that note Miss Usami?" The teacher passed by and grabbed the note.

"Huh?! Wait, don't read it!" She cried and the teacher was shocked when he read it.

He slammed his hand on her table and sighed. "Miss Usami, I'll contact your parents today. It seems you desperately want to move out from school so I'll follow to your wish and expel you."

"What?" She shouted. "I didn't write that! I swear!" She claimed.

"Really? As far as I'm concerned, this is your writing and the pen color and shape is exactly like the one on your table. Let's discuss this through later in my office," The teacher said and walked on to his table.

I saw the girl sobbed and her friends patting her back. I know I shouldn't have done that but they're the ones who placed the thumbtacks in my slippers and stole my book. I don't know if they deserve it or not but either way they should deserve something bad…right?

"The Edo Period as all of you may know is also known as the Tokugawa Period which marks the governance of the Edo Shogunate," The teacher read. I saw everyone staring at their books so carefully.

Natsume was passing notes to Ruka and they kept on giggling every now and then. The teacher always thinks of Natsume as the best in class so he doesn't mind mishaps and noises caused by him. Though he's never made any noises.

Ruka… I thought. Does he really like me? Or is he just following Natsume's wishes for us to hook up? I mean, they both love each other so much. They never grow apart and I'm guessing this would be the first time.

"I swear, if I see Natsume again, I'll kill him for good!" I clenched my fists. I was sitting next to Ruka at our usual lunch spot and Natsume is nowhere to be found and all I have to serve Ruka is just these bloody egg rolls.

"Relax Mi-chan. I think Natsume just want us to spend some time alone," Ruka said and smiled.

Ahh! What a wonderful angel smile! I squealed when Ruka's face turned into a wide grin when he tasted my egg rolls. "My, my, my, a girlfriend feeding her boyfriend such pitiful meal. What kind of a brain does she have? Are you stupid?" A girl appeared behind me and said.

She pushed me to the side and sat on my place next to Ruka. "Ruka-san, it's better for you to taste my lunch, it won't give you any sickness since my award-winning chef made it for us," She emphasized the chef thing too clearly and it's pissing me off.

I saw Ruka's forehead creased and he stood up. He packed the lunch box I made for him and walked to my side. "I'd rather die eating her food she put all her strength into than your worthless meal of asking someone to make it for you," Ruka said and pulled me along with him.

I looked back and saw the girl gritted her teeth and dropped her lunch box that was meant to be for Ruka. She left back and grouped up with her friends. I looked back at Ruka and saw him getting slightly pissed off with the situation.

"Hey," I said and he lets go of my arm. "I'm sorry I couldn't make anything nicer for your lunch," I said and bowed. Ruka smiled and hugged me.

"Don't think about it. As far as I'm concerned, you're a great cook," He said that just to make me feel better and it did. But when I saw Natsume walking a hundred meters away from us and saw us in this hugging situation I can't help but to shed a tear.

Why? I asked. Why did I cry? For Natsume who hooked us up or for Ruka who said such nice things to me. Why? I asked again.

So this is the first chapter to the story, I hope you liked it.