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Shihouin Naruto: Power of the King

Chapter One: Early Morning's and Reminiscence

'Somebody, help me…' His body couldn't move; the pain was simply overwhelming. Every limb hurt, and every little movement only made the pain worse. The smell of fire and smoke seeped into his nostrils, making him cough violently as it ventured into his lungs.

Conflict does not determine who is right…

"Please, somebody, anybody, help me!" he shouted. Although his voice was hoarse, and his body ached everywhere, he didn't care. He was desperate, and he hoped... hoped that someone would hear his voice, that maybe... maybe someone would come and save him, save him from the pain.

… It determines who is left.

'The pain… it hurts, it hurts so much …so much….' This was the only thought that ran through his hazy mind, all hope diminished as he realized that no one was going to save him, no matter how loud he shouted, no matter how many times he would cry for help.

That is why in conflict, one needs power...

'It hurts, please make it stop!' He was hysterical now, but the pain was so great that he barely registered little else.

...Power to fight.

'Am I… am I g-going to die?' In his pain induced mind, that single, horrifying thought came to him

...Power to survive.

'I don't…I don't want to die…'


'I don't want to die!'

… To live

'I want to…live!'

'How much do you want to…live?' a familiar whisper rang.

'Huh?' His eyes widened and tried to turn his small head to find where the voice came from.

'I can help you live.' There it was again, the soft, soothing whisper in his mind. He recognized it now. It was the feminine, purr-like voice he would hear in his dreams, the comforting murmur in his mind that always put him to sleep. 'But to live, you need… power.'


'Yes,' it was then that he realizedthat he could not stop listening. The voice was like a balm, soothing his pained mind, 'I can give you power….'

'…The Power of the King.'

The sun had yet to rise when he awoke, the air was still cold and everything was dark. 4:07A.M the clock to his left read, and he barely had a wink of sleep from the night before. Sighing, Naruto sat up from his bed and resigned himself to another very early morning. He turned off the alarm that was supposed to wake him up much later, stood up and made his bed quietly as the cold air passed through his window. Once done, he turned and left his room to go to the kitchen to make himself an impromptu breakfast. "Omelettes and bacon should do," he muttered to himself as he walked down the stairs that lead to the living room.

"Naruto…" A voice called to him once he was down the stairs. He stopped and looked up at its owner, a purple haired woman rubbing her eyes from the top of the staircase, looking down at him with a drowsy expression. "Was it another nightmare?" she asked him sleepily. Naruto nodded.

The woman sighed and scratched the top of her head, "These are really getting in the way of your sleep," she said with a worried crease of her brows, "Are they still about ….that?" This she asked with a soft gaze. Naruto nodded, "Did your scar hurt too?" Naruto hesitated at that. The scar she referred to was located between the junction of his neck and shoulder, in the shape of a bite-like wound. It hurt a great deal.

"A little bit." Naruto answered softly. It wasn't a total lie, at least.

The woman frowned thoughtfully before walking down the stairs until she was in front of him. She bowed slightly and gently touched the scar on his neck. Naruto flinched a little; she smiled, ruffled his hair before kissing his scar. "Come on then," she said, looking at the flustered blond with an endearing gaze "Let's you and me talk about it over breakfast, I'll cook," she added with a beautiful smile, something Naruto couldn't help but return.

She looked across the table, absentmindedly picking at her food as she watched the small blond boy eating his food with gusto. She smiled, the boy had an appetite that could match her own, and that was saying a lot. The blond boy drank a large helping of water and gave a small burp, blushing as he covered his mouth when he realized what he had done. Shihouin Yoruichi smiled, something that she found herself doing a lot more lately.

She suddenly snickered, softly at first, before finally laughing out loud. Naruto continued to eat, somewhat used to his woman's antics, while she continued to laugh with carefree abandon. It was as if there was something immensely funny that only she could hear.

"My, my," she said as she finally stopped laughing, but she was still smiling, albeit mischievously. "You really have an appetite, don't you? Or is my cooking just that good?"

The small boy bobbed his head up and down enthusiastically, obviously showing his agreement. Doing this made his spiky blond hair follow his head, making one of his golden locks cover a part his left eye. "It's really good!" he exclaimed, before noticing what happened to his hair. Frowning, he tried to blow it back, but only succeeded in making it go half way there before going back down again. Now annoyed, he reached up with his left hand to put the lock back in place, but Yoruichi reached over and combed his hair with her fingers. Somewhat ironically, the dark-skinned woman ruffled his hair a little before retracting her hand, smiling all the while.

"Hey," Naruto huffed indignantly, "What was the point of doing that when you were just going to mess it up again?"

"I think we need to get you a haircut," she said, changing the topic. She then hid her grin as an idea came to her, "Or your hair might come to life and leave you!" she exclaimed with mock fear. "You'll go bald and everybody will see your shiny head!"

"Ehh!" the blond boy suddenly covered his hair with his hands, looking frightened. Yoruichi nodded, pretending to be serious.

"And maybe it will come back to you and eat you when it gets bigger," she tried to stop herself from outright laughing when she saw his blue eyes go wide, "Just because you didn't treat it right when it was still with you!" The blond looked down right horrified now, and he was about ready to cry. She tried to look serious, but a few snickers escaped her before she stopped trying and finally let out the laughter she was holding back.

Naruto looked at her and realized what happened. His face flushed with embarrassment and he pouted, puffed up his cheeks and crossed his arms. "It's not funny…" He muttered, too embarrassed to say it out loud. He sniffed as the tears that formed in his eyes earlier were ready to slip. Yoruichi noticed this, and forced herself to stop laughing.

"I'm sorry," she said, although there were still a few snickers. Naruto just pouted and turned his head away, cheeks still puffed. "I'm sorry," she repeated as she finally controlled herself, "You just look so cute when you're like that!"

"Whatever," Naruto said as he stood up from the chair. Yoruichi could plainly see Naruto's lobster-red ears and held back a guffaw. Naruto still didn't look at her as he neatly put the chair in its place, "I'm going upstairs now."

The shape shifter merely made an acknowledging sound as she continued to watch the boy's retreating back. Slowly, the smile vanished, and she remembered Naruto's somewhat horrifying past.

She frowned and placed her elbows on the table.

She was getting attached to him more and more each day. It was a phenomenon she thought impossible, but she could not help it; the blond boy had filled her days with joy that she thought was something she can only gain through battle. Ever since coming into her life, Naruto had given her almost hollow life a purpose, something to care for besides her safety, something to rejoice and nurture.

He gave her himself

He gave her a son.

Her life had never been quite the same after that fateful day…

One year ago…

The light of the new day shined down on her with a promise of a bright weather and little to no chance of rain. There were people bustling about and children playing together on the streets of Karakura town, none of them noticing her as she walked casually among them, although she'd notice that there were some who would find another path once they saw her, and she knew by experience that those were the type of people who listened to the ramblings of the superstitious elderly.

Since only the old people would say that a black cat crossing your path was would bring bad luck, after all.

So there she was, an inconspicuous black cat walking on all fours with her head shining with intelligence way above the standards of the feline race. She was observing the people, watching the adults wearing suits walk with briefcases as they went to work, seeing some of the students hanging out in the local restaurant – she suspected them of cutting classes, since it was still a minutes after ten o' clock – and she also saw that there were parent's that watched over their children, smiling and laughing as they played and run about.

It was a relatively normal place, Yoruichi decided. Besides the abnormal amounts of spiritual activity that sometimes beset the town, that is. Even now, there were faint but prominent traces of spiritual energy scattering about, traces that attracted Hollows and spirits to the unsuspecting town, which would then lead to a scuffle with the Shinigami.

She had just visited her exiled friend Urahara Kisuke, and she decided to explore the town right after. She thought that it would have been a more interesting place, having a reputation of being one of the most, if not the most, Hollow-active towns in the records. Though there was a part of her that wanted to see some action, to see some sort of fight between the Shinigamis and the Hollows, since her life has been downright boring the past hundred years, she then thought of the proximity that it would bring Soul Society's agents to her friend. It would have been a very close, which could lead o his capture, and then his execution. And that would be bad.

No one would supply her with milk then. And food.

But then fate had to be the self righteous bitch that it was and make a spike of an abnormally high reiatsu just as she wanted the day to stay the way it was.

'Guess I spoke too soon,' she thought with a heavy mental sigh. Her nimble legs carried her to where she felt it, and in the distance, she could see a crowd forming around something...

She stared at the thick mass of rising smoke, alarmed, 'What the-?'

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