A Troyella Story

Giggling, she moved her hands down his chest and put them on his hips. He closed his eyes and embraced her touch. Then, he realised that their parents were still downstairs, admiring his and Gabby's new home. He got up and went downstairs. Not knowing why he got up, Gabby followed him.

"Mum, dad ? Are you still here ?" Troy asked.

"Yes, dear," Lucille replied.

"Yep, and we were about to leave," Janet added.

"Oh, where's dad ?" He looked around as Gabby went beside him.

"Living room," Jack answered. "And we're not going to bother you. We're gonna go home now."

All three of them said their Goodbyes and went home. As for Troy, he locked the front door and went upstairs with Gabs. He lay down on top of her after locking the bedroom door and they started making out.

They pulled away, gasping for air. Both were breathless. He looked at her, awe-struck. 'She looks so hot, so sexy, so damn spicy...' Troy thought to himself.

They continued doing 'it'. The next morning, they couldn't even wake up. Both were so tired after the vigorous activity they had done the night before.


"Hmm...?" He rubbed his eyes sleepily.

"What time is it ?"

"Summertime, haha..." He chuckled.

"No, serioulsy, what time is it...?" She hugged him from behind.

"I don't know... But, can we do this again tomorrow ?"

"Whatever you want..."

Few months later, Gabby took the pregnancy test. Positive. They decided to do a check up. Indeed positive.

During the birth of their first baby...

"Stay calm, baby. Just relax but remember to push," Troy stood beside her, comforting her.

"I can't, it hurts..." She tried her best pushing.

"Push harder, sweetie. You can do it. I know you can," He held on to her hand. "Squeeze my hand as hard as possible whenever it hurts."

"No, i'll hurt you..."

"Don't worry, just do what i say, you won't hurt me."

She did what he said and a while later, the baby came out. It was a boy.

"Oh my gosh... Troy, our very first son !" Gabby exclaimed.

"Yeah, Trevor Bolton."

"That's a nice name for a cute boy like him. He really looks like you."

They laughed and Troy gave her the most breathtaking kiss.

And, like how all fairytales end, they lived happily ever after. The end.

-----End of Chapter 20-----