A/N: Part of the Pieces series which is a series of (unconnected) one-shots, written in a self-imposed challenge of chronicling every pairing in the CM universe. This one is set right after 3x14 (Damaged). I'm writing this instead of doing my Criminology readings, so neh. It's a little short.

'Just when I thought nothing scandalous was ever going to happen around here.'

Emily's words echo in your mind. She really has no idea.

You had seen that smile on JJ's face as she watched Rossi enter his office to talk to one technical analyst Kevin Lynch. You love it when she smiles; the happiness seems to soak her from head to foot, a radiant light.

You watch out of the corner of your eye as she exits the bullpen. With, Emily, you play the innocent fool: 'The song meant something?'

You think the song is a crude representation of the complex structure that is love. It does not mention the good times, the bad times. That love can be an absolute joy, or it can be one of the most gut-wrenching experiences of your life. It does not mention your eyes lighting up when you see her face, your heart swelling when you hear the sound of her voice.

'You know what, never mind.' She shakes her head at you, as if she doesn't understand. That you know so much, and yet you know so little.

'I think I'll finish up this paperwork tomorrow,' you say, leaving Emily alone in the bullpen. You wonder if she will dwell upon the bounds of your innocence. You think it would be ironic, considering what you're about to do.

JJ's only a minute or so ahead of you, and you know that you can intercept her. You've memorised the routes she takes, both in the building and out. At first you thought it might have been considered creepy, but she smiled, and told you that it was sweet.

'Hey.' Your eyes light up. Your heart swells.

'Hey. Sorry we didn't really get a chance to talk in there,' she says. 'The team...' she trails off. It's one thing that Rossi won't make a big deal about two technical analysts from different departments fraternizing, but you know that this relationship is different.

You give her an awkward smile. You haven't seen her in two days; x-rated thoughts are running through your mind. From the look in her eyes, they're running through her mind as well.

'Supply closet?' she whispers. You feel her breath on your neck.

'Do you know the correlation between supply closet sex and workplace injury?' There's a smirk on your face; you aren't being serious in the least. Vaguely, though, you wonder if there is such research out there. You don't have time to linger on the thoughts, though. You find yourself being dragged to the nearest supply closet.

Her lips join yours, and for a moment, you can't breathe.

There's far more scandal in this office than any of them could ever imagine.